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Posted: January 17, 2009 in Drama, Friends, misc

sheldonevilsmileWell, actually, the news broke yesterday. After posting about SLR Motorsports’ mistreatment of our refund, and after a couple of very helpful friends spread the news on their own blogs, well, I still didn’t have high hopes that we’d get resolution. Really the most I was hoping for was to prevent other folks from going through the same crap we went through.

But! When I got to work on Friday morning and opened up my e-mail, lo there was a message from SLR Motorsports waiting for me. It read:

Hello Laura. We are extremly sorry for this inconvenience. We have had some technical problems with our servers. You have been refunded. We are sorry for the delay.

SLR Motorsports

Now, I’m taking the news of these “technical problems” with a hefty amount of skepticism, but what the heck. It’s good news. I just find it interesting that after MONTHS of trying to e-mail them with no response, I got an immediate (like, next DAY) response after e-mailing them this last time AND spreading the word on my website.


I haven’t actually received the refund yet – they said it’ll be credited to the card I used for the purchase, which was my bank debit card. Upon looking at the account today, I haven’t received the money yet. But! Hope springs eternal and all that jazz.

We hold the power of the Internet in our hands, people! We must always use our powers to further the agenda of the side of good.

Unless, of course, you agree with Dark Helmet.

  1. angelcel says:

    The power of the internet is rather wonderful. Another friend over there told me you have sites that list traders to avoid. I don’t think that would be allowed over here but I think that’s great – we all have tales to tell about people we’ve dealt with who really shouldn’t be in business at all.
    I hope the refund hits your bank account soon. Well done on a positive outcome.

  2. Kim says:

    That is really cool! I hope you’ll see the money appear soon – I know it’s not a significant amount, but that’s not the point.
    Maybe they saw my comment about the t-shirt I was going to have made. I’m a little disappointed I don’t get to do that now.

  3. AmyD says:

    WOO HOO!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that your refund goes through.

  4. Laura says:

    Jayne – Really, it’s not allowed in the UK? Do you not have an equivalent of the Better Business Bureau?

    Kim – Haven’t seen it yet, but they said it’d take 7 to 10 days.

    Amy – Thanks!

  5. Jim Stark says:

    What a schlock outfit this SLR Motorsports is. Should have known better. I was told that if I had to return the merchandise that I’d be lucky if I EVER saw a refund. Severeal e mails have gone unanswered. Product sent back via reigistered mail per their instructions only to have the product returned as they never signed for the certified mail after (3) attempts. Are there enough people out there to do a class action suit against them and rid these bottom feeders from the inter net. At least a letter to the Better Business Bureau.

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