Posted: March 16, 2009 in best things, Calvin, crack, Music, pets, Video

1iconfascinatinggoon1Our next-door neighbor lady (who is awesome) has a pug and a french bulldog (the pug’s name is Lucy, which cracked me up – I didn’t catch the french bulldog’s name). Calvin was doing some painting around the second story windows, and I climbed up the ladder to hand him a beer (I’m handy that way). I looked over into our neighbor’s back yard, said “hi” to her (she was sitting under a tree reading a book), and was duly introduced to the puppies as they whined and barked up at me (I guess seeing humans hovering feet over their heads was a novel experience).

(I’m all about the parenthesis today, aren’t I?)

So. I looked down at their little faces, and just melted into a puddle of goo and oozed back down the ladder. They were SO DAMNED CUTE. The (equally) cute little faces of my own dogs were looking back up at me as they observed from the patio, and I’m happy that the old things (Gypsy’s, what, twelve? Which makes Gadget eleven?) are still around. They’re good dogs.

Then I spent twenty minutes picking up doggie doo (“WHY do you guys poop SO MUCH?”) and was less enamored by them. But then I gave them each a cookie. I’m sure those cookies are out in the back yard, in a slightly altered state, as I type this.


I don’t care if you guys are tired of me going on and on (AND ON) about this performance. PBS has been showing Yanni’s “Voices” concert from Acapulco – I finally found the live performance video of “In the Mirror”, and I’m not afraid to post it. This song has particular meaning to me – when Calvin and I were apart (before we were “officially” together and missing the FUCK out of each other), he went driving one night, listening to the “Live at the Acropolis” CD. He called me while this song was playing, but I wasn’t home. He left a message and told me he missed me and that this song reminded him of me. When I got home I listened to his message and cried, and saved it on my voicemail for YEARS – even after we were together.

He can be romantic as SHIT, sometimes. You have no idea.

You see? The song and they way they sing it together just about EXACTLY captures the way Calvin and I feel about each other.

I’ll pause here while you go make use of the closest vomit receptacle.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on the 23rd, for the performance being held in Arizona. I’m PETRIFIED I won’t be able to claim tickets before they’re sold out. The Jobing.com Arena doesn’t seat THAT many people, after all.


Okay, what the hell is it with me and all-caps words and parenthesis today? I’m annoying myself. Feel free to flame me in my comments. I can take it.

  1. I can’t seem to shake the memory of the domestic abuse thing. I seem to remember there being no charges files against Yanni, but I just can’t get it out of my head…

    • Laura says:

      It makes me curious to know the reason why the charges were dropped. Were they bogus to begin with, or did Yanni’s reps kind of shimmy him out of trouble? Regardless, what the man does professionally is beautiful.

  2. Amanda says:

    Hey, I’m a parentheses and caps girl – as I’m sure you can tell from my emails lately! 🙂

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    Clearly Calvin must be visited by the Guy Squad with a “reminder.” Us normal males can’t take that kind of comparison. 😉

    I remember being very impressed with “Reflections of Passion” and trying (extremely haltingly) to pluck it out on my guitar (you know, back when I was still kinda fast) when I had the laugh-inducing revelation that the ascending arpeggio part (2:02 to 2:09 and 2:47 to 2:59 here, for example) was nearly identical to the chorus of “Cliffs of Dover” – played backwards, and in A instead of G. Too funnay.

    Excessive parenthetical expressions are the hallmark of a mind that moves faster and over too many topics than one can type. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • Laura says:

      Okay, that whole thing about you knowing a song was another song, just played backwards and in a different key? IS SO YOU.

      • Taoist Biker says:

        It’s a lot easier to see that sort of thing on a guitar than on something like a piano. The change of key is just a matter of moving up two frets, and the rest is just in the finger patterns. On a piano you’d be using entirely different finger patterns because you’d be playing different black keys. (Reasons I don’t play piano, huh?)

        Anyways, I take that as a compliment and say “Thankyaver’much.” 🙂

      • Laura says:

        Okay, NOW you’re just showing off. 😛

  4. Calvin says:

    We have such a diverse taste in music it amazes me and sometimes causes me to give up the man card.
    I would never want to choose only one type of music or instrument to listen to for the rest of my life because I can appreciate the talent it takes to master an instrument.
    But there is something so moving about a voice that makes it even more special than any instrument ever could be because that is a gift and all the practice in the world would never allow most people to sing like those two.

    • Laura says:

      “…all the practice in the world would never allow most people to sing like those two…”

      Well, we could TRY, but I’m sure our gentle readers would insist on video.

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