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Posted: February 2, 2009 in blogkeeping, Music, vacation, weekend

guitarsHi guys. I finally got all caught up on all the past comments. I responded a little differently in the “On Parents” entry, since you all had such good thoughts to share. I replied within the comments themselves, in bold. More like a conversation, that way.


Calvin and I made another one of our legendary trips to the used CD store again, this weekend. This trip’s purchases included:

– Another copy of the “Queen – Live at Wembley Stadium” DVD set, because we WORE OURS OUT.
– “Eurotrip”, because I love me that movie.
– Velvet Revolver – “Contraband”
– Dio – “Holy Diver”
– Cinderella – “Once Upon A…”
– Talking Heads – “Best Of…”
– Modest Mouse – “Good News for People Who Love Bad News”
– Seals & Crofts – “Greatest Hits”
– Paul Simon – “Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-1986”

Our taste in music has ADD.


This might turn out to be a fun year, travel-wise. I already mentioned that Calvin and I are planning on hitting Sturgis this August. He also has a business trip to Chicago planned for April, and I’m going with him. He’ll be in training classes every day, but we’ll have every evening to hang out and do things. While he’s in training, I plan to do my own sight-seeing. Maybe recreate Ferris’ legendary day off, if there’s a parade handy. I certainly plan to go to museums, see The Lake, get hopelessly lost, and take lots and lots and LOOOOOTS of pictures.

Primarily, though, I’m most looking forward to seeing Heather. She’s got a hug coming to her, the likes of which have never before been seen in history.

So! Anybody got some recommendations for what I should do with myself, while I’m wandering around in the Chicago area? Anybody in the area wanna do lunch or something?

Buelller? Bueller?

  1. Contraband is the only on my list there…

    Chicago is my favorite big city…We used to be able to get on a plane and go there for like $29 bucks…even if you aren’t a baseball fan, go to a Cubs game. I hope they are in town…it is a wonderful experience. Art Museum, Planetarium…the list is endless…and, of course, Heather is nearby…but I didn’t know that in the 80’s when I went there.

  2. Kim says:

    Yes, I have a good suggestion…SEND ME A TICKET SO I CAN MEET YOU THERE!!!
    Or maybe I could just drive the 800 miles, but I don’t know if my car would be able to handle the trip. Dang it.
    Seriously that’s one of the few American cities I’ve not been to and want to see so badly. I’m sure it’s going to be a blast.

    Sorry about your Cards last night. Stupid football.

  3. LL Cool Joe says:

    I got a new cd today. Lady GaGa’s “The Fame”. They are promoting her as the new Madonna.

    We’ll see…

    I’m coming to the States in a couple of weeks. Freezing my arse off in Vermont.

  4. Laura says:

    MTAE – Heh, every time I hear or read the word “planetarium” I think of South Park…

    Kim – That would be great, wouldn’t it? It could be our very own BlogCon.

    Joe – Hmm… I’ll have to check them out. And Vermont is nice! You could go… skiing, or ice fishing? Sledding, maybe? 😀

  5. iamheatherjo says:

    Best of luck getting Cubs tickets! Do you have a spare arm and a leg? 🙂

    I’ll be sending you the touristy goodies in the mail next week.

    The Adler Planetarium is small but pretty cool and it’s right on The Lake. I used to work there twice a month for about a year. The Shedd Aquarium isn’t far from there. The Museum of Science and Industry. The Field Museum of Natural History (my personal favorite). You can actually buy a pass for all of the museums and stuff and get a discount. Soldier Field. Wrigley Field. Millennium Park. Michigan Avenue. Lake Shore Drive. Buckingham Fountain (Married With Children!). The Sears Tower. Navy Pier. PIZZA and HOT DOGS! And that’s just some of the popular Chicago stuff.

    Not to mention if I could steal you for a whole day, like, a WHOLE 24 hours, I’d love to show you some of the NW Indiana stuff that’s very special to me. I’ve been wanting to give you the hometown tour no one else would be interested in for a long, long time. 😀

  6. Laura says:

    Heather – I wanna do ALL THAT. Calvin says you can keep me overnight as long as we take pictures… ~grin~

  7. Laura says:

    If you like popcorn, you MUST go to Garrett’s. It’s heavenly!!!

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