Got the wings of heaven on my shoes.

Posted: May 6, 2009 in Music, vacation, Video
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urhereApparently Rand McNally road atlases (atlii?) are like gold. I irritated Calvin one weekend in early April by making him stop at the book store (I know, the HORRAH) so I could pop in “real quick” and pick up a copy. Except, they were all out. So, I ordered one from Amazon on 4/6. I waited, I checked the status, I waited some more. Finally, after three weeks of being backordered, I canceled the order on 4/26, and on that same day placed an order directly with Rand McNally. The order confirmation told me that it would ship in 24-48 hours. I waited until the end of the week (5/1 for those of you playing at home), and, still not seeing it arrive in my mailbox, I called Rand McNally for a status. They said they were all out of the 2009 printing, and so they’d be sending me a 2010 issue, which would be shipping out that day.

As of this morning still no book ‘o maps, so I called Rand McNally’s customer service AGAIN, and they said it was shipping today for delivery on Friday. We shall see, my pets. Those of you inclined to hold your breath, I would strongly advise against such activity.

On a related note, do you know how hard it is to plan a road trip of multi-state proportions WITHOUT a road atlas? Google Maps and Mapquest sure are cumbersome to use when the destination is more than, like, fifty miles away. They really only like there-and-back directions, and they don’t allow very conveniently for multi-state, circuitous-route travel. Me, I’m a big picture kind of girl, and, well, I’d like to see the big pictures of mappy goodness laid before me so I can plan my route. Right now, according to our plans, we’re still stuck in Cody, Wyoming. That’s where my planning stalled, in need of maps! Mama needs her maps! Gimme mah maps!


Okay, I’m a freak. Moving on.


A vignette:

Last Saturday night Calvin and I were hanging around the house, watching movies. At about 9:00, he got up for a trip to the fridge, and asked me if I wanted anything. I said, “Yeah, a strawberry sundae from Dairy Queen.” He said, teasing, “Feh, you don’t need ice cream.” I agreed, and went about watching the movie. Five minutes later, Calvin said, “You know? A banana split sounds really good right now.” So I said, “Feh, you don’t need ice cream.” He made a face at me, and five minutes later we were in the truck, in our jammies, on our way to the Dairy Queen drive-through.

It was a beautiful night, so we rolled down all the windows (aside: nobody has window cranks anymore, why do we still say we “roll” them down?) and blasted the tunes. Ice cream successfully secured and in our possession, we rolled out of the drive and came to a stop at the light at the intersection.

The Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive” came on just as a man started to cross through the crosswalk. As he walked, his step came more and more in sync with the music, until he was in perfect time.

“Well you can tell by the way I use my walk…” stride stride stride stride… all the way across the intersection and down the sidewalk, for as long as we sat there. I don’t think he even realized he was doing it, but it sure did crack us the hell up.

I understand it completely, though. YOU try to walk along to that song without stepping in time to it. I mean, hell, the Bee Gees themselves couldn’t stop it. Neither could John Travolta.

  1. Kami-O says:

    I have this song in my iPOD and put it on when i walk my couple of blocks before I run! It’s an awesome song and makes me feels sorta…hott and studly..ummm sorta!

  2. Dyskinesia says:

    Dude, this thing showed up in my feed as being posted in 1999. Are you recycling? (I KID!!! I KID!!!!) I loved the Homer’d mmmmmaaaaaps, lol.

    That walking/Stayin’ Alive thing could be one of the truest observations ever made. And GOOD GOD Barry was HAWT. Even without the tightest pants and ugliest brothers ever made! *whew!*

    • Laura says:

      Something weird is going on with WordPress today. I posted this and it took a half hour to show up in my own browser. Must’ve hit some sort of time warp on the way to Albequerque.

      I covet Barry’s hair. The teeth are kinda creepy, though. Hello, Dentine poster boy!

  3. Jeanette says:

    God! Why did I not ever think to put that song on my iPod? Off to iTunes I go….

  4. Maps?!?!?! That is “OLD SKOOL”…no GPS. MY wife and I would get a divorce if she had to give me directions from a map. She is the WORST co-pilot. It is so bad that we actually had to switch. I tried to show here that the mile markers actually matched the exits and she just shook her head in disbelief. ARRGHHHH! If you guys can travel together AND use maps…you will be together FOREVER!!!!!!

    • Laura says:

      Have I mentioned how much I love maps? I have (counting) nine of them pinned to the walls of my 9’x6′ cubicle. I am an EXCELLENT co-pilot. Calvin still wants to get a TomTom, though. He of little faith. Actually, he probably has tons of faith in my navigation, he just wants an excuse to buy another gadget.

  5. […] the couch last light with the road atlas, still trying to figure out what we’re doing after Cody, WY. Do we do a clockwise loop and hit Arizona/Utah/Wyoming/Colorado/New Mexico/Arizona? Or do we do a […]

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