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Posted: May 7, 2009 in best things, booze, Bring the funny, drrrrrunk, Friends, Video
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pennyrumWow. There is a post in my drafts folder that is going to stay there for a very long time. It’s going to stay there until I decide to delete it in shame, or post it for the general hilarity it would be sure to garner.

I totally wrote an, “I love you, man!” post last night. It was a post expressing my friendship and affection for all of YOU, my gentle snowflakes. My readers, my commenters, my fellow bloggers – our jolly little band of writers, who have created a community of fellowship in our own little corner of the internet.

“To all the bloggers I’ve ever loved before…”

Backstory? Okay. See, Calvin and I stopped at Sandstone after work, and I had a beer. And another beer. And then a shot of tequila. And when we got home? I had another beer and a shot of rum.

Yes. I know. It was Wednesday. I do not need an intervention, nor do I need a twelve-step program. I just had a “fuck it” evening and had myself a good buzz going on by 9:00. Which is when Calvin went to bed. I wasn’t ready to go to sleep, so I whipped out the laptop. I read the comments that had been left on my most recent entries, had a good laugh, and instantly fell in love with the whole lot of you. Which I tried to express, referring to each individual personally, in our little band of friends we’ve got going on here.

Wow, you guys. Just… wow. It’s all so prosaic in the light of sobriety day. And I thought I was being so lyrical and poetic, too.

Thank the good lord I was too lazy to look up all the links to all of your blogs, that I wanted to add to the post. Instead, I decided to save it to drafts “until tomorrow”. It’s a really, REALLY good thing I did. Because, wow. Not that I had anything bad to say, at all. No, it was the complete opposite. It was a warm-fuzzy fit the likes of which the universe has yet to see (and it’s a-gonna stay that way). You guys would have laughed, and I would have had a BIG ol’ steaming cup of humiliated morning-after regret this morning.

The moral of the story? Guys, don’t drink and blog.

This has been a public service announcement.


Heather sent this to me yesterday, and it’s making me happy. Ahh, childhood memories. Like the corners of my mind.

Ain’t NOTHIN’ better than Sesame Street. Also, ain’t nothin’ better than the real thing.

  1. crisitunity says:

    I think you should post an annotated version, where you put in parentheses things like “Whoa! Tequila!” after particularly, uh, brilliant bits of prose. I, for one, would like to see teh lurve.

  2. LL Cool Joe says:

    How sweet. Yeah I’ve done a few posts like that where I’ve thought afterwards “Geez I sound like a right arse kisser!” 😀

    But I don’t regret telling all my blogging buddies how wonderful they are. 🙂

  3. iamheatherjo says:

    Listen, I want our drunken mooshy journal entry. I’m subjected to the sticky-icky-sweet-I-lurve-Calvin crap, I want MINE damnit! 😉

  4. Having kids under four in the house still allows me to see this great stuff like Grover quite a bit.

    I have heard of drunk f*cking, drunk dialing and even drunk texting, but drunk blogging is a new one.

    • Laura says:

      Heh. Go to my sidebar under the categories, choose the category “drrrrrunk”, and THOSE are my shining examples of drunk blogging.

  5. Taoist Biker says:

    Bah. In my motorcycle forum we refer to it as PUI.

    It’s best when, say, a guy gets very, very drunk and posts a completely garbled I-love-the-whole-world verbal hug and includes naked pictures of the girl who he just got done joyously and drunkenly boning. Yes, it happened, and yes, a few guys on the forum right-click-saved to be able to remind him of that at least once a year.

    Having just finished Nikki Sixx’s The Heroin Diaries,, a commented version like Nikki did with his diary would rock. 😀

    • Laura says:

      Okay, you’re gonna have to explain the acronym, cuz it’s not jumping out at me.

      I’ll succumb to peer pressure at some point in the near future and post the darned thing. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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