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Posted: February 11, 2009 in biking, Calvin, Health/Fitness

1iconsnoopydanceI feel good!

Oh, how sad it is that, 1) I thought that thought out loud while sitting here at my desk; and b) I was surprised by the fact that I actually feel good. But yes, here I sit, and I’m doing a bit of a self-evaluation. Taking stock in my body’s messages to me. Nothing hurts. I’m not particularly stressed about anything. I have energy.

This is big, people.

I went for a bike ride last night, while Calvin spent some time working on a new exhaust for the truck (and it sounds all tough and growly, now). I only rode for twenty minutes – up and around a nearby park (which has doubled in size since the last time I was there, let’s hear it for neighborhood improvement!) and back. I kept up a good pace and it just felt good to use my muscles and have them in proper working order. It felt so good (dun dun! so good, dun dun!) that when I got home I stretched, and then did some weight training. And today? I FEEL GOOD. I’m walking without a limp, FINALLY, can take the stairs with no problem, and no longer have that nagging ache in the backs of my knees or in my left foot.

I’m supposed to continue to take it easy on that stress fracture until at least the beginning of March, but biking does not put the same pressure on it that walking and/or running do. While I’m not up for any races or heavy-duty mountain trails, a half-hour or so biking at a good clip will do me no harm.

My goodness, I DO have that James Brown song stuck in my head, don’t I?

Anyway, you may have noticed that Calvin and I are kind of on a health kick lately. I’ve always tried to maintain healthy habits, with varying degrees of success. Calvin kind of got yelled at by his doctor recently, so now he’s putting a more earnest effort into his own health, too.

Here’s something I’m particularly proud of – Calvin has been EATING BROCCOLI AND CAULIFLOWER. AND HE LIKES IT. If you don’t know Calvin in real life, you might not understand just how HUGE this is. This is a man who does NOT eat vegetables. For YEARS I’ve been feeding him round after round of canned corn, lettuce salad, the occasional green beans, raw carrots and celery, and asparagus. That last one I introduced him to despite his protests, oh, years ago now, and he was shocked to realized that he liked it. So I’m not sure why it took him so long to be confident enough in my veggie-prep skills to try others. I mean, if you like asparagus, you’ll probably like a bunch of other veggies, right? Oh, well, I don’t give Calvin enough credit. I also exposed him to the wonder that is wilted spinach in garlic and olive oil, and he loves that stuff, too.

I blame his veggie phobia on his childhood exposure to canned asparagus and boiled brussels sprouts. Shudder. Because of that trauma, it is important to introduce Calvin to vegetables sloooowwwwly. It’s important that he gain confidence in the fact that I know how to prepare vegetables so that they, GASP, taste good. I’m just tickled that I won’t be the only one eating veggies in the house, now. My next goal is to somehow get him to stop dousing everything in gallons of ranch dressing.

We’ve also been eating more fish, more fruit, and are trying to manage portion control and alcohol intake. I also dug through our Big Box ‘O Vitamins And Supplements, and divvied up daily baggies for each of us to take every morning (HELLO HORSE PILLS OF DOOM). I, of course, have struggled for years to gain momentum and establish healthy habits to manage my health, my weight, my nutrition, and my exercise. It’s so much easier, and even kind of fun, now that Calvin is on board, too.

So, yeah. I feel good.

(Cross-posted at Operation Goddess.)

  1. Taoist Biker says:


    Poor Calvin. Next thing you know he’ll know who he wants to root for when the Daytime Emmys roll around…


  2. Laura says:

    TB – STOP IT. His interest is still in the fragile, tenuous stages. If you start making him feel like he’s “not cool”, he’ll quit. Shame on you. 😛

  3. angelcel says:

    Could it be that those exercise serotonins are kicking in already? It’s great to hear that you’re feeling so good.
    The veggies? I take no prisoners in this house – you don’t eat veggies, you don’t eat! I had my family saying how lovely the savoy cabbage was the other day. *Score*!! 😀

  4. Kim says:

    God, I love those (rare) days when nothing hurts, I’m not tired and can actually recognize I feel good (thanks for the earworm; I’ll be singing it all day). I think the bike riding is a great thing, truly. Exercise, fresh air and no added stress on the body.
    I’ve always felt lucky Brian likes vegetables…ironically, pretty much every kind EXCEPT asparigus. My sister had to introduce them to her husband very slowly over the years, but now he eats a variety as well. Me, well I couldn’t imagine life without ’em.

  5. AmyD says:

    I love brussel sprouts! But, I wouldn’t be able to stand them boiled. Blech. I roast them at 400 degrees after tossing them in olive oil, salt, and pepper. They are awesome! And, they can be topped with fresh Parmesan and prosciutto. 🙂

  6. K says:

    That’s how it should feel when you “workout”, that’s why people do it! I can’t beleive it’s taken him this long to get on the veggie wagon, it’s not like ya’ll are vegetarians!

  7. Jeanette says:

    Good for you guys. My husband was a bonified veggie hater, too. Except peas. He LOVES peas so I make them alot. Although, after many many years of marriage, I finally have him eating salads!

  8. I love that I-just-exercised-and-I-feel-great state of mind.

  9. Megan says:

    Good for you guys! It makes me happy imagining you tooling around on your bike.

    I totally agree with you about the way poorly prepared veggies can turn people off to all veggies. I grew up on frozen veggies, zapped in the microwave and served without salt…

    If you ever make it to the Aisan market, you might want to pick up a bunch of YAO CHOY and cook it the way you do the wilted spinach. It tastes like spinach/broccoli and doesn’t have that funny slimy/gritty mouth feel that spinach can get. Also, they always have tiny little eggplant that are less bitter than their big sisters. And all kinds of different sweet potatoes. Clavin must like sweet potatoes?

  10. LL Cool Joe says:

    I can’t stand veggies either. Give me a burger and fries any day!

    So ok I’m just a walking heart attack waiting to happen!

  11. Taoist Biker says:

    I’m kidding!

    Page 346 of the Guy Manual says it’s okay to eat your veggies.

    IF you use the gaseous byproducts to torture your loved ones.

  12. Laura says:

    Jayne – Whatever it is that’s kicking in, I’ll take it! And how do you prepare your savoy cabbage, please?

    Kim – If it helps, I now have “I. can. walk. five. hun. dred. miles…” stuck in my head.

    Amy – That’s how I prepare them, too, with some minced garlic thrown in. The last time I made them Calvin wouldn’t touch them, but maybe if I make them again he’ll try them, what with his new adventurous mindset about the topic.

    K – No kidding, we’re practically carnivores!

    Jeanette – Peas are one veggie I don’t think I’ll ever convince Calvin to try, no matter how they’re prepared. That’s where he’ll draw the line, I think.

    MTAE – Yeah, it’s right up there with another sort of feeling I could mention…

    Megan – Do you shop at LeeLee’s? I’ll try your suggestion and let you know how it goes! And no, actually, Calvin doesn’t like sweet potatoes. Again, though, if I try preparing them with his new attitude about veggies in mind, he might change his opinion.

    Joe – Oh, absolutely. Our absolute FAVORITE place to have lunch is this hole-in-the-wall called “Chuckbox” that makes the most fantastic bacon cheeseburgers you’ve ever had in your LIFE. Certainly we’re not giving up THAT gastronomical heaven.

    TB – Uh, yeah. Calvin’s got that covered. Completely.

  13. AmyD says:

    I forgot about the minced garlic. Isn’t that the best? I’ve converted a few people over to brussel sprouts because of roasting them like that. Can you imagine eating them boiled? Ewwww!!!

  14. Laura says:

    Amy – It’s just one of the culinary horrors that Calvin’s mother subjected him to. Witness: the man is 45 years old and I JUST got him to eat cauliflower. Therapy probably would have helped, had we caught it earlier.

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