The Pop Culture Princess is In.

Posted: June 16, 2009 in best things, Bring the funny, Friends, movies, Music, TV

LucyKim and I have been IM-ing back and forth in Google today. I didn’t realize how much I use current and past pop culture references in my daily conversation until I met someone whose pop culture education is greatly different than mine.

(Spelling and grammar mistakes are forgiven in instant messaging conversation. It’s, like, a rule.)

Case #1:

(We’re discussing Maine, and I mention Bar Harbor…)

kim: i read “bah habah” with the accent!
me: Heh. So do I.
kim: (big stephen king fan)
me: Yes, i remember hearing that about you from somewhere… 😀
kim: my parents spent a summer up there not long before my dad passed away teaching at a golf camp and their first day off they went to bangor to take pictures of SK’s house for me!
me: The ultimate souvenier!
kim: god, i’d love to go there to visit
yes, i was more excited about that then the leather purse!
me: Kind of like Leonard Nemoy’s DNA for Sheldon.

My darling readers, spot the reference! Bonus points if you can find the scene on YouTube.

Case #2:

(We’re discussing the possibility of having a NoButtsCon:)

kim: i hate that all of us are so spread out when most of the time i like you guys more than my friends in real life
me: I was just lamenting and observing to Calvin that some of my best, closest friends are the ones I’ve never met in person
kim: haha, good words! but yes, it’s gotten to that point for me too
it’s like you almost know when you find “your people”
me: “kindred spirits”, to adopt an Anne-ism
kim: which is so weird – how i found you was through reading weetabix – i can’t remember, but i think she linked your name in an entry
do you know her IRL?
me: Love the Weet.
Nope, never met her!
kim: i love her too and would LOVE to go to one of the weetacons!
me: I know. They’re Legen(wait for it)dary

That one’s an easy one. But you begin to see how much of the way I express myself is couched in terms that are only understood if you watch the same exact television shows I do. It’s a wonder I’m understood at all.

Case #3:

(Now I’m starting to become concerned for lack in Kim’s television viewing life… so much she has missed… here we’re talking about How I Met Your Mother):

me: The main protagonist (Ted) is kind of lame – I watch for NPH and Lilly (Alyson Hannigan – gotta get me a Willow fix!)
(PLEASE tell me you watched Buffy)
kim: um…
me: fortheloveof…
kim: hahahaha
i know – what kind of friggin geek am i?
me: It’s like we don’t even speak the same language. 😛
kim: i am saddened by this
me: I, too.

At this point I’m almost speechless and stricken nearly paralyzed by the overpowering need to FIX KIM, FIX KIM NOW.

Case #4:

(In which I try to rectify the situation:)

me: First. GET THEE HENCE and rent Season One of Buffy. It’s campy (it gets better as the seasons go on) but the dialogue is SO FRICKING GOOD
Also, watch S1 of Big Bang
every other priority in your life can wait.

(We talk about how we’re better than our sisters for a few exchanges, then…)

kim: but i love culty things – i would’ve watched Carnivale until the end of time if it wouldn’t have gone off the air
me: Firefly? Serenity? Anything Joss related?
kim: nope
but i know of it all
me: GEEZ, woman. Okay, scratch all of the above. Rent Firefly – there was only one season. Then watch Serenity. THEN watch Big Bang, and Buffy.
kim: i think my problem is that i read too damn much when i should be watching tv
me: Ha! The opposite of what our parents used to say.
kim: really?? i thought buffy was the originator
me: Buffy and Firefly have nothing to do with each other, other than that they were both created by Joss Wheden.
kim: ohhh
me: Firefly is more appealing to grown-ups
kim: didn’t buffy have a spinoff though?
me: Yes. Angel.
kim: yes, the dude, right?
me: David Boreanaz = NOM
He’s on Bones now
kim: omg, i must go get my yogurt out of the fridge – this is THE WORST TIME OF DAY FOR ME FOR BEING HUNGRAY!
oh yeah, hot dude!
i’ll brb
me: “Kim is AFK.” (And if she’d been watching Big Bang Theory that would be funny to her.)

Oh, the horror. I mean, the sheer lack of anything Joss in her life is enough to bring me to tears. The dialogue she is missing! The opportunities to adopt lines as her own and throw them into conversations in a pithy and witty way! She’s never asked anyone, “What’s your childhood trauma?” She’s never told anyone, “I aim to misbehave.” She’s never had the occasion to say, “”I bet you’d let a girl go off to her doom all by herself,” or, “”I laugh in the face of danger! Then I hide until it goes away.” She doesn’t understand why, “”We will rule over all this land, and we will call it… ‘This Land’,” is funny. She doesn’t understand why a man named Jayne gave me faith in sidekicks again. She doesn’t know that you can’t stop the signal. For the LOVE OF GOD, she doesn’t even know who the Scooby Gang is (hint: there are no dogs).

For these reasons I am hereby embarking on a Save Kim campaign.


Kim’s Pop Culture Princess Primer:

1. Watch Firefly first. There is only one season because of the Cancellations Nazis. First, it’s appealing to adults – or more-so than, say, Buffy. Second, it’ll get you used to the cadence of Joss-style dialogue (aka Whedonesque). Third, Nathan Fillion is hot.

2. Watch Serenity, the “Firefly” movie spinoff. It makes more sense to watch the shows first, and then the movie, though the movie is technically a stand-alone work.

3. Watch Season One of The Big Bang Theory next (Season Two is out, too). This will give you a much-needed influx of current pop culture into your dialogue. At the very least you can use this as a Laura-to-English translator in future instant-message discussions.

4. Next, start on Buffy with Season One (one day I’m going to own that collectors set). There are seven season to get through, so while you’re getting caught up in all the Jossy vampirey goodness, you can take breaks to watch other, current television shows. How I Met Your Mother is good if only for Neil Patrick Harris. Two and a Half Men also comes highly recommended – watch to see just how much they can get away with before the censors crack down on them (seriously, as the seasons go on they get away with more and more, until even CALVIN is left gasping and saying, “I can’t believe they got away with saying that!”)! Also, once you’re caught up and watching current episodes on TV, don’t forget to be on the lookout for Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards, which are displayed for, like, 1.3 microseconds after the airing of each episide of BBT and 2 1/2 Men. They’re always a treat.

4b. It’s optional to watch Angel, as this show didn’t infiltrate the pop culture scene as much as Buffy did. As David Boreanaz is MAD eye candy, you may want to watch at least the first couple of seasons for that fact alone.

5. PLEASE GOD, Kim, tell me you’re watching True Blood or reading Charlaine Harris???

This primer is the merest tip of the iceburg toward Total Pop Culture Princess status. I have every confidence that Kim will breeze through these requirements with the greatest of ease, and will be gracing us with dialogue gems in no time whatsoever.

Now. I end this entry on one final note – if you don’t know why the water tower image is funny and impossibly appropriate for this entry’s subject matter, I’m not sure I can be friends with you. It is the ULTIMATE in pop culture references. Come on, babies, make mama proud.

(Kim, you know I’m teasing you. I just had WAY too much fun chatting with you today. Feel free to smack me. You know I clock ’em that way.)

(And here’s the song that goes with THAT reference. Dear God, it’s like I don’t even speak straight English anymore.)

  1. iamheatherjo says:

    Both of you…step away from the tv.

    Kim doesn’t need Joss. She has Kevin Smith. 😀

  2. Kimmothy says:

    I laugh heartily at this because I almost saved our conversation and did the same thing! Except, you know, I would’ve written about how just because MY pop culture knowledge differs from YOUR pop culture knowledge, doesn’t mean I’m not a P.C. Princess as well. Though I never thought of it as “Princess”, more like “Expert.” Except you showed me yesterday I’m nowhere near the expert level I thought myself to be. But anytime you wanna battle it out about SNL, 80’s music, the Star Wars series, Quentin Tarrantino movies, or like Heather says, Kevin Smith, I’m game. Between the two of us it seems like we pretty much have everything covered!! I’ve always said if I could put my pop culture knowledge to practical use I would be a very wealthy woman.
    And you know I’m going to have to steal that picture now, right?

  3. Kimmothy says:

    P.S. Chuck Lorre used to do the vanity cards on Dharma and Greg too. I’ll freely admit I loved that show very much.

  4. crisitunity says:

    A friend of mine who was my equal in Simpsons devotion and I tried to have a conversation entirely in Simpsons quotes once – expressing our own thoughts by quoting the show. We succeded for several minutes.

    Firefly is a hell of a good show.

    • Laura says:

      Wow, that’s right up there with that time a friend of mine and I tried to have an entire day’s worth of conversation entirely in haiku.

      Firefly is the BEST SHOW EVAR. Well, best show evar that was cancelled. I hold that Supernatural is currently #1.

  5. sherry says:

    Nonono, Buffy must be watched first! MUST! Some of the best lines EVAR came from that show. Most of them courtesy of Xander! 🙂

    And you forgot a very good AND brief Joss primer – Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog whcih has the added bonus of NPH, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day aka the coolest geek girl ever, AND the epic “the hammer is my penis” line.


    • Laura says:

      I’m trying to ease her into Joss-dom. I don’t know too many adults who would start on Buffy without prior exposure, but if she watches Firefly first she’ll get used to Whedonesque.

      I posted about Dr. Horrible when it came out. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  6. Dyskinesia says:

    Okay, I got the Leonard Nimoy one because I’ve seen 3 different half-episodes (or less than half) of Big Bang Theory. Loved it, but I have an Asperger’s kid and Sheldon needs Asperger’s tattooed on him somewhere.

    The rest? Nope. I’m in Kim’s boat. I haven’t seen any of that stuff. The first Joss thing I think I saw was Dr. Horrible when you posted that, and I had to ask TB who Joss Whedon was. (Waits as Laura’s head pops open and spews confetti…)

    I’m all about John Cusack movies (and I’d kill you if someone paid me enough), National Lampoon’s Vacation movies (look kids, Big Ben, Parliament!) – and many other movies of the same era, and good stand up (Get this: whippets).

    I tend to only dedicate myself to 1, maybe 2, TV shows at a time. In the past, that has included The West Wing, M*A*S*H, Simon & Simon, Designing Women (just to see Julia Sugarbaker kick some ass – my hero), Mythbusters, The Daily Show, ER, and Will & Grace. Currently, it’s Deadliest Catch and True Blood, and I came to the TB party on episode 2 after my husband said, no really, it doesn’t take itself SO seriously that it isn’t fun to watch.

    Shockingly, I’m usually working. 😉 We’ve taken to watching some things on the OnDemand long after the fact, like Six Feet Under, but when I have a chance, I like to escape into movies more than serials. Quicker to wrap it all up. 🙂

    • Laura says:

      “Sheldon needs Asperger’s tattooed on him somewhere.”

      Dude, you are SO RIGHT.

      I forgive you for not knowing who Joss is by name. But only this once. Because I love you.

      John Cusack is my other secret boyfriend.

      Simon and Simon! Gah, I used to LOVE that show! High cheese, right there.

  7. Taoist Biker says:

    Honestly, I haven’t done the Joss thing in general. I watched Serenity on your recommendation and heartily enjoyed it – I’ll watch Firefly sometime but I don’t feel the burning need to run out and grab it.

    Nathan Fillion is still Johnny from “Two Guys and a Girl” to me…

    The only thing on your list I’m following along right now is True Blood. Hopefully you won’t shoot me. (I bought us the first season DVD to take with us on vacation in case we got bored!)

    If I may make a suggestion, I think HBO’s In Treatment is pretty damned cool too. Particularly the acting – it revolves around a therapist played by Gabriel Byrne, so most of the episodes are two actors in a room playing off each other.

    Season 1 is on DVD now, and Season 2 is about to be taken off of On Demand – I’m scrambling to watch the last 13 episodes before Monday! (Kinda hard when it’s not appropriate to watch around the boy, and Dys doesn’t like shows about therapy so I can’t watch with her.)

    • Laura says:

      Okay, so we’re two episodes into S2 of True Blood, and I gotta say that last episode was kinda boring… what did you think?

      Adding “In Treatment” to our list of recommendations! Though I hesitate to dedicate myself to yet another show that is currently airing. I’ll have to let something go SOMEWHERE, but where??? Oh, the calamity.

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