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Posted: April 7, 2009 in blogs, Calvin, Food, Music, vacation, Video

angrycalvin– Calvin hates homemade baked macaroni and cheese – he prefers the nuclear orange Kraft stuff. I adore homemade macncheese. I have a great recipe of my grandmother’s, and I also came across Pioneer Woman’s recipe for it today, which is very similar to Grammy’s (except Grammy’s didn’t have the egg – I would SO not make it with the egg… yeeeuck bleeeccchh flaaagm). Yet, I won’t get to make it, like, ever. I’d be the only one to eat it, you can’t make just a single serving of the stuff (you just CAN’T), and that much pasta and cheese and butter and milk is SO not part of my diet.

Excuse me while I quietly sob.

– We watched Dr. Phil last night (I know), and after that we watched about twenty minutes of Oprah (I KNOW). I wanted to see what Heather Armstrong looked and sounded like (I’ve never watched her self-vids on her blog). Calvin twitched on his end of the couch the whole time (mommies bitching about being mommies = Pet Peeve). We watched Heather’s brief segment in which she rambled about pipe cleaners and poo. I’ll admit myself it wasn’t her best or most articulate moment (some folks just come across better in written format – I suspect I might be one of them, too); however, I do like reading her blog from time to time. Calvin, however, was INCENSED. He turned to me and said, “Laura, that woman is an idiot. I FORBID you from reading her blog ever again.” Now, dear Innernets, tell me, what would YOU do if your husband started a sentence with, “I forbid you…”?

Yeah, me too.

Anyway, he went to her blog to comment on his opinion of her segment, found the comments closed (she rarely opens them anymore), and decided that was proof positive of her idiocy and fear of knowing what people REALLY think of her. I shall have to point him to the next entry she does of the hate e-mail and hate comments she gets – they crack me up. Anyway. The path is now clear for him to flame away about her in my comments.

You’re welcome, dear.

– I got this book from Amazon in the mail yesterday, and spent a couple of hours in the evening perusing it and planning our trip to Yellowstone (this far it’s an excellent book, very well laid out and with tons of inside information). Unfortunately, it looks like all of the in-park accommodations are already booked, so we’ll have to stay in either Jackson/Jackson Hole, or Cody (or a couple of nights in both). Intrepid readers! Have any of you ever been to either place? Any recommendations? Also, any suggestions for other things to do while we’re in that area of the country? Over to Idaho? Down to Colorado? Up to Montana?


– Finally, a video for Calvin. Because he is.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    a) I agree with Calvin on the radioactive-Kraft mac n’ cheese.

    b) I disagree with Calvin – while I didn’t always agree with Heather, I don’t think she’s an idiot and her disabling of comments isn’t necessarily because of an inability to take criticism. I think once you reach a certain critical mass (that I’m quite sure I’ll never reach, and I’m happy with that) the trouble vs. what it’s worth reaches a tipping point.

    Personally, I quit reading Dooce about nine months or a year ago. I had to cut down some of my (ridiculous) blog reading, and decided to stick more to the blogs of people that I interacted with a bit more closely. Honestly, I can’t say I’ve missed it.

    c) Got nuttin’.

    d) This video: now 45% less gay than the original!

    • Laura says:

      a) Heathen!!

      b) Part a: I’ll let Calvin respond – I agree w/you on the comments thing.

      Part b: Glad I made the cut!

      c) Thanks anyway.

      d) That’s EXACTLY what I thought. Except I figured it was around 37%. I mean, he IS still wearing a tie over a bare chest and a vest.

  2. avitable says:

    I agree with your husband about Dooce. She’s not a blogger. A blogger is part of a community. She holds herself above it and her blog just sucks now anyways. Closing comments is just one sign of her shittiness.

    • Laura says:

      Heh. I actually mentioned to Calvin last night how much you disdain Dooce. The whole disabled comments thing is not something I would do, regardless of how many comments I get (I think her reasoning is that she gets too many?). So, yes, I agree that calling yourself a “blogger” and yet removing the ability for two-way communication is at cross-purposes.

  3. Kim says:

    I suffer the same plight with potato salad – Brian’s from the south, yet he hates it. Wha? But I can’t see making a large amount just for me, so I have to wait until family picnics to have it. I weep. As for mac & cheese, whether it’s Kraft or homemade, give it to me and give it to me good!
    I have a love/hate thing for Dooce. As with many, I started reading her years ago and I think her massive success may have gone a tad to her head. I much prefer my small community of bloggers I actually care about as people. Plus as someone who is spending a lot of time, money, energy and emotion trying to become a mother, someone bitching about being one (to whatever extent it’s for the comedy factor, I give two shits not) isn’t my cup of tea right now. I’ll admit it made me a bit gleeful to hear Calvin’s reaction!
    And the “forbid you” comment? Considering Brian is in full ass-kissing mode after fucking up royally last night, that made me laugh even moreso than it normally would have. In fact, here’s a formal invitation to cruise on over to my blog and read all about our fight – it’ll be fun!

    • Laura says:

      I’ll eat your potato salad!

      I understand your feelings about Dooce, you articulated them very nicely and I agree with you. She can be funny sometimes (I’ve been reading her for YEARS – since before she got “dooced”, actually), but I think maybe her success HAS changed her. And, well, of course it did. If I could blog about my dogs and my pooping habits and make an ASSTON of money from it, I would too! I’d leave the comments open, though. Heh.

      Calvin’s “I forbid you” comment got the same reaction it, and like comments, always get from me – “BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!” At which point he grins at me, all the while coming across like he WOULD mean it if I would just go along with it.

  4. crisitunity says:

    Just a thought: why not make a whole batch of homemade mac & cheese and then freeze single-serving portions of it? That way you can spread out the goodness over the course of several months and Calvin doesn’t have to deal with it at all.

    FTR, I think Dooce is not much smarter or funnier or cooler than any other given blogger out there, but she was absolutely in the right place at the right time. That’s really all I have to say about her. I don’t like snarky blogs unless they’re also good-natured, like this one.

    • Laura says:

      That’s a great idea! Do you suppose it freezes well?

      Yeah, you’re right, Dooce had good timing. Also, awww! Warm fuzzies! Though I do need to point out, sometimes my snark is evil. I may be Hello Kitty, but I can overcome her with sarcasm and meanness and ill-intent, sometimes!

      Can’t I? I mean, I’ve been working on it…

  5. jadesymb says:

    Now I want your homemade mac and cheese. Next time you wanna go off diet, I’ll come over at lunch and have some with you!

  6. iamheatherjo says:

    I’m with Calvin on the blue box macncheese too.

    I might have clicked on that blog once from yours, but I don’t remember ever being interested enough to click on it a second time.

    The “I forbid you” thing made me clench just a little. Hahaha!

    • Laura says:

      Another heathen!

      Yeah, she is SO not your style, m’dear.

      Ha, you know Calvin. He likes to exercise his King of the Mountain status every now and then.

      (Laws, he’s gonna have THINGS TO SAY this evening when he sees all of this commentary.)

  7. kitchenlogic says:

    I think if Thor ever used the words “I forbid…” with me, I’d sock him upside of the head. After I got up from the floor laughing so damned hard.

    I watched the show yesterday and was embarrassed for all of womankind. What an irritating episode. Did anyone walk away from the show better informed?

    • Laura says:

      THERE YOU ARE! I lost you when you changed your URL! I’m glad you stopped by, I shall re-add you to my blogroll now that I know where you are.

      Yeah, no, that episode was pretty damned useless. Which I knew it would be. I mean, come on. She used one of her baby’s diaper to pee in because she didn’t have enough time during all of her driving around/dropping kids off/picking kids up/running errands to run into a damned gas station for thirty seconds? THIS is not a tip that I’ll be writing down for later use.

  8. Shannan says:

    I am pregnant and had the hugest craving for mac and cheese the other night. At the same time, I feel sick so the idea of a whole leftover pan of the stuff in the fridge was unappealing, so I made a one serve batch (plus with cravings, something you love one moment is repulsive the next). It worked fine. I just fudged the amounts and put it in a ramekin to bake.

    • Laura says:

      I guess I could cut the recipe into, what? A quarter? Something. There’s just some instinct in me that insists that a casserole should feed, like, a hundred.

  9. Calvin says:

    Just for the record I was half kidding about you reading her again:) I just have to wonder who would want to she comes off as half retarded.
    Laura said it best it is a huge pet peeve of mine when you hear parents (mommies in this case) gripe and whine about how hard it is and they just can’t take it…
    I know its hard I did it! And to listen to Douche say how she really does not like much about babies and is going to have more??? Some people should have to take a test before they can play with a loaded penis.
    Imagine your grandparents watching that show and how much they would think what a bunch of pussies some have become.
    Most frightening of all is not those parents but the unbridled demons they are putting in society.
    The “time out” assholes are now breeding and if the parents on tv last night are any indication of how lame, lazy and irresponsible these people are just think what that show will look like twenty years from now.
    Spare the rod spoil the child better yet send it over here I’ll whip its ass for you if your to tired.

    • Laura says:

      Heh. That means you were half SERIOUS, too.

      Dooce = Douche = cracked me the hell up.

      Readers – He WOULD whup your kid’s ass, too (or, you know, yours. Spanking, anyone?).

  10. The whole “dooce” is just a marketing wonder from “moms”…

    I remember someone on the radio saying today…”you can tell me Gweneth Paltrow is beautiful everyday, but it doesn’t make it true.”

    This society likes to be told what is beautiful, funny and mostly cool…Heather Armstrong is simply a product of that…

  11. AmyD says:

    This is a fortuitous circumstance. Kate requested home made mac n’ cheese for her birthday along with grilled teriyaki chicken on skewers. Now I have a good recipe! Yay!!!!

  12. angelcel says:

    I love Calvin’s comments – so wonderfully, and refreshingly un-PC! We first heard of the Naughty Step/Time Out method of child discipline from American friends who had come to visit us years ago. That Summer our friends were banned from two local restaurants because of their children’s loud, disruptive and extremely bad behaviour.

    I obviously haven’t seen the interview you mention but I also agree that people who moan about how hard it is raising children raise my heckles. Worse still are those who talk about their children almost as though they are another species entirely and therefore the enemy. Having children is a blessing to be thankful for and of course it’s hard work – anything worth doing requires effort.

    I’m not a Heather aficionado – I’ve just looked at her latest video this morning, having followed your link. Some might (perhaps rightly) say that’s not enough to judge her by but I see no reason to head on back there for more. There is definitely a ‘meme’ mentallity that has grown in recent years where often quite uninspiring and ordinary writers / entertainers / webcasters and bloggers gain a huge following and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. As you say, maybe it is just a case of being in the right place at the right time and it’s as though once that ball has started rolling gazillions of others want to jump on the bandwagon. It’s particularly true here on the web, where in hitching our wagons to certain sites we feel we can bask in the reflected glory of what are actually really very ordinary writers.

    And by the way – Right said Fred are still around???! He / they may be a one hit wonder but it’s a hit we’re clearly going to hear again and again!

    • Laura says:

      Heh, Calvin will LOVE being called “wonderful” and “refreshing”. I don’t believe in “time out” so much that sometimes I’m tempted to discipline complete STRANGERS’ children if they’re acting up in public. Calvin and I were both raised on teeth-clenching, threat muttering, arm squeezing parents that MADE us behave in public. And we turned out JUST FINE.

      Nostalgia is very “In”, and RSF is very nostalgic. 😀

  13. angelcel says:

    BTW, I think the macaroni and cheese should freeze well in single portions. When reheating it, I’d stir it half way through and just keep an eye on it, adding a splash of water if it looks as though it’s becoming dry.

  14. maryanne says:

    Just make a half batch of the mac and cheese, thats what we do, cause otherwise we’d eat the whole thing. LOL

    • Laura says:

      Even a half batch is too much for one sitting, but I can take the recommendations from above and freeze it. I SO have a craving now!!!

  15. farmwife says:

    I used to read Dooce wayyyy back in the beginning. Now I just think she is pathetic, dull, and a piss poor parent. But that’s just my opinion. Why she is breeding again, I have no idea …. I mean parenthood sucks, just ask her.

    Hey, you could come and visit me! 🙂 We’re about 4.5 hours from Yellowstone in South Central Idaho. I have a guest house too! You need to make sure you get up to Devil’s Tower if you’re in WY — it’s a pretty cool spot. It’s not far from Mt Rushmore either.

    • Laura says:

      I, too, don’t understand why they were trying so hard (and succeeding) to have another child, when the first one was such a traumatic experience for them. I guess they figure they have a handle on it now?

      We’d LOVE to come visit you! 😀 We’re still trying to decide which direction we’re going in on the roundabout route back home after Yellowstone.

  16. Mary says:

    When you are in Cody, be sure to do the Buffalo Bill Museum. I have seen many museums in my life, and that is one of the very best. And I’m sure you’re doing this, but drive from the East Gate of Yellowstone through the river valley to Cody. Spectacular. I love that part of the country. We’ve been there several times, and I’d go back tomorrow given half a chance.

    • Laura says:

      Calvin was in that area when he was a young child (somewhere between 8 and 10) and he clearly remembers that museum, so that’s definitely on our list! We’ll be going back and forth to and from Yellowstone from both the South and East entrances, I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures so you can re-live your experience!

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