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Posted: January 27, 2009 in Family, Headspace, Journal, misc, Music, TV, Video, work

daffyWell. I’ve been working on an entry about my parents for the last two days, and its been a struggle to get the words DOWN, let alone RIGHT. I didn’t think I’d have any particular issues with the topic, but I guess I haven’t thought about my OWN parents in so long, the words are slow to come. My feelings about them are rather buried – not for any particular reason other than they’re at the bottom of a pile of more often-searched memories and thoughts. So instead of everything being up on the surface where they’re easily accessed, I’m having to send out little search teams to dredge up what I want to say.

It’s an interesting exercise.


I just had an orange for the first time in ages. An actual orange that I had to actually peel – not the canned stuff or the little clementines. And it was decent. All part of my plan to eat more healthy foods.

But my fingernails are jacked up, now.


I had to buy a new coffee pot today. Every time I say “coffee pot” I think of The Goonies. “Chester Copperpot! You guys! It’s Chester Copperpot!”

Ah, the random ways my mind works.

Anyway. Coffee pot (“Copperpot!”). In an impressive display of adult thinking, instead of calling Calvin this morning and accusing him of Purposefully Turning Off The Coffee Pot (“Copperpot!”) when he left for work, thereby thwarting my MUCH NEEDED first cup, I asked him, ever so politely, if he turned it off by mistake. Which is when I discovered that HIS first cup went awry, as well. The coffee pot (“Copperpot!”) has been on the fritz over the past couple of months, and the latest manifestation of its fritziness was to turn on and brew sometime in the middle of the night, instead of at 5:30 a.m. as it was set to do. So that by the time Calvin got up, it was already shut off and the coffee cold.

The thing has treated us well over the years. In fact, I think it’s the very coffee pot (“Copperpot!”) we bought to go in our new kitchen, when we remodeled back in 2000. Eight years is a VERY good track record for a $30 coffee pot (“Copperpot!”). So it will retire gracefully, and in its place I bought one of these.

There you go. All you ever not wanted to know about our coffee pot (“Copperpot!”).


I just dialed into a teleconference. God bless multitasking. And mute buttons.


In honor of Jasper’s passing, I have made a donation to the Arizona Animal Welfare League. I’d volunteer to help out there if my tear ducts could hack it. Readers will recall when we adopted Zoe I BAWLED MY EYES OUT, having to leave all those animals behind. Though, to be fair, that was the local shelter and not the AAWL. At any rate, Heather’s experience with Jasper, and our own with Zoe, have convinced me that no better pet can be had than an adopted pet. There are SO MANY good animals who need homes.


Still hobbling around on a crutch at work. I’ve added “Bit it on a triple black diamond,” to my list. Jen and Archibael continue to mock my crutchedness. Because they’re big, big meanies with all the meanness.


We watched the first episode of Trust Me last night. It was okay, though it didn’t immediately hook me and drag me into obsessiveness in the manner of Supernatural. Still, we’ll give it one or two more episodes before we make the final decision of whether or not to keep it in our line up. I mean, it’s Eric McCormack, after all. He’s made of Teh Awesome.


I’m ending this entry on the note that I started my day with. This song was playing on the radio as I pulled into the parking lot. You’re welcome.

  1. iamheatherjo says:

    Thank you so much, sweet girl. That was so thoughtful of you!

    I volunteered at the AAWL because they were one of the only no-kill shelters in the area and they get their adoptable pets from the euthanasia list at the Maricopa County pound. So when you adopt from there, you’re really saving two lives because you’ve made room for another furry kid to come to the shelter. I adopted Jasper from the Humane Society. I still give them money and attend the local fundraisers. The big boy got me involved in all kinds of fun stuff.

  2. AmyD says:

    *snort* Copperpot!!!

    I love Goonies.

  3. Kim says:

    Copperpot is a lot more fun to say than coffee pot. I think I shall from now on.
    What a great idea to do for Jasper. I wasn’t lucky enough to ever meet him except through pictures and videos. You’ve inspired me to do something besides cry. But to actually go into a shelter is impossible for me. My last time was a big cry-fest too. Luckily there are other ways to help.

  4. My wife gets me $80 coffee pots and they never make it a year for Christmas. I still keep a $20 coffee pot up in my closet so that when each pot she buys me dies after eight months, I have a coffee maker to use for the rest of the year. She doesn’t get it and just buys one each year to match the kitchen and she changes the style each time so that I have every kind of filter imagineable in the same closet.

  5. Laura says:

    Heather – I knew you volunteered there but I couldn’t recall where you got Jasper. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better, and that Harley is making her best effort to pick up on the lovin’!

    Amy – I can quote that darn movie forwards and backwards.

    Kim – I know! I’m going to try to adopt any subsequent pets from the shelter, but I might just have to send Calvin alone to pick a pet out. It depresses me way out of proportion.

    MTAE – Ain’t that the way it always is? Figuring the thing out last night to get it set up the first time was like flying the space shuttle, forcryingoutloud. And all I want is a cuppa.

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