Posted: July 1, 2009 in Drama, Friends, Listy goodness, No Butts, Pimp, UpTake, vacation, work

Observe, if you will:

Chandler, Arizona five-day weather forecast:

Average temperature - a hundred and FRICK.

Average temperature - a hundred and FRICK.

Griffith, Indiana five-day weather forecast:

Average temperature - ahhhh...

Average temperature - ahhhh...

I’ve got a more-than full day, getting ready to go hang with Heather. After I write this I’m writing an entry for No Butts, and I did an entry for UpTake a few minutes ago (which is a Wordless Wednesday contribution, so easy-peasy). Then I have a twenty-five minute date with Jillian, followed by cleaning out the snake’s vivarium, cleaning out the beardies’ tanks, cleaning out the litter box (dang, I deal with a lot of poo in this house), cleaning the kitchen, and getting started on the laundry. A shower will be followed by a visit to Costco, a visit to the regular grocery store, a visit to our cable company to exchange a buzzing cable box, a visit to the bank, and a visit to the drug store. Then home to finish the laundry, pack what I’m taking, and fold/hang/put away what I’m not taking. The beardies need to be soaked and fed worms so Calvin only has to do it on Friday. And I need to pay the bills.

Le pant. Le huff. Le gasp.

Also, EEEEEEEEE!!!! (That’s for you, Heather!)


Yesterday I met with my friend Jen for lunch at CPK. You remember the whole layoff debacle, and how she and another lady from our group got let go? Yeah, well, AcronymCo decided to give them BOTH their jobs back. Jen is back this week, and the other lady comes back later in the month. I am ecstatic for them, of course, but there was SO MUCH DRAMA, that ended in things just going back to the way they were in the first place. I don’t pretend to understand the Muckety Mucks of Corporate America.

After lunch Jen and I browsed the bookstore, as is tradition. I bought FOUR books since I’m going to be early for my flight tomorrow (Calvin is dropping me off at the airport at around 7:00 on his way to work, and my flight doesn’t leave until 9:50), and the flight there and back is, like, three hours long. Now I’m starting to wonder if four books is enough… I do tend to eat them up in a hurry.

After we parted ways at the bookstore, I went shopping at TJ Maxx, using the AcronymCo-provided gift certificates. I came away surprisingly not traumatized by the experience, which is an entry I’ll be writing about over at No Butts, next.


Two other things of note, unrelated to this post or one another:

1. Please go wish Robyn of Bitchypoo your condolances – they lost their cat Mister Boogers today. That cat was such a fixture in their household and such a character in her blog… I’ll miss him!

2. Who here knew that Avitable had lap-band surgery earlier this year? Did he keep it a secret or am I just woefully unobservant? Anyway, he wrote an entry about it, and for us No-Buttsters that have been tossing the idea of a before/after picture set on the site, we need to take a page of bravery out of Adam’s book! Dude’s a rock star. A nekkid, hairy rock star.


Okay, kids, I’m off for a few days. Behave yourselves until I get back. And check my Twitter feed every now and then to see what Heather and I are up to!

  1. crisitunity says:

    I am so happy for Jen! And I completely understand if, despite being relieved, she is PISSED AS ALL HELL that they did this to her. Totally. Understand.

    Have a great time with Heather!

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    +1 to the “WTF?” with Jen’s job.

    Damn. All’s well that ends well, I guess?

    I forgot, gotta get milk and bread before Hurricane Laura crosses the Mississippi! 😀

  3. avitable says:

    I didn’t tell anyone, except a few friends, and I’ve kept it completely offline. Thanks for the mention. 🙂

  4. Kimmothy says:

    Holy hell, remind me to never move to Arizona – though with the way our weather’s been, I’m getting the full experience now. You’re going to LOVE the Indiana weather, just like I would!
    And as I’ve said a million times, have a great trip and can’t wait to hear all about it!

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