Love to love ya, baby.

Posted: February 14, 2009 in Family, Memory Lane, photography

I mentioned that I recently dug up four rolls of unprocessed film, from goodness knows how long ago, that were hiding in some old purses in the back of my closet. I took them to Walgreens to get developed, and the photo technician recommended that since the film was old, instead of developing prints, I should just have the images put onto a CD. That way I wouldn’t be stuck with prints of low quality images. And, of course, I could be free to Photoshop the heck out of whatever was on the film.

This is one of the pictures from the mystery film. It’s of Calvin holding Devlin when he was about a month old, in December of ’04 or January of ’05. This is the original image from the film:


Then I applied some mad Photoshop Skillz. And a couple of handy actions. First I removed some of the “noise” by despeckling the photo, and ran a noise reduction, both from the “filter” menu. Then I ran Totally Rad Actions “Boutwell Magic Glasses” to clarify the image. I ran PW’s “Slight Sharpen” action to define it a bit more, then ran “Lovely and Etherial” to soften some of the harsher areas of light. Finally, a “Quick Edge Burn” to draw the eyes toward Devlin’s sweet little face, and voila. This is the result:


Here’s one of Robert, from around the same time, so he was about 18 months here. Original image:


First, using the spot healing brush, I removed the spot that was on his shirt, and the tiny scrape that was on his forehead. Then I applied the same despeckling and noise reduction methods. I ran PW’s “Slight Sharpen” (I found “Boutwell Magic Glasses” to be too harsh), then ran PW’s “Warmer” action to, well, warm up the image. Here’s the result:


I love Photoshop.

I miss those boys.

  1. Kim says:

    Wanna hear something really bizarre? I used the phrase “mad photoshop skillz” (same spelling) yesterday when describing a picture one of my friends sent me for my birthday when she photoshopped my head onto someone else’s body so it looked like I was sitting on Bam Margera’s lap.
    Are we sharing a brain even moreso than usual?
    Either way, your pictures came out fantastic!

  2. Those a good skills you have. I spent a lot of $$$ on year to load my wife with Photoshop programs for scrapbooking and she never really dove into the photos like I thought she would or to justify the purchase of the gift for her.

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    I can testify to the professionalism and service that Snerkology, Inc. brings to their photoshop customers! 😀

  4. Laura says:

    Kim – Wow, we are SO attached at the brain it’s spooky. Quick, what am I thinking right… now?

    MTAE – It can be a bit daunting at first – Photoshop isn’t what I would call intuative or user friendly. But once you learn a few tricks it puts you in a position to learn a few more… and a few more… and before you know it you’re addicted.

    TB – Why, thank you kind suh! I still want to see how your print came out…

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