Posted: December 19, 2008 in Family

pennyrumMy sister called last night. I’m NOT in Big Trouble, Missy!

We were talking about Rice Krispies Treats. It seems the box of cereal she bought didn’t have the recipe on it, which is so unheard of as to be astonishing. Somehow she managed to remember that the recipe calls for six cups of cereal and forty marshmallows, but couldn’t remember how much butter to put in (1/4 cup, by the way). I found that to be hysterical.

Anyway. She just casually tossed into the middle of the conversation, “So, have you talked to Uncle F lately?”

“Um. Yeah?”


“Um, a few days ago?”

Then she laughed at me. He’s taking her out to lunch next week. She thought she might be “in trouble” (a holdover feeling from our childhoods, apparently!). I assured her that he just wanted to make sure she was doing well.

She’s not, as it happens.

She has to have surgery to remove her gallbladder on January 7th. It appears to have given up the ghost completely and decided to just stop working. She’s in agonizing pain, can’t straighten her body, and has to sleep sitting up in their recliner at night. Her doctor only does surgery on Thursdays. Next Thursday is Christmas. The following Thursday is New Year’s. You’d think they could make an exception for her in this case and do her surgery ANY OTHER DAY OF THE WEEK, but no. She has to suffer.

That pisses me off.

She’s like me – pain killers and body numb-ers and anaesthesia don’t work particularly well on us. I advised her that during my own gallbladder removal experience, Dilaudid and Vicodin worked very well for me. I hope they work for her (she wrote them down so she could Ask For Them By Name!). She’s actually LOOKING FORWARD to going into the hospital. One, because it’ll mean the end of the pain she’s been in for a month. Two, because it’ll mean she’ll have a couple of nights of SLEEP with NO KIDS and NO HUSBAND and NO CRAP TO DEAL WITH.

My sister always has an inordinate amount of crap to deal with.


We’re going to Calvin’s family’s pre-Christmas get together this year, after all. Wish us luck.  Wish THEM luck.  Heh.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    Uh, just an FYI, asking for pretty much ANY painkiller by name will make doctors raise their eyebrows at you! They get that all the time from narc seekers. “I’m allergic to everything but Dilaudid.”

    Good luck to whoever needs it, heheh!

  2. Hopefully your uncle can help ease some of her stress…glad you aren’t in trouble…yet!

  3. iamheatherjo says:

    No painkillers worked on me when I had attacks leading up to the gallbladder removal. I didn’t even know what was happening to me, actually. I still had darvocet and vicodin left over (still do) from something else and I tried taking them for that pain to no avail and then once that thing was liberated from my body, I didn’t need any of the painkillers they prescribed post-surgery. I was just a happy kid once that thing was GONE.

  4. Lana says:

    When I had my Gall Bladder out I found out I was allergic to Biaxin… The day after my surgery I woke up covered in Hives … Fun Fun… But Yes Vicodin … ahhh !!! And Yes TB is so right … Hopefully they don’t think she is a drug seeker… !

  5. Kim says:

    I’m so glad you talked to your sister and I hope her surgery goes well.
    And yeah, as an ex drug seeker, I agree that she shouldn’t request painkillers by name but instead explain to them her situation.

  6. Laura says:

    TB – Heh. Legal stuff is not her drug of choice.

    MTAE – Me too, thanks! That status could change at any moment, of course.

    Heather – Yes, isn’t it nice to know that that little fucker can’t mess with us any more?

    Lana – OH dear lord, surgery AND hives? That’s full of teh suk.

    Kim – Well, we figure if they mention how alike she and I are, medically, they’ll understand why she’s asking for specific stuff.

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