Le sigh.

Posted: February 10, 2009 in bitching, Home

firedBrace yourselves for this bit of information.

Occasionally, it rains in Arizona.

I know! RAIN. In the DESERT. How… unexpected.

We got a nice hefty rainstorm last night. The result of which has me on the phone to our insurance company and two (so far) roofing contractors this morning, to schedule estimates to get our damned parapet wall and roof fixed.

The parapet wall around the garage/front second story has always been problematic. Something about its construction just INVITES leaks into the garage – it kind of creates a balcony-ish walkway-ish kind of thing around Michael’s old room, accessible via his bedroom window. Calvin has patched and patched, and while the fixes hold for a bit, they inevitably break down and leakage begins again.

Last night during the storm I went out and inspected the garage, and sure enough, little runnels of water were trickling down the wall. I started checking around the rest of the house, and discovered Marie’s bedroom windows leaking pretty heavily, as well. Calvin has to re-build the frame around the windows or some such thing – the desert heat sure does like to rot wood away to nothing.

I really think we need to go around the whole house with a fine tooth comb and inspect to see if any other damage is occurring anywhere else. This is the part of home ownership that I hate – the crap we have to deal with as the building ages. Calvin has saved us THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of dollars with all the stuff he knows how to do, and can do, himself. But he can’t do everything.

I sure hope the insurance covers the cost of the roof repair. When I called them they said to get an estimate from a roofer, give it to them, and they would “take it from there”. I have an estimate scheduled for this Saturday at 10:00, and one next Monday “between 8 and 11”. Calvin will need to do all the talking, because I sure as hell don’t know the lingo. “It’s broken. Fix it.” That’s all I got.

Le sigh.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    Ugh. Leaks are really and truly TEH SUCK. They can be so hard to trace sometimes.

  2. Kim says:

    We have something sinister going on in our half bathroom. It started out as a leak, but now I’m afraid of what it’s become.
    I hope yours is not too painful.

  3. iamheatherjo says:

    I think “It’s broken. Fix it.” covers it pretty well, actually.

    I hope there isn’t any other places that have been secretly taking in water. Ugh. I love my house but I am constantly worried about big, expensive things happening to it.

    Thinkin’ about you!

  4. Whenever it rains hard and with ANY wind at our house, I crawl around the attci checking to see if my leak repairs are working…it is also an excellent time to clean the gutters.

  5. LL Cool Joe says:

    What you mean you married a man that can’t do everything!!! ?? 😉

  6. Laura says:

    TB – Well, in our case we know exactly where it’s coming from.

    Kim – Something sinister? Heh. Sounds like the beginning of a good B-rate horror movie. “Something wicked this way plumbs!” Oh, please forgive me for that.

    Heather – Right back atcha, sweetie!

    MTAE – GAH. The attic. Never thought to look up there. We hardly ever use our entire second story. We could take the whole thing right off the top and never miss it.

    Joe – He CAN do everything, but in order for him to do this job we’d need to buy all the tools, plus the materials, plus he’d have to take time off of work – so it’s cheaper to hire someone!

  7. angelcel says:

    You’re right about the weather generally. When it was stormy here on Monday I was thinking about the high winds whipping up the terrible brush fires in SE Australia. Now I see that you’ve been struck too. I’m sure if we looked it up we’d find it’s related to sunspot activity, or something!

  8. Jeanette says:

    The other night while watching TV we noticed a “water trickling” sound coming from our crawl space under the family room. Nothing strikes terror in the heart of a homeowner as much as the sound trickling water! Anyway, seems our outside spicket froze and burst and water was leaking into the crawlspace. Nothing too serious but for a while I was feeling pretty sick to my stomach thinking about thousands of dollars in plumbing repair. Oh the joys of owning a house!

  9. Laura says:

    Jayne – Or perhaps that anticipated alien invasion?

    Jeanette – OH LAWS. I’m glad it was easily identified/fixed!

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