Not starting over, dammit.

Posted: August 12, 2009 in school

1iconcalvindeskSo, I’m trying to convince AcronymCo to reimburse my tuition when I go back to school later this year. I have 64 credits of straight classes, 18 credits of applied learning, and 38 credits to go to finish my degree. That’s 13 more classes. That’s $15,000 ($380 per credit), plus the cost of books.

The school I’m going to USED to be reimbursed by AcronymCo, but was removed from the approved schools list for some reason (the school is AACSB accredited, so I don’t know what the problem is). Now the only schools they reimburse for are state universities and community colleges. And, of course, my coursework doesn’t transfer.


It’s either be reimbursed by AcronymCo, or apply for a student loan. Either way, I’m finishing that motherfucking degree.

Wish me luck that the Powers That Be agree with my reasoning. I don’t want to be on the hook for another fifteen grand of debt. I have enough already, thankyouverymuch.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    Hell yeah! Fight the power!!

  2. dyskinesia says:

    If it doesn’t work, can you find a school on their list, take the classes there, and transfer them back to your original school? Only because pain in the ass is better than debt. 😛 Still rooting for Plan A!!

    • Laura says:

      Thing is, I don’t want to do the traditional full-semester thing (August to December / January to June). UofP does two month semesters in an adult learning format – God knows I’d lose my cheese having to deal with typically-aged college students these days. But yes, it’s something to consider. ASU transfers to UofP, I think, but not vice-versa.

  3. Megan says:

    Hopefully they’ll grandfather you in. Otherwise, I love Dyskinesia’s way around.
    If you haven’t done so already, maybe you could write a letter (as opposed to email or memo). Something about paper seems to have the magic touch at times… Good luck.

  4. Kimmothy says:

    I really hope this works out for you. I’m struggling with going back and finishing mine too. Working here I get one free class per semester and haven’t taken advantage of it yet. Apparently because I’m a lazy asshole.

    • Taoist Biker says:

      I’ve got the same deal – been here seven years and taken advantage of it twice. Once for a weight-lifting class, and once for tae kwon do. (It’s harder to get the cool classes worked around a 40-hour week, though, huh?)

    • Laura says:

      Yeah, laziness is biting me in the butt right now. If I hadn’t taken a break from school I would have gotten it all done before the tuition reimbursement changed. Typical of my life, really, that I screw myself without even realizing it. I mean, there was no way I could have anticipated that AcronymCo would stop supporting my school, but it would have been a moot point if I had just stayed dedicated. A full time job and a family is no excuse.

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