Need a guru.

Posted: April 23, 2009 in blogkeeping, Halp, Your Opinion Matters

1iconbangheadoncomputerHi gang, I need your help. I know a lot of you are either in the business of web design/development, or are very familiar with it. I’m looking to consolidate Snerkology in its various forms, and I need help figuring out how. Here’s what I eventually want:

1. as the main domain. I own the domain name and I want to use it, by gum. I could do that now and all of my WordPress entries would redirect there, but I’d lose visibility to all the stuff currently under the domain (namely the journal archives, which are important to me).

2. WordPress as the publishing platform (which would require purchasing and downloading the stand-alone software, I know).

3. Dreamhost as the web host. I currently have an account and all of my old domain archives are there, including what used to be posted on Blogger (Colloquial, Snerkology The Weblog Version – both of which were converted to WordPress). I don’t want to use the non-webhosted option of free WordPress any longer, I liked it when everything was with Dreamhost.

4. All of the old Snerkology archives converted to the WordPress platform. It would mean sacrificing the various templates I used when I journaled in HTML, but it’s really the content and pictures and whatnot that are important, not the template I used at the time.

5. Essentially, everything in one place, under one domain, with a single publishing platform and a single web host. Maybe even possibly to include Operation Goddess, World Famous Nosh, and Waking Mind.

So! How impossible is my vision? Can anybody do all of that? Does anybody know of anyone who can? I’d be willing to pay. Not, like, a million bucks, but something reasonable. Once everything is converted and organized I can go back to managing it all myself. Things are just waaaaaay too spread around.



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