My kingdom for a cup of tea.

Posted: January 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

1iconwtfWell, it seems I have a stress fracture. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment later on today to confirm my suspicions, but I have all the symptoms. They’ll take x-rays but they probably won’t reveal anything – stress fractures don’t show up until about three weeks after the fact, when the calcification of the area sets in. I talked about this with the doc but they, of course, want me to come in to do an evaluation, and to get me a walking boot and some crutches. And to charge me a co-pay and make money.

I overdid it again, just like with my knees. I jumped into exercising and ignored the foot pain I was having until now. Now? It is UN-IGNORABLE. Owie. I didn’t realize how much I was doing until I sat and thought about it. Walking up to three miles a day, then an additional 30+ minutes on the elliptical several times a week. Which may not seem like much to you, but I have bad feet to begin with, and went from mostly sedentary to mostly NOT, overnight.

I think another culprit is our very cold, very hard tile floors. I only just recently took to wearing house shoes or slippers all the time, instead of ignoring the discomfort of traipsing around the house in stocking feet, as I tend to do. So I think it’ll take a while to reverse the damage I did to my piddies over the course of YEARS.

I hobbled into work today, after working from home Monday and Tuesday. Now I’m at my desk and only a fire drill is going to move me from it. I brought a couple of bottles of water, my breakfast and my lunch, so that I wouldn’t have to walk around too much. The only thing I can’t arrange for is a nice cup of tea. I’d have to make my way downstairs (which is further than it sounds) to get hot water.

Oh, how I want some tea.

So! I’m a little frustrated. I want to get FIT, dammit, and I keep getting thwarted. My stupid body keeps falling apart but I REFUSE TO GIVE IN TO IT. I’m South Beaching hard core as of right now, and exercising in ways that don’t involve my feet. Weights. Pilates. Floor exercises. Abs. Stretching. I have to give my feet four to six weeks to heal before I start doing cardio again. That just pisses me right off.

So! How are YOU?

  1. jadesymb says:

    you need to swim.

  2. Laura says:

    Jen – Not in the butt soup that is our neighborhood pool! ~shudder~

  3. angelcel says:

    Oh my poor love! That sounds p~a~i~n~ful. You seriously need to be slower and kinder to yourself on these exercise routines. Maybe you should try a change of tack – have you heard about President Sarkozy and his gorgeous wife Carla? Apparently the secret is exercising the perineum. I kid you not! Google it!
    I’m with Jen, swimming is just fantastic – best form of exercise there is because it does *everything* all in one go and supports your body weight, so there is virtually no risk of injury. If you could find *somewhere* to swim that is nice, that would be great.
    BTW, why can’t your fellow workers get you a nice cuppa?

  4. K says:

    Now is a GREAT time to do yoga and drink a lot of water to help the healing process…stretch out the feets and legs…then s l o w l y get back into the walking…

    sorry you hurt…big huggies


  5. AmyD says:

    *sigh* I think I might be better if YOU were better. This stinks. At least you aren’t completely out as far as working out.

    I have got to get some exercise in, this post makes me feel guilty.


    I hope some good-doer comes along and offers to run a tea errand for you! I’d totally bring you tea if I were close by!

  6. Kim says:

    That’s so frustrating – I had a trainer tell me once the worst setbacks he’s seen are from when people are all into working out and making progress then they get an injury so that they have to sit around and wait for it to heal, which is when they give up completely. At least you’re still doing what you can and not giving up.
    Me? I’m suffering from major mood swings and going from freezing cold to burning up, not being able to stay awake past 8:30 at night and then bouncing awake at 5 in the morning – probably all because of the new thyroid meds I’ve been on for a few days. It’s so totally awesome, I can’t even tell you.

  7. Taoist Biker says:

    I’m trying to work out a schedule to get back to lifting weights around the beginning of February. I’ve been out of the gym for probably a year. This is going to SUCK, and I wholly deserve it.

    BTW, after I linked that Picard pic in your comments a few months back, I set it as my avatar for my motorcycle-hangout bulletin board, heheh.

  8. Laura says:

    Jayne – I’m sorry, did you say the perineum??? I’m AFRAID to Google it! And I’m sure one of my co-workers would get me a cuppa if I asked ’em. Jen will be here tomorrow. She’ll do it!

    K – Thanks, sweetie. It even hurts to stretch right now! And I don’t LIKE slow! I want to be fit NOW! NOW NOW NOW! (stamps foot) (says “ow”)

    Amy – Better yet, you’d bring me BEER!

    Kim – I didn’t even get to the part where I was making progress, yet. Le sigh. Also, I catch that sarcasm. Drugs are THE SHIT. No joke.

    TB – Well, good luck, and learn my lesson and take it slow! I think of you every time I use that icon, I just love it so.

  9. Sex is the solution to your problems.

  10. Laura says:

    MTAE – Have you been talking to Calvin, perchance?

  11. LL Cool Joe says:

    Ouch, poor you.

    How about talking a flask of either hot water or tea to work too?

    I need to start working out too. I can’t shift the few exra pounds I put on over Christmas and it’s depressing.

  12. Taoist Biker says:

    Sex is the solution to ALL problems. It says so right on page two of the Guy Manual. I’d show you, but page one says “DO NOT SHOW THIS TO WOMEN. EVER.” in 68-point bold font.

  13. AmyD says:

    😉 I would!! I totally would.

  14. Laura says:

    Joe – Now, there’s a thought. A thermous! Duh!

    TB – Huh! I thought Page One said, “Light beer is for pussies.” I must have been mis-informed.

    Amy – It’s one of the reasons we’re twins separated at birth!

  15. Taoist Biker says:

    That’s actually page 12, right after “How to Change a Tire.”

  16. Laura says:

    TB – :: snort :: And right before, “Closing the bathroom door on a really good stinker so the wife can be suitably horrified when she goes in an hour later.”

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