No Snickers at THIS feast.

Posted: December 22, 2008 in Calvin, Food, Holiday

cookiesI’m not making these cookies.

But I am making fudge (I got roped into it) and magic cookie bars and walnut chews today. After I go grocery shopping and get all the ingredients for those, and Christmas dinner, and all the meals for before and after Thursday (well, up until Sunday – not for, like EVER. That’d be one helluva grocery trip). I’m making bruchetta to take to the Grandparent’s tomorrow evening. Calvin kind of made a face when I mentioned it (though he’s been known to eat it AND compliment it) but I honestly couldn’t think of any other finger food that had a low enough degree of hassle. Everything else I was thinking of required some sort of assembly and/or oven time once we arrived, and I SO don’t want to fuss with all that. I’ll stop by Trader Joe’s today or tomorrow to get their mini flatbreads and hummus to round out the bruchetta, but that’s all the fanciness I’m putting into the whole thing. Grandmother is baking a ham and Calvin’s mom and sisters are bringing stuff, so I’m quite sure there’ll be enough food to leave us groaning.

Calvin has been putting a lot of thought into our Christmas dinner to make sure it comes out “just so”. Even though it’ll “just” be the kids and their friends and significant others, Calvin has this need to fancy things up a bit. His chief complaint about serving lobster for dinner is that by the time the lobster is de-shelled and bathing in the bowl of butter, it has become cold. He was so offended by the need to nuke the bowl of lobster and butter last year that he actually proclaimed that we would be having No More Lobster unless we could figure out how to keep everything warm at the table.

Bwa. Bwa-ha. Bwa. Oh, the silly man. As IF he could dictate to me whether or not I’d have lobster.

We’ve done small ramekins suspended over tea candles, but the ramekins weren’t large enough to fit an entire lobster’s worth of meat. So we went by the crack store Sur La Table yesterday and got several goblet-ish/ice cream dish-ish sturdy glass bowl things, which we will set upon a recently purchased electric griddle, in the center of the dinner table, upon which the butter/lobster will be kept warm throughout the meal.

Crisis averted. Calvin will now be a happy camper, and my lobster dinner tradition is no longer threatened.

I gotta say I’m happy about getting that griddle. I mean, yes, it’ll make the preparation of eggs and bacon and grilled cheese sandwiches easier, but I really want to make these. NOM.

Calvin gave me my Christmas present early, an EXACT duplicate of the starfish necklace I lost a few weeks ago. It means just as much to me that he found this one for me, as it did when he found the original one for me.

Okay kids, I’m out. Be good until I get back.

  1. “Calvin has this need to fancy things up a bit.” What!
    If anyone has ever done live lobsters it’s really a pretty gross process no fancy here.
    Warm food is not fancy, cold lobster = nasty
    And you know I like bruchetta but I don’t think it fits the mood. I really don’t care and lets face it if the finger food we bring is the lowest point of being in a confined space with parts of my family that will be considered a win.

  2. Dyskinesia says:

    Calvin, you rock for that necklace. I knew you were The Man. (L – I must see this thing – send pics by mail if needed!)

    Being a non-Mainie myself, I have to agree with Calvin here. Cold lobster – ewwwww. And nuking seafood, icky. Very super duper coolness on your new fandangledness for keeping it yummy on the table!

    And yes, I much giggled at ‘the crack store’ 😉 I gotta know though: Did it actually say “goblet-ish/ice cream dish-ish sturdy glass bowl things” on the tag? 😀

    Much love from Virginia!

  3. Kim says:

    I’ve talked so much about your lobster Christmas dinner, I finally have Brian convinced to do it for ourselves on New Year’s Eve. The griddle is a fab idea and I’ve been wanting one anyway for pancakes and stuff – that might have to go on a last-minute list for me. Though I doubt with only two of us the lobster will have a chance to get cold. I don’t usually eat lobster as much as inhale it.

  4. I think I’m going to look at the steam option because it’s less messy in the end.
    But we will have to buy one today to experiment with because destroying 8 of them on Christmas is not an option.
    The griddle I hope will work as a warming tray with options for later as long as the low setting is not to hot.
    Cool a reason to take pics of Laura’s stuff!

  5. K says:

    Awww, that Calvin is a Saint.. and a bit romantical I’d say…!

  6. Jen says:

    I gave in and took my man to the crack store this weekend.


    and wants to buy EVERYTHING too.

  7. Laura says:

    Calvin – You know I love that you are concerned over the little details. Ball bustin’ is my god-given right as your wife.

    Dys – If you nuke it just to warm it up again, it tastes just the same as if it’d never entered a microwave. And no, the labels read ‘ice cream dish’ or ‘sundae dish’ or something like that. Much love back from Arizona! Pics of the necklace are forthcoming.

    Kim – Oh, yay! Have you ever cooked lobster before? If not, I’m at your disposal for some semi-expert advice.

    Calvin – She wants a pic of the NECKLACE, not my BOOBIES. Yeesh.

    K – He hides it well, doesn’t he? 😀

    Jen – I KNEW he’d love it there!

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