Belonephobes need not apply.

Posted: April 1, 2009 in crack, Journal, misc, weekend, Your Opinion Matters

energytattooWe did go to the Tempe Festival of the Arts on Sunday, but we neglected to take any pictures. It just wasn’t camera-friendly, it was so darned crowded. Lots of cool stuff to buy, but nothing we could justify except for a new wallet for Calvin. Most of the time was spent simply dodging stupid people who acted like they were the only ones there. You know the type – wandering in a haphazard fashion, refusing to keep a straight line or go with the flow of foot traffic, looking up, down, to the side, anywhere except where they’re going, stopping suddenly in their tracks to point and look-honey.

The older I get, the less I enjoy crowds.

But! It was a sunny day, we rode the motorcycle, and we stopped at Club Tattoo to get my piercings re-stretched.

Jen, don’t read this next part.

I’ve had double-piercings in my ears for years, but I haven’t had any jewelry in them for at least six months. An attempt in the bathroom a couple of weeks ago to try to force a stud through the hole (har) using alcohol (rubbing, not vodka – though thinking of it now, vodka probably would have helped) and Neosporin resulted in throbbing, red ears, and no success in hole poke-through. So I decided to let the pros take care of it.

All told, we were probably only there for about twenty minutes. The needle guy (who had GNARLY tats and piercings) brought me into his room, I made myself comfortable on the inclined table, he reminded me to breathe, and in no time at all he’d re-opened all four piercings, put in two 14-gauge captive hoops, and two 16-gauge captive hoops (like these). Calvin teased me for kicking my feet (he kicked his FURIOUSLY back when he got his tragus pierced), but I swear it was just my natural inclination because my feet didn’t touch the floor. The pain wasn’t that bad, really – certainly not as bad as when I got my ears pierced originally. I could still hear the “crunch” of needle breakthrough, though, followed immediately by HOT earlobes.

The process is weirdly addicting (as evidenced by my double lobe piercings, and my now-closed piercings of the upper ear cartilage and navel). Though, much as Calvin tries to convince me, I shall not pierce any nether-or-chestal regions. Yeah, um, no.

I will, however, get another tattoo. I have three – one on my hip of a gecko, one on my left shoulder blade of the kanji for “love” (Calvin has a matching one, awwww), and one on my right shoulder blade of a bird. I want to get one more – something to commemorate my Grandmother, with some kind of a Maine theme tied into it – but I can’t think of what, or where. Maybe a lilac flower? Something.

Discuss: do you have any piercings? If so, where? If not, would you get one? Do you have any tattoos? If so, what, and where? If not, would you get one, what would it be, and where would you put it?

I’m nosey.

(Belonephobia = fear of needles. Seems like it should be the fear of bologna, doesn’t it?)

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    I have no piercings. I am often taken with the idea of getting one or two that would basically never be seen in public, but Dys is a little less keen on the idea. (If you’re curious, I’ll explain, but I didn’t want to go there without warning. 😉 )

    I’ve got a dragon around my right calf. Someday I’ll have another around my left calf. Next I hope to get a half-sleeve on my left arm. (A samurai shedding his armor to confront a serpent. Something resembling an explanation is here.) All of these, though, cost serious money and I don’t have serious money at the moment. If I did, I’d be hard-pressed to decide whether to get tattooed again or to just throw that money at a new motorcycle.

  2. Heather says:

    I had the belly done and hated it. It never completely healed and was always sore around ‘that time of the month’. After about a year I got sick of it and took the ring out. Ears are it for me these days.

    My friend Mia has her naughty bits pierced and says she can’t believe she waited so long to do it. I still say nooooooooofuckingway.

    John had both nipples done and I LOVED his rings. Absolutely loved them.

    I’ll have my friend Don do anotehr tattoo or two for me eventually. I know what I want, just haven’t made it in to visit him yet.

  3. LL Cool Joe says:

    I posted a thread on my blog the other day about my ear piercings. Just the ears that’s all.

    Oh I have 2 tats. One on my butt. Yeah don’t ask.

    • Laura says:

      Don’t ask where the other tat is, or don’t ask about the one on your butt? 😀

      I saw your entry, I’d find it uncomfortable to sleep on that many posts, which is why I chose the captive hoops.

      I’d love to hear your Daffy, some day.

  4. Calvin says:

    You could get a tat of your granny beer in hand on a bucking riding mower with a Maine license plate.

  5. Megan says:

    Nose. Nose bone. There’s a word for ya’. I remember when I was pretty young seeing a National Geographic magazine with an Indian woman with her nose pierced. This was in the seventies sometime. I thought it was so pretty. Of course I lived in a family where I wasn’t even allowed to have my ears pierced, so the nose thing never happened until I was living on my own. I’ve had it for about sixteen years.

  6. Tina says:

    I have a tattoo of a Plumeria flower – actually an arrangement of three small flowers mixed with leaves, all purples and pinks and yellows and greens – very girly and I love it. It’s on my left ankle. I got it last year in celebration of our first trip to Hawaii and my 50th birthday.

    • Laura says:

      That sounds lovely! And, I’m hoping to get back to Hawaii next year for my sabbatical – I can think of no better way to celebrate than getting a tattoo!

  7. rai says:

    I have six piercings in my left ear (one cartilage), four in the right, one in the eyebrow and one in the nostril. I used to have seven in one ear and eight in the other, but let those close up when I got a “grown up” job. I ended up re-opening most of them a few years later. I also had my navel pierced but had to take it out for surgery. If I can find a place (my old piercer is no longer working) I’d like a few more piercings in the ears and I’ve wanted my tragus done for ages.

    As for tats, I have a moon and stars on my right ankle and a monarch butterfly on my left shoulder: Not the best photo, it was taken immediately after it was finished. The shading is really incredible. Eventually I’d like to get a cuff around the ankle, building on what’s already there, I want more monarchs on my arm, about a half sleeve of them. I also have an idea of a half sleeve for my other arm with animal representations of those most important in my life. I haven’t found a tattoo artist here yet, as I’m living in WA now.

    Man, I can blather on about my body mods. Geez. =P

  8. Sharon says:

    I’m kind of boring. I have my ears pierced, but only once in both ears. When I turned 40, i was going through a rough time, so I had my eyebrow pierced. I really loved it, but it got infected a couple of times and I just took it out. I’ve thought about doing it again, but now I’m 50 and well, kind of hesitant. I don’t have tattoos and never will. I’ve seen some that are really pretty, but they’re just too permanent for me.

  9. crisitunity says:

    I have my ears pierced and one extra hole in my left lobe. I’m not interested in other piercings. After living in a liberal area in New England and seeing every piercing available under the sun, there’s just nothing else that interests me. Also, my mom has this interesting, very negative opinion about piercings, the logic of which has rubbed off on me.

    One day I want to get a small tattoo on my left hand, the Sanskrit glyph for “luminous”, but I can’t do that until I’m secure enough financially/professionally/whatever not to have to worry about other people’s impressions of my visible tattooed hand. Or until society changes such that tattoos don’t give anyone impressions like that. Which will probably be a while.

    • Laura says:

      Could it have been… Vermont? That Sanskrit tattoo sounds really cool!

      • crisitunity says:

        Amherst and Northampton, Massachusetts. Although I saw a lot of unique stuff in Vermont when I visited there. I knew a girl who got a bar through the skin at the back of her neck, right where that last neck vertebra pokes at the skin. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that anywhere else.

  10. Kami-O says:

    do you have any piercings?- Had 1 about 12 yrs ago, on my navel. It got infected and had to close it. :/
    Do you have any tattoos? If so, what, and where?
    I have 4: an eighth not on my right thigh, a plam tree w/my name under it on my chest, a cresent moon on my lower back and a combo of P’s and my initials on my right hip..

  11. Lana says:

    I myself have my ears pierced a few times in each ear (although I don’t wear earrings anymore) I have my nose pierced ( right nostril ) Which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. As for Tattoos I have 7 total including my favs which are a rose on my left hand between my thumb and pointer finger and Ryan and I have matching infinity symbols on our wedding ring fingers. My husband Ryan (I think you know him as whywe) has a full sleeve on his right arm and working on his left he also has a few on his chest and his stomach and of course a full backpiece… his are in the asian variety flowers and koi fish and such – his backpiece is a cherry blossom tree. He also has both ears and both nips pierced. Well that’s us 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      Wow, I love that cherry blossom tree tattoo!

    • Laura says:

      WOW, that cherry blossom tree tat is beautiful! Now, what is it about your nose piercing that you love so much?

      • Lana says:

        Well the main reason I love my nose piercing is because to me it represents one of those things I always have wanted to do since I was a teenager but finally did when I turned 35. I enjoy having that little something that not everyone has. ( at least not where I live ) And it is something everyone notices since it is right there on my face for all to see, yet it is feminine, I normally just wear a tiny diamond stud.

  12. Kim says:

    Besides three holes in each ear (I think the third ones may have closed up) plus one failed attempt at the upper ear cartilage (banged a phone against it one too many times and couldn’t sleep on the side I usually sleep on so I said fuck it about a month in), I had my belly button pierced back in the mid 90’s. Except even when I’m skinny I have a fat roll right there, so that wasn’t too cool. Taking it out required three people, including an Army medic (my friend Jody) and a lot of pain.
    No tats because even at this old age, I can’t commit to anything. I’m not ruling it out though.

    • Laura says:

      I gave up on my upper ear cartilage for the exact same reason. I can take pain, but only up to a certain point. And, yeah, even at my thinnest I never had a completely flat tummy, so I’ll not pierce my navel again. I recommend getting a tat that’s meaningful (of course) and easy to cover up – which is why mine are placed as they are. If I didn’t tell people I had them, no one would know. Of course, I’m the Queen Of Oversharing, so EVERYBODY knows.

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