BIG sigh.

Posted: April 20, 2009 in bitching, Calvin, movies, TV, weekend, work

angrycalvinWell, Calvin’s gone again. This time up in Flagstaff, until at least Thursday. Nothing like coming home from a week-long trip, only to be told at the start of the next week that you have to travel for The Man again.

Anybody got a nice, cushy desk job they can offer him?

So, the depression lifted sometime around Saturday afternoon. We went out to eat at a new-to-us steakhouse, where I had the most incredible slow-roasted chicken EVER, and Calvin had a steak that he kindly kept sharing with me. Back home, we put “Role Models” in the DVD player – I watched all the way through, Calvin fell asleep about 3/4 of the way in.

Is it me, or has Sean William Scott been lifting weights? NOM.

Sunday was quite possibly the laziest day we have EVER spent lolling around the house. We’d recorded the Formula One race in China, so we watched that. HOW they managed to finish the race in one piece with all the rain and subsequent road misting is beyond me. Glad to see Louis Hamilton still making points. Also annoyed that North America isn’t deemed good enough for a place on the circuit this year, not that we could get to any of the races.

Then we watched the Indy race at Long Beach. Danica came in fourth, and says she’s going to try to be “less angry” this year – GUFFAW! Also, Ashley Judd (who is married to the winner of the race, Dario Franchitti) could totally take her – and there’s a girl fight for the spank bank, guys, you’re welcome!

THEN we, um, did things, that resulted in a really satisfying nap. Then Calvin went to pick up some Taco Bell, and we watched “Bolt”, which was stupidly cute. Rhino was, of course, our favorite character.

Which brings us to today. Calvin went to work at 6:30 as usual, then wound up back at home by 8:00 to pack his shit and drive up north. LE SIGH.

It’s easier for me to adjust to this abrupt change in our routine, for sure, since I’m not the one who has to drive 170 miles and shift from a day schedule to a night schedule (he’s working on building controls that effect operating rooms, so he has to work at night). My day will be spent putting off the workout I have scheduled (thirty minutes on the elliptical AND Level 2 of Thirty Day Shred, damn Jillian), as well as putting off cleaning the kitchen and putting away the laundry. Oh, and working (NOT putting that off, really!), since this is my telecommute day.

In other news, my TweetDeck is giving me ADD.

So.  How is YOUR Monday?

  1. Kim says:

    Damn, sorry your man got snatched away again so soon – that is the suck. I hope the week goes by quickly for both of you.
    I just wrote a post about weed to celebrate 4/20 – I hope the law doesn’t show up at my door.

  2. jadesymb says:

    My monday is dull, especially without your smiling face.

    Lunch Friday?

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    I would definitely buy an Ashley/Danica fight on PPV. I’d be rooting for Danica.

  4. suzy2110 says:

    We used to watch the F1 religiously, and I did watch a bit last year, but haven’t seen any this year yet. Jenson Button is a smarmy little sh*t, Ian and I are kind of hoping he won’t win this year!! 🙂

    Sorry Calvin is away again. 😦

    • Laura says:

      Well, Button lead for a while, but according to the commentators he hasn’t had a great start to the year. He might not have even made any points, yet.

  5. sherry says:

    I think I have to stop level 2. I even dropped to every second day but it’s killing my ankles, shins, and knees even if I do Anita’s lower impact version. I don’t mind muscle aches from working out but joint pain and bone pain is NOT COOL.

    It sucks because I love the strength and ab work for level 2. I may just start doing the boxing for the entire cardio segments or just skip it altogether since I get decent cardio anyway. Sigh.

    • Laura says:

      I haven’t even LOOKED at Level 3. And, I think the way you’re going about it is right. I don’t think it’s good on your body to do her routines EVERY day. Most specialists say that strength training should be an every-other-day thing, to let the body recover. Cardio and abs can be daily, for sure. But it’s too hard on the bones and muscles to strength train every day.

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