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Posted: March 3, 2009 in Calvin, Headspace, misc, pets, Your Opinion Matters

imagesSo I have this funny story that I’d like to share, but I’m trying to figure out a delicate… well, CLEAN way to say it. It involves me and Calvin in bed, and a certain motion under the covers, and a cat with an ill-advised pounce that ended up with Calvin curled up in the fetal position.

Any advice on the best way to tell this story? Heh.


So. Let’s talk about pot.

Personally, I’m for it. I like it. I’ve had some good times while indulging in it. I think it’s about as “harmless” as alcohol – which is to say, if one can responsibly manage one’s intake, it doesn’t, in general, cause much harm. In all actuality, legalizing pot would probably cause LESS harm to the general public than it does today in its illegal form. To be sure, I personally have experienced more negativity from the over-indulgence of alcohol than any time I’ve toked too much. In the former there were fights and anger and vomiting, ill-advised decisions and property damage. In the latter, there was just a lot of eating and falling asleep. And giggling. And prolific use of the word “dude”.

All the standard disclaimers for alcohol apply to the Mary Jane – one should not drive while under the influence, and one shouldn’t, say, sign their name to any legal and binding contract. One CERTAINLY shouldn’t video tape themselves while on it. One should be aware of the potential health risks while indulging. Etc, etc, ad nausium.

Calvin and I are both of the opinion that pot should be legalized and regulated and controlled in much the same way that alcohol currently is. At the very least, it should be legalized for medicinal purposes, because it has been proven to help those in pain.

There are valid arguments for, and valid arguments against, the legalization of mary-joo-wanna. What are your thoughts? Discuss.

Look at me, being all edgy.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    I think the way you told it works just fine. 😀

    As for the ganja…meh. I’m neither a detractor nor a fan of it per se. I’ve never really partaken, nor do I really feel the need to.

    Coincidentally I personally have had a large percentage of the potheads that I’ve known also turn out to be genuine assholes and/or people who wounded me deeply in one way or another. I honestly don’t think those traits or behaviors are in any way attributable to their recreational pharmaceuticals, but the association is very strong in my head.

    That said, we as a society spend an inordinate amount of time and treasure dealing with this “problem” – time and treasure that I think are entirely out of proportion to the magnitude of any “problem” that it might be causing. It’s almost as significant a failure as Prohibition. Legalize it, take the criminal element out of it, tax the shit out of it, move on.

    (Of course, I have similar feelings about prostitution, but that’s another post, eh?)

    • Laura says:

      Were the potheads assholes when they WEREN’T high? That could be telling.

      “…tax the shit out of it…” Why, we could pay off the national debt in TWO SECONDS FLAT.

      Looking forward to the prostitution post… and the search engine hits this entry is going to generate…

    • iamheatherjo says:

      “I’m neither a detractor nor a fan of it per se. I’ve never really partaken, nor do I really feel the need to.

      Coincidentally I personally have had a large percentage of the potheads that I’ve known also turn out to be genuine assholes and/or people who wounded me deeply in one way or another.

      Well, damn TB, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      I’ve never been the slightest bit interested in trying it. Smoke in my mouth, up my nose or anywhere near my person = bad. You know, unless it’s campfire smoke. If anyone else wants to smoke pot, shoot heroin, snort coke, huff paint…be my guest.

      Pot for medicinal purposes? If it works to lessen the pain of a cancer patient or helps someone with glaucoma, I think that’s awesome.

      I also tend to see an asshole trend amongst the heaviest pot smokers that I’ve known. When I say heavy I mean that they do it multiple times a day, every day. One of The Moron Twin Uncles and The Big Stupid Biker are prime examples. When I really think of it, the list is pretty long.

      Maybe because I havne’t though about it much and never had the interest to research how they would go about regulating pot. Is the government going to say “Okay. It’s legal. Do what you were doing. We can’t arrest you for that nickel bag anymore.” Or if the government decides to get involved and “tax the shit out of it” are all of the currently illegal pot farmers all over the country suddenly going to start willingly reporting their earnings to the government so they can get taxed? What about the pot that is brought into this country from other places?

      I see cans with lots-o-worms in them. 😀

  2. Kami-O says:

    I think it would definately make the world a happier place….How many people do you know get into a fight while smoking it? So with that being said, I think we can finally have world peace if we bombed the Middle East with pot!

  3. Kim says:

    Ah, a subject very close to my husband’s heart (and lungs, cough cough). I’ve always thought it should be legalized and I doubt I’ll ever change my opinion on that. I used to smoke a lot; weirdly somewhere around the time of our marital crisis, it stopped being enjoyable for me and started to induce something akin to panic attacks. I couldn’t believe it turned on me like that. There have been a few times in the years since where I’ve partaken and it sadly just made me feel retarded (moreso than usual), lazy and tired. But it’s always been Brian’s drug of choice and I can honestly say I prefer him high than drunk. He’s happy by nature and pot enhances that. He’s also a happy drunk, but being the kid of a lush, I’m very sensitive to the slightest alcohol-induced personality change and I hate it.
    The government hasn’t figured out how to regulate it and turn it into a multi-billion dollar business like tobacco; therefore it’s not legal, plain and simple. They know many people take the opinion of why pay for something you can very easily grow yourself? (Not that I’d know anything about that, cough..florescent lights..cough..grow room..cough)

    • Laura says:

      You know, with all that coughing, maybe you should use a bong instead of a pipe. ~grin~

      Sounds like Brian and Calvin have a similar reaction to it – Calvin gets all warm and fuzzy and happy. Sometimes in an alcohol buzz, things go awry… for both of us. But yeah, it has a tendency nowadays to make me sleepy – or, “Fall in a pothole,” is what we’ve been calling it.

      Yeah, as soon as the guv’mint can figure out how to come out on top, you KNOW they’ll be legalizing it that very second. And home-based horticulture will stimulate the economy, right?

  4. The list of stuff the government has made legal/illegal is a joke. Remember that alcohol was illegal for a period of time around here too. Now it is a good source of tax revenue for everyone…along with tobacco. I would have no issues with making it legal to use…I can’t come up with a good enoughtreason not too. But with legalization comes government regulation and that is always a bad thing…decriminalization might be a better term for me.

  5. Sharon says:

    I’m all for the legalization of pot. I used to partake quite heavily in my younger days, but I quit in 1984. I had three kids and I decided that I needed to grow up a bit. Last Christmas my daughter’s friend gave me a small amount and I let it sit in my jewelry box for months. Back in June I was feeling stressed, remembered the pot and smoked some. It was nice and I’ve continued to smoke occasionally. I find it amusing that I am a grandmother and I get high.

  6. LL Cool Joe says:

    I’m kind of embarrassed to say I’ve never smoked pot.

    You’ve been tagged! Check out my blog for details!

    • Laura says:

      I don’t think that’s something you should be embarrassed about. Certainly it’s not GOOD for you, so your lack of experience with it is probably a good thing. Heading to your blog… now!

  7. angelcel says:

    Well I’m going to throw the cat among the pigeons and say that I’m rapidly coming to the opinion that *all* drugs should be legalised. Think of it:
    1. Produce drugs commercially that are ‘safe’, i.e. not cut with stuff like rat poison.
    (This would also, coincidentally, produce very welcome revenue for the government).
    2. It would pull the rug out from under the drugs barons’ feet in one fell swoop, resulting in a *massive* drop in crime rates.
    3. Set up legal trade with Afghanistan for their main cash crop. We’ve been so successful so far in eradicating their crops that this has led to a world heroine shortage. Illegal drug users have cut the product with other substances – with inevitable fatal consequences – and pharmaceutical use has had to be curbed as the price sky-rockets beyond the budget of medical jurisdictions. (I also happen to believe that a legitimate trade with Afghanistan may well end a war that otherwise I see as continuing for many, many years to come).

    If we did all this however, the money that is currently spent on fighting illegal drugs would have to go to educating people as to why they shouldn’t take them in the first place. (Not naive wishful thinking because this has largely worked with regular smoking). Money would also have to be spent on many, many more drugs rehabilitation centres.

    BUT – as regards pot, I have to tell you that there is growing evidence that its use can cause long term mental problems, including depression and schizophrenia. …Just a little fact that you need to be aware of.

    • Heather says:

      “growing evidence that its use can cause long term mental problems, including depression and schizophrenia”

      So you HAVE met my ex and my uncle?! 😀

    • Laura says:

      Personally, I think you’re right. I guess nobody ever thought to approach the problem from the completely, excactly opposite direction. I guess we’ll never know, since they’ll never legalize drugs the way they’ve legalized (or, “decriminalized” as MTAE put it) alcohol.

  8. AmyD says:

    You know where I stand on the issue. And, OMG it’s better than 99% of that legal shit that doctors are passing out like candy. You know?

    • Laura says:

      I do? 😀 And, HECK YEAH. When I was on Effexor I thought to myself, “Folks would pay good money to feel this way. It’s a good think I’m not into peddling my own prescriptions or I’d make a FORTUNE.”

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