Posted: January 14, 2009 in Headspace


I am still. I’m good at still.

Thrash is all around me, yet I am still.

It may be peace. Perhaps it’s fear. Maybe it’s both.

I’m happy to live. I’m afraid of life.

No, not afraid of it. Afraid to waste it.

There’s so much to do.

So much I want. So much to give.

I want to know. Yet, I don’t want to know.

Open eyes are best.

But being informed makes me a little crazy.

My heart is open, though. Dangerous as that sometimes is.

I want to leave an impact, but stay obscure.

It’s good to remember. Even when it’s hard.

It’s quiet, for once, inside my head.

I don’t know what that means.

  1. AmyD says:

    This makes absolute perfect sense to me. Brilliant!

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    I want to leave an impact, but stay obscure.

    This is my new motto.

  3. Laura says:

    Amy – I’m so glad you guys get me. 😀

    Kim – xo

    TB – Sally forth, my friend!

  4. Calvin says:

    Was that suppose to rhyme? 🙂

    It was neat!

  5. Laura says:

    Calvin – Uh, no, it wasn’t supposed to rhyme. I didn’t really intend it to be a poem, but Jen said it was too. Huh! Lookit me being all creative and stuff.

  6. LL Cool Joe says:

    “I want to leave an impact, but stay obscure.” I couldn’t agree more.

    So in what way would you like to make an impact?

  7. angelcel says:

    Well it reads like a poem, to me anyway, and I can relate to much of it. Very eloquently put. 🙂

  8. Laura says:

    LL Cool Joe – Basically it means I want to do good things, I want people to feel like they’re better off for knowing me. You know?

    Jayne – Thanks!

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