Let’s Review: A Pictoral.

Posted: December 30, 2008 in Blogthings, Listy goodness, Memory Lane, photography

Nutshelling 2008:


Marie brought home a stray, and then subsequently found him a home:


We looked for ghosts in our house:



Lilly brought the boys over for a visit:


We went to the drags:


We went to the Ren Faire:



Got artsy at Cien Agave:


Went to the Tempe Beer Festival:



Messed with camera settings and took too many pictures of my cats:



Toured ASU:


Toured Scottsdale:



Went to a Laurell K. Hamilton book signing event:


Organized my SPICES (GOOD GOD, I’m exciting):



Went camping. Got really wet.



Went on a business trip to Oregon:



Spent a weekend in Flagstaff:



Took a ton of pictures of a band:






Made the best pie in the universe:



Had a sick snake:


Killed some more lobsters:


You guys, I’m telling you this right now. 2009 IS GOING TO BE THE SHIT. IT’S GOING TO BE THE BEST YEAR EVER. I HAVE DECREED IT.

  1. Megan says:

    What a great review of the Snerkology year. Some of your most gorgeous pics. Thanks. Yes, here’s to a better year in 2009. Happy New Year!

  2. Jean says:

    Hear hear! I’m having a calendar burning ceremony tonight to formally close 2008 – keep your fingers crossed that I don’t light myself on fire. I also decree that 2009 is better. Happy New Year, L&C!

  3. K says:

    Can’t decree anything without me…I AM Da Princess Butterquuuuap afterall!

  4. angelcel says:

    Crumbs, when you sum up a year like that, doesn’t it emphasise just how quickly it all rushed by (or is that me showing my age again)?!

    Oh absolutely, 2009 is all set to be a wonderful year – it’s written in the stars.

    Have a wonderful evening and let me be the first to sneak this in:
    ***!!! HAPPY NEW Y~E~A~R !!!***

  5. angelcel says:

    Well, *one* of the first! 8)

  6. kimmothy69 says:

    I have good things happen in years that end in 9.
    1969 – I was born.
    1979 – I saw Grease and Saturday Night Fever and fell in deep and total love with John Travolta. And got my first pair of roller skates.
    1989 – I spent the summer in upstate NY working at a bar and partying my ass off with my favorite cousin and his friends.
    1999 – I married Brian.
    So see, I’m very excited to see what the coming year brings and I hope it’s a great one for all of us!

    • Monika says:

      OMG… wow!! Kimmothy: your statement above made me realize that 2009 will also mean big things for me!! I have the same “9-end” year phenomena as you!
      1969 – first trip to the west coast (setting off my desire to live there!)
      1979 – graduate in RI & leave for Vegas
      1989 – leave AZ for a year in New York
      1999 – big move to the “citrus farm” life
      2009 – ???? possible move across the country?! I think I know how it will go now…

      thank you for sharing!! I feel as if I’d had an epiphanny!!

  7. Heather says:

    Fun stuff! Well, except for those icky lobstrosity things. 😉

    I was considering a recap using only pictures of the bands I saw each month because this was a pretty crappy year for me otherwise, I gotta say. Not sure if I have a year end entry in me this time. We’ll see how I feel when I get home.

  8. maryanne says:

    I don’t remember hearing about ghosts in the house.. I love stuff like that =)
    Happy New Year to you and your family =)

  9. Lana says:

    Happy New Year !!!

  10. LL Cool Joe says:

    Happy New Year! 🙂

  11. Laura says:

    Megan – Happy New Year, Megan!!!

    Jean – What a good idea, a calendar burning ceremony. Excuse me, I need to go find my lighter…

    K – Yes Ma’am!!!

    Jayne – It was fast, and slow, at the same time. In many aspects it was a good year, but I’m kind of glad it’s over. Not that today is any different from yesterday, but psychologically it seems to be.

    Kim – Excellent! Nothing but good can come of 2009, then!!! Besides, the new Star Trek movie is out this year. So already it’s not a total loss.

    Heather – That’s a great idea for an entry! And I still love you, even though you’re against lobsters.

    Maryanne – The kids have always been convinced there’s a ghost living on the stairs. I just say we have a particularly creaky house.

    Lana – Right back atcha!

    Joe – And the same to you!!!

  12. Taoist Biker says:

    This was such an awesome way to sum up the year, especially for you, Ms. Digiphoto. Kudos!

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