Let me cut your mop! Let me shave your crop! Daintily, daintily…

Posted: May 1, 2009 in Arizona, biking, misc, weekend

calvin_bikeIt’s supposed to be mostly sunny and 83 degrees tomorrow, so I’m thinking Calvin and I need to take the bikes (that’s bicycles, though I’m sure he’ll vote for the motorcycle) somewhere. Thus far we’ve gone to Tempe Town Lake, and Papago Park. This time I’m thinking Kiwanis for something close-by, or maybe we’ll turn it into a mini road trip and head to Flagstaff and the Grand Falls trail.

My goal is just to be outside, though. So since the landscapers cleaned up our front and back yard today and a) it’s no longer embarrassing to be seen entering and exiting the house with all its white trash goodness just lacking a broken down car on cement blocks; and b) it no longer makes me feel guilty and depressed that we let the yard get so bad, maybe I’ll just stick a camp chair on the patio, sit my ass in it, and have a beer. Or three.

Or seven. Yeah, seven sounds like a good number.


I’m getting my hair cut this afternoon. Calvin wants me to re-create this look from two years ago:


I gotta admit, I had good hair then. I’m not going for the whole blond look today, though. Just a cut. I’m happy with my light brown hair (“I dream of Genie, she’s a light brown hare…”). No gray, yet. YET.

I had a different hair dresser, then. But the “girl” I had been going to for several years left the salon, never to be seen again. So now I have to train a new one – I’ve seen her twice and haven’t been quite in love with what she’s done. So this time I’m going armed with a print-out of the above-featured photo. It’s black and white, but I’m hoping she’ll see what I mean THIS time. How hard is it – “Long layers, blend the bangs into the rest of the hair, keep the overall length.” Plain English, right?

What are you doing to entertain yourselves this weekend, my gentle snowflakes? Feel free to describe in detail in the comments, and be as R rated as you’d like. If you’re of the female persuasion, Calvin requests pictures. Or he would, if he were here reading over my shoulder.

I know my guy.

  1. Dyskinesia says:

    That is how I cut my own hair, when I get around to cutting it. I admit: This is much more difficult to do to the back of one’s own head, which has a lot to do with my lack of often-ness. Mine is also shorter overall, because if it isn’t, my head explodes from the weight of my damn hair. SO, if she farks it up, I’ll do it for ya next time. 😉 Don’t have to pay or tip, just come and visit!

    • Laura says:

      I wouldn’t dare to cut my own hair – I trim my bangs on occasion, and hack that up enough that I know better than to attack any more.

      I’ll come to visit some day, I hope! I’ll bring booze! And then? I won’t LET you cut my hair. Booze + haircut = mayhem.

  2. Amanda says:

    It’s supposed to rain all weekend here, so we won’t be doing too much outside. Go look at flowers for the wedding tomorrow, and look into registering at Sears (a department store up here – do you guys have Sears in the US? I don’t think so…). Going to a jewelery party tomorrow evening. Do research – hopefully FINISH research so I can start writing, dammit! And spent time with my man – I’m sure we can find ways to amuse ourselves in rainy weather (and that’s about as R-rated as my shy self can get!).

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your lovely weather!

    • Laura says:

      😀 Of course we have Sears here! Everywhere! In every mall, practically.

      I love a rainy weekend. Your plans sound lovely to me.

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    No grey hair! Of course, no hair. I think I’ve got a little grey coming into the beard now, though. Hard to tell since some is white-blonde, but I”m pretty sure some is a little TOO white.

    Weekend plans? Right now, relaxing some of the day away with some Eagle Rare bourbon. Yum.

    Tomorrow, installing a new toilet tank refill control thingamabobber. Yeah. That little floaty thing done gone and broke. Then watching horsies race. From what the weathermen are saying, probably in the pouring rain. Hopefully not.

    35% chance we’ll hit a museum on Sunday for Boy.

    100% chance something R-rated will happen. 95% chance it’s “Adult Language,” 3% chance of violence, 2% nudity. Bummer. 😀

    • Laura says:

      Calvin’s got blonde hair, too, so it’s hard to tell where the grey is. He can see it, though. I think it makes him look distinguished.

      Sounds like you’re being horribly grown-up and responsible with the home ownership this weekend. Boo! Hope you enjoyed the Derby! 50-1 longshot… sheesh! Just goes to show ya, the dark horse is sometimes a good bet.

      Pulling for the 2%, for ya’s…

  4. Jeanette says:

    Lets see..today it’s supposed to be sunny although a bit cool..so we’re installing new solar lights in the landscaping in the front of our house, new porch light and new garage lights. And then doing a general Spring clean-up. Tomorrow I wouldn’t mind a day road trip myself..there’s a new nature trail opened nearby so we may talk a walk on it before the bug population grows too much! Have a good one.

    • Laura says:

      Man, EVERYBODY is being all responsible and do-it-yourself-y this weekend. All Calvin and I want to do is avoid doing anything remotely useful. Have a lovely weekend, take pictures of the new trail!

  5. boundandgags says:

    Like TB I also shave my head. So, Laura, if you’re looking for experienced haircutters, you can talk to TB or myself. Remember, I said experienced (as in something you do every day) not good (as in someone who doesn’t draw blood every day).

    Unlike TB I won’t be sitting around sipped fine liquor. Also unlike TB I have a greater than 2% chance at nudity. But only because, from what it seems, unlike him, I don’t shower clothed.

    Unlike anyone else in the world I am going to spend my day plotting, no, scheming, no, plotting to scheme how to cut down on my workload. Specifically in the cat department. I’ve been working on it but, so far, I’ve failed.

    After many years of deep (for me) contemplation, I figured I’m making more work for myself. Let me ‘splain.

    I feed cats.
    I scoop shit.

    Ergo, I am making work for myself (shit scooping) every time I feed the cats.

    When I discovered this my first reaction was to leave the shit alone. But what I’d hoped for (the cats would use the toilet like normal people or someone else would take care of it) didn’t pan out. I just got yelled (or meowed) at.

    “Your job is to scoop the poop.”

    “Why is it my job?”

    “Because you’re stupid.”

    There was also something about not listening or doing anything else around the damn house but I don’t remember. I wasn’t listening.

    I kept investigating. I tried holding them over the toilet and squeezing (just until they got that look on their face). But all that did was cause penetrating scratches on personal places best left unsullied by bloodstains.

    So I figured I’d cut out the first act which would render the, and I think this is the medical term, shit factory inoperable.

    But, alas, that too was a failure. Yes, I gave in but, trust me, you don’t know fear until you wake up in the morning with the handle of a can opener in bed with you.

    Maybe I should put my evil genius to a better, simpler use. Like teaching grass to only grow an inch or so.

    Note: no cats were starved, held over toilets (although I don’t think it’s a bad idea), made stand in their own crapations (they won’t. Prissy little bastards!), or harmed in the making of his useless comment. I was, however, called stupid.

    Oh sure, no one seems to mind that!

    • Laura says:

      Uhhhh, yeah. If I ever want my head shaved, I’ll call you or TB.

      So, what you’re saying is that you have a pinhole camera in TB’s shower? Frisky!

      Man, if you ever figure out the cat poop thing and excess workload, let me know. Ours crap more than should be felinely possible.

      I’ll mind if you’re called “stupid”, but defending you is up to WHO, exactly, called you thusly. If they’re bigger’n me, I don’t guarantee the result or quality of said defence.

      • boundandgags says:

        We’ll even use new razors!

        Pinhole camera? NO! What kind of a person do you think I am? It’s a full DV rig with low lux capacity!

        I’m never going to get a handle on the poop thing. I swear they steal some from the neighbor cat.

        My girlfriend is the prime offender in my being named stupid. You can only imagine the look I would get with my little spew here.

  6. I am not completely shaven up top, but awfully close when I do get it cut monthly. it grows so fast. I realized last night at the comedy club that, if i am going to do any stage time I nned to develope some kind of look. This probably means growing my hair out a bit. This would mean that I woul dhave to stop going to a barber. One of my rules is to never get my hair cut at a place that doesn’t have a barbers pole on the building. That might have to change now.

    • Laura says:

      Could your “look” not include a shaven head? Or is that done too much these days? You could go for the Patrick Dempsey look… :: rowr ::

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