Vaca…nt …tion

Posted: December 23, 2008 in Holiday, Warm Fuzzy, weekend

1icontequilaHello, loves. I’ve been rather absent from my computer over the past several days… or, well, the blogisphere. I worked yesterday but Officially Logged Off at 4:00. I’ve been on-line, reading and cooking several recipes (and I wrote a new one), and Calvin and I went on an Epic Grocery Shopping Trip of Epicness. We’ve also watched several movies (The Dark Knight, The X-Files, and Prince Caspian). And we’ve gone out to lunch and to the bar a couple of times. And watched three hours worth of “Top 100 Songs of the 80’s” on VH-1.

In short, we’re vacationing.

We hope everyone is having a lovely holiday. If we’re absent around here, or absent from your blog comments, for the next little while, it’s because we’re exercising the No Pants Rule.


~MWAH~ Dahlings!

  1. Kim says:

    Sounds like the perfect vacation. We’re doing a lot of the same. In fact, in a few minutes we’ll be deciding on what movie we’ll be picking from the On Demand list tonight.
    I never want to go back to work. January 5th is going to get here way too soon, I just know it.

  2. No pants rule? My one year old seems to be trying to do that. But something doesn’t smell right.

  3. dyskinesia says:

    (A) Damn that recipe looks great!
    (B) I’m working. On my vacation. A crapload of hours a day. Because some people in the medical profession think that making my life hell 2 days before Christmas is a GOAL. Teh Suck!!!

    Of the tiny bit I’ve gotten to play it so far though, RB 2 rules, Merry barely early Christmas to us. 🙂

    Have you started the book??? 😀 MWAH!

  4. Laura says:

    Kim – That’s the same day I go back to work, too. Le sigh. There’s a crapton of stuff coming down the pike for January/February at work, and I’m trying my damnedest to not think about it. Copious amounts of alcohol are helping.

    MTAE – Heh. No Pants Rule is different for infants than it is for grownups of a child-free household. Vive la nekkid!

    Dys – 😀 Thanks! I’m tired of just sticking meat and broth into the crock pot so I wanted to jazz it up a bit.

    I can’t believe they won’t give you a break for the holidays! That is so completely unfair. Will they notice if you work while just a wee bit tipsy?

    Did you guys get a drum set for RB2? Or are you just guitaring it?

    No, haven’t started the book yet! But I intend to, probably on Friday. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness!!!!

  5. K says:

    You two little pervs!!!
    Happy, Spiffy Holidays!!!


  6. Sharon says:

    The jelly tart cookies were fantastic!! Everyone loved them. Thanks for the recipe.

  7. Laura says:

    K – Aren’t we? ~grin~

    Sharon – Oh good, I’m always glad to hear when someone likes one of my recipes!

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