More important.

Posted: June 12, 2009 in Calvin, Warm Fuzzy, work

1iconloveWhen I walked in the door after work last night, I was planning on getting a workout in before making dinner and doing the usual round of evening chores. As I opened the door from the garage into the kitchen, Calvin was standing in wait – literally, he was right THERE when I opened the door – with a shot in one hand (pink lemonade vodka, not for the faint of heart) and a beer in the other. With a “Hi, baby!” and a kiss on the cheek, he handed both to me, then turned back to the counter for his own libations.

Well, then! A girl could get used to that kind of greeting.

After tossing back the shots (“Cheers, darling!”), we sat in the living room with our beers (we’ve been on a Heineken kick lately) and talked – what’s going on with him, what’s going on with me, work stuff, vacation stuff, family stuff.

Before we knew it, an hour had gone by. He asked what I was planning for dinner, and I replied breakfast skillet (scrambled eggs, hash browns, burger meat, crumbled sausage, cheese, salsa – eaten off a plate or wrapped up in a tortilla). He went into the kitchen and started getting out all of the gear and ingredients. I put Phil Collins’ Finally – The First Farewell Tour in the DVD player. Music playing, we worked around each other in the kitchen – he cooking, me cleaning up, feeding the animals, getting the coffee ready for tomorrow morning. Every now and then we’d take a pause in our labors to fit in some hugs and kisses.

Every session in the kitchen should include hugs and kisses – the food tastes better that way.

I called Marie and invited her to stop by for dinner on her way home from work. She arrived, we all dished up some food, and spent the next several hours sitting in the living room getting all caught up with one another.

It was a lovely way to spend an evening. Exercise takes a back seat for more important things, sometimes.


Kim beat me to the punch! She and I have been e-mailing back and forth over the past couple of days, discussing an upcoming project we’d like to kick off. We have both been struggling to get our health and fitness under control lately, and we’ve been reading other bloggers who are in the same boat that we are. We need help, encouragement, a place to whine and bitch and complain, a place to share experiences and learnings and information… and we don’t want to bog down our blogs with the deets. As Kim put it, “…when it comes to diet and/or exercise NO ONE is interested in hearing about your martyr-like sacrifices and exciting accomplishments, except for maybe other people who are also into it at the same time.”

So. We’re starting up a joint blog. We’d like others to join us (boys AND girls!), as contributors or as readers. I don’t think we’re planning on anything formal, just a place to blog and share. If anybody’s interested, leave me or Kim a comment, or send either of us e-mails. We’ve determined we’re going to host it on WordPress, but beyond that we don’t have the details hammered down yet.

(I’m kind of thinking “Friends In Pain” would be a good name for the site, Kim!)


Okay. So, I’m covering for a co-worker for the next two weeks while she’s on vacation. I’m trying my hand at running her analysis for the first time this morning, so I’ve gotta scoot. A pile of work awaits me, but there’s a happy hour after work to look forward to, for a friend who’s leaving the company. It sucks that he’s leaving, but I’m sure the generous application of beer will ease the pain.

All Hail Friday!

  1. Kami-O says:

    Sorry, but I like the results of killing myself on a daily basis.. It also helps my up my game..

  2. jadesymb says:

    keep me in the loop I wouldn’t mind joining up with friends in pain, but i’m not going hard core till after i have this kid though!

  3. iamheatherjo says:

    Have fun with your new venture! Are you still going to do the Operation Goddess thing? How many blogs do you need, woman?!?!? 😉

    I’ll probably turn my attentions toward actually going to the gym instead of finding more things to do on my stoopid puter.

  4. Kim says:

    I liked Friends in Pain, but No Butts About It is so kickass, pardon the pun.
    I’m so excited about this and hey, even if no one else wants to play, I’m just happy I get to talk about it nonstop if I want and not feel guilty about it!

    • Laura says:

      I’ll play wif you! 😀 Now hurry up and post something over there so I don’t feel so… so… so EXPOSED.

      “Alllll byyy myyyy seeeeelf…. don’t wanna be… alllll byyy myyyy seeeeelf…”

  5. dyskinesia says:

    If I wasn’t feeling sick and exhausted, and okay – if it wasn’t constitutionally impossible for me to do so over “dieting” — I’d downright skweee. Count me SO in. I have a thing I’ve written in my head about the insulin resistance and just didn’t want to hear myself say it all over my own blog over and over, so if you want it there, that would be perfect. 🙂 I’m all about the community whine! Umm, I mean ENCOURAGEMENT, yeah!

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