I don’t hate Mondays…

Posted: March 9, 2009 in Calvin, Food, Journal, TV

1iconpen… but I do hate it when Calvin’s away. He’s out of town again this week – got on the road this morning and just called to say that he’s driving through sleet, and the guy that was supposed to work this job with him got called off on another project. Which means Calvin will have to go it alone this week, which makes things much more complicated for him, and will probably keep him away from home longer than he wanted.

On top of it all, he forgot the zip-in vest for his jacket, didn’t pack any sweatshirts or a change of shoes, and didn’t bring a hat. All of which is just proof positive that my boy isn’t all growed up like I assumed, and Mama still has to pack for her boy. Hi, I’m from Maine and I know how to pack for winter weather. I think Calvin sometimes forgets that this state gets PLENTY of snow, sleet, and freezing rain up in the northern elevations.

Anyway, yeah. I don’t hate Mondays because they don’t represent the same return to the slog for me, that they do for most working adults. Taking my telecommute day on the first day of the week really does a lot to ease me back into the swing of things after the weekend. Today, since Calvin is away, my nesting compulsion kicked in. Thus far (on top of, you know, actually working) I have cleaned out the fridge, gone to Trader Joe’s, cleaned out the cereal cabinet, tossed a few chicken breasts in the crock pot, cleaned the oven (GAH, two hours on the clean cycle and the house smells like a chemical campfire), and straightened up the bedroom and bathroom. It’s 10:30.  Later I’m going for a bike ride, doing some weight training, folding the laundry, and basically trying to wear myself out as much as I can before bedtime.  Hell, I might even clean the floors.

This is what I eat when I’m not cooking for the two of us (aka “Standard Trader Joe’s Shopping List When Laura Is Eating Alone For A Week”):

– Pasadena Chicken Salad
– Reduced Fat Southwest Salad
– Reduced Fat Asian Chicken Salad
– Chicken and Field Greens Salad
– Rosemary Apricot Chicken Salad (do you see a theme here?)
– Gourmet Hamburger Patties (mixed with swiss cheese, herbs and spices… sounded nom so I figured what the hell)
– Organic Baked Beans
– Savory Thin Crackers
– Yogurt and Cilantro Dip
– Vegetable Root Chips
– Veggie Flaxseed Tortilla Chips
– Organic Salsa
– Hulled Ground Flaxseeds with Blueberries (for my morning smoothies)
– Two Buck Chuck (Cabernet Sauvignon)
– Multigrain Bread
– Arugula (for the lizards)
– Lettuce
– Tomatoes
– Apple Smoked Cured Bacon (Mama’s makin’ BLT’s!)
– Kashi Go LEAN! Crunch
– 70% Dark Chocolate Wedges (head’s up, Jen, I got you a tin!)

So! Pair this menu with regular workouts (I get bored at night with Calvin not here, and so tend to work out more) and I should be adding significantly to the 6.5 pounds of progress I’ve already made since re-bandwagoning a month ago.


Don’t forget about the premier of “Castle” on ABC tonight, my fellow Nathan Fillion freaks! Droooooolllll…

I’m giving up on this entry. My connection’s wonky and I apparently only have dull things to say. You’re welcome.

  1. Jeanette says:

    LOVE Kashi Go Lean crunch cereal..I just have to be careful to not eat every day, you know cuz of the too much fiber thing! Enjoy your me time!

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    I was going to disown you but the words “gourmet hamburger” and “dark chocolate” saved your bacon. Oh, and the bacon saved your bacon.

    • Laura says:

      Worry not, my friend. I can’t go COMPLETELY healthy or else my body’s own organs will rise up and smite me. Case in point, I just had the most INCREDIBLE BLT for lunch – the key (which I just Twittered) is mixing 1 tbsp (or more) of mayo with 1 tsp (or more) of Worcestershire and spreading it on the toasted bread before piling on the rest of the ingredients. I fried up the whole pound of bacon (in my cast iron skillet, no less!) and I am having a VERY hard time not just devouring ALL of the bacon. A pound of bacon can’t be good for a girl, right?

  3. jadesymb says:

    WOOT!!! CHOCOLATE!!!! WOOT!!!!
    You rock!

  4. LL Cool Joe says:

    Sounds like you are gonna have a fun week and eat really well! I think if I ate that food all week I’d have a bad case of wind. 😀 maybe it’s just as well Calvin’s away!

  5. Kim says:

    Heather and I were just emailing about cereal the other day and I forgot to add I love Kashi too! I didn’t even know it was good for you the first time I ate it.
    I’m sad whenever a bloggie friend mentions Trader Joe’s. I’ve never had the pleasure.
    You sound like you’re kicking ass on the diet/exercise thing – awesome!

    • Laura says:

      Then you’ll just have to come to AZ for a visit, where we will AWE you with a whirlwind tour that would include any specialty grocery stores your little heart desires.

  6. iamheatherjo says:

    You know that Two Buck Chuck Cab is one of my very favorites! Num!!

  7. Lana says:

    The closest trader joe’s I have is at least 6 hrs south in Milwaukee :: SIGH ::

    And just for the record my fav entries are the “boring” ones

    Enjoy your solitude and your the yummo stuff you’ve stockpiled !

    • Laura says:

      It might be worth the trip, if you can figure out how to keep everything cold. And, you know, thanks! I like “day in the life” journal entries from other folks, too. Finally, I’ve eaten altogether too much bacon this week, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

  8. AmyD says:

    I love those savory thins. They go SO well with smoked salmon.

    • Laura says:

      I haven’t tried that! I usually just dip ’em in hummus or their cilantro chive yogurt dip. Now I’ll have to pick up some smoked salmon, thanks for the suggestion!

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