The sky above won’t fall down.

Posted: July 23, 2009 in books, Music, pets, photography, Uncategorized, UpTake, vacation, work, WTF

princessI’ve listened to this song four times in the last two days. A rediscovered love (and here’s another one for your mix CD, Kim!).

I laughed at myself as I wrote this entry for UpTake. AS IF I could follow my own advice on that particular subject. Ha. Ha hah. Ha. On a related note, the lenses that I ordered from Pro Photo Rental for our vacation will be here tomorrow, even though I scheduled them for arrival next Tuesday. Four free days of fiddling around with optics makes Laura a happy photo geek!

We leave on vacation one week from today. It can’t come soon enough. You guys, I am SO BORED at work right now. There’s stuff to do, sure, but none of it is particularly challenging – you know, those “maintenance of business” tasks that you always put off until there is ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do. Got a bunch of those.

I’m reading Red Mars right now. I’m kind of treating it academically, like required reading for my English class. Getting through it because it’s one of those books that everyone should read at least once. And I AM enjoying it, though it’s a little tedious with all the millions of different descriptions for red sand dunes. I’m thinking I probably won’t read the sequels, though, Nebula and Hugo awards be darned.

We have mutant crickets in our house. Somehow they’re hooked up to eeny tiny amplifiers. Just TWO crickets – one hiding behind the TV in the living room, and one hiding in the pocket door in the bathroom – are sufficient to keep me up all night with their deafening roar. The damned cats aren’t doing their jobs. Weirdly, if I put my pillow over my head, I can’t hear the crickets anymore. I can still hear the fan, any noise the cats make, Calvin’s snoring… but I can’t hear the crickets. They must operate on some frequency that the pillow dampens.

Oh, speaking of hearing things at night, I think our house is haunted. I hear voices, like conversation between a man and a woman in another room, or a radio or TV left on, when I lay in bed at night. I feel like if I listen hard enough I can hear what’s being said. It’s probably a trick of the air passing between the A/C and the fan in our room, but you guys, I SWEAR, sometimes the voices are so clear. Calvin never hears them. And the cats do this thing where they’re both sitting near each other, minding their own business, and then suddenly and simultaneously look out into the dark, in the same direction. They see things we can’t see. But apparently I can hear them. It kind of weirds Calvin out, but it doesn’t bother me. Obviously if there IS a presence hanging around in our house (and I can’t imagine WHY they’d stay), it has never done anything mean to us.

Aaaaaand, that’s about as random an entry as any reader should be expected to suffer through!

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    I’m going to attempt to shoot like hell on the first day of the MotoGP race next month and then kick back and enjoy it more. That’s my plan, at least.

    I found, after months of pondering my sanity, that indeed my weather radio WAS still quietly playing even though it was set to the “alert only” mode. The robo-weatherman-voice is just super quiet in that mode, I guess. But for night after night I’d be like, “voices? Nah. But hmm? …nah.”

    And c’mon, you can be WAY more random than this! 😀

    • Laura says:

      We won’t be in any one place for long enough, I think, that I can take all the pics I want and then sit back. But I *like* taking pictures, so I’m just going to try not to stress that I’m not getting EVERYTHING. Because, obviously, I’m going to miss SOME stuff. The archivist/historian in me shudders at that particular thought.

      My hand to God, there is NOTHING on in the house that would make that noise. I checked. A LOT.

      I guess I should have added in the story about how my curling iron broke this morning, eh?

  2. We had a service call once where the resident said that they were hearing voices and it turned out that we left a radio plugged in under the house in the crawl space…she swore that she heard someone like Sean Hannity in her walls…she was right.

  3. Calvin says:

    You think its snoring but I wait until you fall asleep and whisper in your ear.
    So far the subliminal suggestions are not working.

  4. Kimmothy says:

    We’ve lived in haunted houses before. It can be fun except for when he used to be gone all week out of town working. Those times I was happy to have my mean teddy bear dog.
    It seems like pretty soon after I get back from vacation you’ll be leaving. I’m happy I’ll still be able to see you around online!
    And I ended up with some great cd mixes – thanks for your input!

    • Laura says:

      It never makes me scared, really, just curious.

      Yep, I’ll be around! I hope to post pictures at the very least, and Tweet every now and then. Hope you have a fun trip!

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