It’s like a firesale on CRACK.

Posted: April 23, 2009 in best things, blogkeeping, Calvin, crack, Music

1icontehinterwebOH MY GOD YOU GUYS, how did I not know about before now??? It’s like CRACK. You guys love music and love talking/posting about music (I’m looking at YOU specifically, Heather and Taoist Biker (yes, I called you by your full name, mister!)), so for the love of everything good on the Internet, GO. Sign up. Then add me as one of your favorite DJ’s (username “Snerkology”) and I’ll add you. We’ll become a commune of musical sharing and delight! It’ll be righteous. It has a Twitter interface, too, so if you have a Twitter account it’s TWO TIMES THE AMOUNT OF CRACK FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. Plus it’s tons easier to post a link to a song that you like, instead of sifting through YouTube.

I added a badge to my left-hand frame, so you can obsess over what I’m listening to.

Good God, I may never be productive again.


I updated the “About” page, the “Best Of” page, and the “Photography” page, if anyone is interested.


I was squee-ing all day yesterday (and, well, I still am a little bit, today) about a Exciting New Development in my on-line writing life. Details Coming Soon to a Blog Near You! Like, this one.


Calvin got home, FINALLY, last night at about 11:00. He called me at 9:45 on his way “back down the hill” (Flagstaff’s elevation is up at around the 7000-foot mark, while Phoenix is 1117 feet). I thought he was JUST leaving Flagstaff at that time, but he was actually half-way home. When he walked in the door, a full hour before I was expecting him, I was completely baffled as to how he could have made it home that fast.


Hmm. I don’t seem to have much to post about at the moment. I will leave you with this song, which I heard on the way into work.

DO YOU SEE why Blip is so cool? When have I ever lead you awry?

Don’t answer that.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    You are FUCKING EVIL for putting that song in my head.

    Luckily I just briefly paused the death metal assault on my Pandora station to listen to it. Now I’m gonna pound it right back out. 😀

    Maybe I can sorta kinda check into this Blip thingamabob sometime…

  2. iamheatherjo says:

    Hmm…that particular mix isn’t the one I’m used to. Strange.

    I took the “blip tour” and can’t say I’m interested yet. But I’ll poke around some more!

  3. jadesymb says:

    Exciting News is Exciting!!!!

  4. […] can all blame Laura for calling me out.  I joined Blip yesterday.  So I can now inflict my weird musical tastes on all sorts of random […]

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