Cuz ya gotta have…

Posted: February 4, 2009 in best things, Blogthings, Friends, Warm Fuzzy

great_buddy_award Amy gifted me with this “Great Buddy Award”. I am so very flattered that she considers me among her buddies! It’s great, isn’t it, how the Internet can make friends of people who have never met in person?

Thing is? About these awards? I’d love to give ’em out except that I wouldn’t want the folks that weren’t included to think that they weren’t among my buddies. So! Consider yourself awarded, if you have a blog in my blogroll, or if you’ve ever commented on this humble little site.

There. I think that covers everyone. Lubs ya!

  1. AmyD says:

    Wow, what a diplomatic way to do it!

    Now I feel guilty… like I might have left someone out. Eek!!!

  2. Laura says:

    Amy – That wasn’t my intent, to make you feel guilty! Now I feel guilty…

  3. kmillhone says:

    LOL now I feel guilty that I made YOU feel guilty.

    OMG… it’s never ending chain!!!!

  4. LL Cool Joe says:

    Ha ha this is a classic set of comments!

    I don’t feel guilty! Should I???

    Can I pinch the award then, as I’m on your blogroll, which I meant to thank you for as well.

    I should have thanked you earlier. Shit, now I feel guilty too.

  5. Laura says:

    Joe – If you start feeling guilty then I’ll start feeling guilty… and round we go again!!! And, you’re welcome! 😀

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