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unravelableI don’t think I’ve mentioned here just how much I like 6 Year Med. If you haven’t read Danielle, you really ought to go check her out.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.


I just got done putting the finishing touches on Calvin’s annual Valentine’s Day letter. My love for him is something that’s very easy to talk about (Readers: “Gee, we never realized.” Laura: “Hush, you.”), therefore writing the yearly letter is not difficult at all. You might think I’d have run out of mushy shit to write about by now, but you’d be WRONG. I’m not even CLOSE.

We have no particular plans for Valentine’s – probably dinner and a movie (I want to see Taken, and I think I’ll leave the dinner location up to Calvin). We have date nights nearly every weekend (shush, the bar does TOO count), and celebrate each other in a hundred little ways every day (like on Tuesday, Calvin knew I was feeling blue so he made sure the CD in the truck was set to play “Float On” by Modest Mouse, so when I got in to go to work that’s the first thing I heard). So Valentine’s is just another opportunity to bask in the warm-fuzziness of it all.

I am one lucky, LUCKY chick. And Calvin’s even luckier.



My boss and I have been working together on a fairly intensive project for the past couple of weeks, and we sent the first revision of our data out yesterday evening. As such I am basking in the lack of spreadsheets and am REALLY lollygagging about getting any other work done.

I also find it interesting that nobody knows the origin of the word “lollygag”. I Googled it. Nobody’s sure. How weird is it, that a word can make its way into our culture, one which we all know the meaning of, but nobody knows where it got its start.


I think I’ve mentioned this before. I don’t care.

If there is one television program that stops us in our tracks, while perusing the never-ending list of NOTHING that constitutes late-Wednesday television, it’s Treasures of the Trust. Last night’s show was about Powis Castle in Wales. The original structure was built in the late 1200’s, and has been under continuous occupation since then. THE TWELVE-HUNDREDS. Can you even fathom that? How long it has been there, on that very site, a fixture in the area for over 700 YEARS?!? How many people have lived and died there? How many ghosts wander its rooms?

I have decided that WHEN we get to Europe, we’re doing a tour of all of the locations featured on this program. Which will be quite an undertaking and span several countries, but I am SO GAME.

Here is the UK National Trust’s official website.

Of course, there are our own National Trust sites to explore, too. But there’s just something about the sheer amount of HISTORY in Europe that appeals to me, dating hundreds (if not thousands) of years before the U.S. Upstarts that we are. Heh.

Note to self. Apply for passports.


Once, in fifth grade, I walked into my classroom and everyone started laughing. I looked down and realized that my shirt was almost completely unbuttoned. I had an undershirt on at the time, but still, I was humiliated.

I still have nightmares about that.


Sometimes I have so much CRAP to get done after work, that I kind of feel like being AT work is in direct opposition to my priorities. Tonight I have to:

– Clean the kitchen. There’s four days worth of dirty dishes piled up. Plus, I made the stuffed peppers last night and they cooked too long, so that while the innards were tasty, the peppers themselves turned to absolute mush just waiting to disintegrate the moment I scooped ’em out of the crock pot. Next time I shall cook them for half the recommended time. Anyway, the sole remaining pepper is still hanging out in the pot – I forgot to empty it out before I went to bed last night. I am destined for a gnarly moment of ook, I think.

That is SO my next tagline.

– Soak and feed the lizards. I forgot to last night. They’re probably thirsty. If they’d just eat the damned greens I give them every day instead of just hanging out for the worms, at least they wouldn’t be hungry! Stoopid lizards.

– Soak the snake (heh, that sounds dirty). She requires constant monitoring in the tub (she has the skill to get out and is not afraid to use it!), so I just get to stand around staring at her for twenty minutes. Fun!

– Turn down the hot tub. It has been basking at a balmy 95 degrees for three days because I keep forgetting to re-set the temperature. Hello, power bill.

– Reorganize the top drawer of my dresser. It is the bane of my existence, because it kind of becomes a catch-all for miscellaneous things (foot supports, iPod straps, backup CD’s, jewelry boxes, tea candles), on top of holding all of my socks and underwear. This morning I couldn’t find what I was looking for within the drawer, so I pitched a hissy and threw everything out onto the bed. Thereby creating work for myself for when I get home. Will I ever learn?

– Put all my shoes back in the closet. See: above. Couldn’t find what I was looking for, pitched a hissy, threw all of the shoes out into the room. Lack of learn.

– Bring the laundry in from the garage and put it away. You all know how I feel about THAT.

– Divvy up my vitamins into daily packs, so I’m not digging around for them every morning (happens occasionally) or skipping them altogether (happens frequently). If I ever want my damned feet and legs to stop bothering my I have GOT to keep up on my glucosamine.

– I’ve GOT to remember to dig out another pack of checks for my checkbook. I keep forgetting, dammit, and Calvin’s subscription to Maxim is expired.


Have I ever posted this? I forget.

  1. kmillhone says:

    I haven’t seen that blog. Thanks!!

    It’s nice to hear someone mention Valentine’s Day without disdain or bitchiness. I kinda think it’s a cool excuse to be romantic especially for us old, boring, married folks, right? 😉

    And, absolutely the bar does TOO count!

  2. ajninrepus says:

    Here’s another Float On that I loved during the 70’s. Very cheesy!

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    I know what I’m playing on Rock Band when I get home tonight…I was air-drumming along the whole time. Complete with air-stickspins. I’m such a dork.

    Seriously, that was a good live clip. So many artists really seem to turn it on for ACL, don’t they?

    Oh, and “soak the snake”…snicker.

  4. Kim says:

    My favorite use of the word “lollygag” was in the movie Bull Durham, by one of the team’s managers:
    “You lollygag on the infield. You lollygag on the outfield. You know what that makes you? A bunch of lollygaggers!”
    It was funnier when he said it, but still.

    V-day is the day after my B-day, so for us it’s usually a two-for-one celebration that usually works out well. Especially for me!

  5. angelcel says:

    Well if you can take a hop over to our wee small island you can see history dating back from prehistoric times (one of the finest Neolithic tombs in Europe) through to the middle ages with castles (one of the prettiest castles), through to German fortifications from the Occupation in WWII (hardly pretty, but interesting all the same). I’m just saying…make some time for a Channel hop, won’t you?

  6. Laura says:

    Amy – Thank Gawd, because if the bar didn’t count, there’d be very little romance!

    Ajninrepus – That made me giggle!

    TB – That’s actually where I first heard the song, and I liked playing and singing it so much I went out and bought the CD. And, I thought your inner twelve-year-old would like that.

    Kim – Har! I remember that scene. And, happy almost birthday!

    Jayne – You can rest assured that we wouldn’t make the trip all that way and NOT make an effort to come visit you!!!

  7. Taoist Biker says:

    You mean I have an inner twelve-year-old too?

  8. Jeanette says:

    “And Calvin’s even luckier” Never lose that perspective!

  9. LL Cool Joe says:

    Wow you sound busy!

    You know I live in England and I’ve never been to Wales!! How bad is that? There are some beautiful National Trust buildings here in the UK. Just bring an umbrella when you come to visit!! 😀

  10. “Feeding the lizard” means something totally different in my house… the “lizard” is actually starving lately.

  11. Laura says:

    TB – Well, yes! Don’t we all?

    Jeanette – Heh. We always go round and round with, “I love you.” “I love you MORE.” “No, I love YOU more.”

    LL Cool Joe – I was guilty of not playing tourist in my own state when I lived in Maine. I actually saw more of the state after I moved away, and came back for visits. So I would recommend that you take a weekend and play tourist!

    MTAE – I love that you can be counted on for the dirty interpretation. Great minds think alike!

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