Let the party begin!

Posted: June 26, 2009 in bitching, Friends, Home, vacation, weekend, work

calvinhobbesjiveOnly a couple more hours to go before I’m free of work for a week!

Our plans for the weekend had to undergo a slight adjustment. I was planning on going shopping for a new dress for Sunday’s Yanni concert, on Saturday. And I was planning on getting a trim and highlights/lowlights today. And we were planning on going out to eat before the concert on Sunday.

However. Having spent $400 to fix the garage door yesterday (when I tried to leave for work yesterday morning the door would NOT budge), those plans are now slightly changed. I’ll be getting just a trim, making do with the contents of my own closet, and cooking dinner before the concert. Ain’t no thang, we get paid on Tuesday, but it did make me annoyed. Especially since the original quoted price for the repair (the springs sproinged) was around $180. I guess that’s IF you only need one spring replaced (we needed both) and IF the bracket was salvageable (it wasn’t).

Guh. Rowl.

There was kind of an upside – I was only in the office this week on Tuesday, and today. Monday was my usual work from home day, Wednesday I had jury duty (didn’t get selected), and yesterday my truck was trapped in the garage. Not a bad way to spend the week before vacation, I gotta say.

You should see my coverage document for the poor girl who’s handling my desk while I’m gone. The damned thing reads like War and Peace.

Anydoodle. I’m watching the mail for a $120 gift certificate to TJ Maxx, which was awarded to me by a few folks here at work. The way it works is, I do a good deed for which someone here at AcronymCo is grateful. They go into a web tool and “award” me. There are different levels of awards worth different monetary values. I hoard the awards until I’ve accrued a few, then I go into the web tool to choose the retailer I’d like to spend it with, and voila! Vacation clothing shopping goodness. I may even share it with Calvin. Perhaps he’d like some shorts, or a new shirt or two.

I can share. I caught that episode of Sesame Street.

Next week I shall clean the house, get Calvin as prepared as I can for my four-day-long absence, get a couple of books for the trip, maybe go to lunch with Jen, and hopefully do the aforementioned clothes shopping.

Then it’s OFF TO HEATHER-LAND on Thursday, and the squee-fest will begin!

Oh, hey, Heather? Since MJ was from your neck of the woods, how’s the mourning going in Indiana? Streets lined with flowers? Block party vigils? Anything?

Okay, loves, I’m out. Have a lovely Friday, catch ya later on in the weekend!

  1. Kimmothy says:

    Damn the shitty luck and I’m sorry your garage tried to cramp your style for the weekend. Luckily Yanni will love you no matter what! What a cool little reward system at your work! If my job included any retail-related rewards (wow, how’s that for some alliteration?), I might be motivated to really work once in awhile.
    I’m way too excited about your trip to Heatherland and can’t wait to see the photographic evidence!

    • Laura says:

      We had a GREAT time despite the unanticipated expense.

      AcronymCo does TRY to make up for how stressful it is to work there…

      There will be approximately 8,765,971 pictures.

  2. MJ is from Gary, IN…the “bad” side of my family is from there too…like 1st cousins marrying kind of bad.

  3. iamheatherjo says:

    Gary is the next town over from where I live and the Mayor has been on tv a lot and there have been a lot of shots on the news of the house where he was born and all that. I’ve heard rumors (aren’t there a shi-ton of them?) about MJ being buried here which would turn that modest home into a mini version of Graceland. I’m sure some of the officials are seeing dollar signs at that and probably some of MJ’s less successful family members, but who really knows? Lots of tributes to him and, of course, the All Michael All The Time radio stations right now. I’m already sick of hearing him and the man has only been gone a couple of days!

    Is it time for you to be here yet?!?!?!

    • Laura says:

      Yeah, it’s been All Michael, All The Time on all the music video channels, the satellite radio channels (most particularly the 80’s station), the news, the paper, CNN… feh. Sick of the dude.

      Almost time!!!!!

  4. Taoist Biker says:

    Note to self: Have bomb shelter stocked by Thursday. Check.

  5. iamheatherjo says:


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