Posted: December 2, 2008 in bitching, Calvin, Headspace

1iconsdancingfingersAnxiety makes me want to swear.

It’s bad enough that I have to deal with my own inherent tendency to be anxious over nothing, but now that there are really real things to be anxious about, I’m having a tough, tough time.

Last night our friend Jerry stopped by for a couple of beers and some conversation. Jerry and Calvin have been friends for years and years, and he’s one of the Good People. Poor guy was going to retire from AcronymCo in a couple of years, but what with the economy and everyone’s 401k’s in the shitter, he now doubts he’ll be able to do so.

Queue the whole, “AAAAAAAHHH EVERYTHING SUCKS” conversation that lasted for the next hour. Calvin is worried because he’ll find out on Friday whether the layoffs happening in his company will effect him (and if he gets laid off he’ll go on unemployment and our credit card payments can go fuck themselves, WHERE’S OUR BAILOUT, HUH???). I’m worried because while my job appears to be safe right now, who knows what the future will bring. Marie still hasn’t found another job so we’re picking up the full brunt of her truck payment and insurance.

We have a mountain of debt and goals we’re not only NOT achieving, but we don’t even know when we’ll be back on track towards making progress again. We’re kind of just treading water right now, and so is everyone else in the entire blessed country. We’re doing okay, right now, but we wanted to be in a different, much better place by this point in our lives.

As is the sentiment of everyone else in this blessed country. So I shouldn’t whine. But I will. Because it’s my boo-boo, too.

I’m just trying to take it day by day, and manage my stress, but it’s hard. It’s damned hard.

So last night when we went to bed, my mind was going ’round and ’round at a million thoughts per second. I took a Xanax, and it took its own leisurely time to kick in, I tell ya. Poor Calvin was tortured with my tossing until I rolled over, snuggled up behind him, stuck my nose into the back of his neck, breathed in reeeeeaaaaally deeply, and finally fell asleep.

Calvin smells like home.


Jen’s husband Bobby gets the credit for fixing our dishwasher. She described to him how the dishwasher wouldn’t drain, Bobby said, “Oh, it’s because Calvin didn’t remove the plug in the hose between the garbage disposal and the dishwasher when he installed the new disposal.” Jen e-mailed me with that information, Calvin checked the hose and saw that while he removed the cap on the end of the hose, there was still a plug that needed to be actually DRILLED OUT of the hose (hello, didn’t say that in the instructions). He did so, and lo, the dishwasher drains like it’s supposed to.

Calvin was embarrassed, because he has installed a bunch of garbage disposals in his lifetime and apparently this was a somewhat obvious thing that he thinks he should have figured out (see the comments in yesterday’s entry). I say, heck with it. Dishwasher works. Don’t have to buy a new one. He still gets to keep his membership card to the Man Club.

So say we all.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    You basically spoke for me and my family as well. Says I: Ugh.

  2. crisitunity says:

    I’m sorry. 😦 I know how it feels to hammer away at debt and not make any progress at all, even if you are financially okay. It makes me itchy all over. It doesn’t have anything to do with the economy at this point, though – I guess it’s a good thing not to have any investments.

    Also, Calvin? Don’t worry about it, dude. A plug that needs drilling out has nothing to do with your Manly Fixingness.

  3. K says:

    Stop…my Dad installed mine and the same thing happened.. Here I was thinking that I had to spend the money to get a new dishwasher!


  4. That plug in the dishwasher things happens ALL of the time. When the plumbers actually remove it on one of my projects, they leave it knocking around inside of the disposal and I end up having to get my smallish hands down in there to pull the gnarled up thing out of there.

    The plug is in there for the disposals that do not have dishwashers attached to them.

  5. farmwife says:

    I’m actually trying to figure out why someone with a house would have a garbage disposal? COMPOST that stuff!!! 🙂
    Mine actually takes the long way to the compost because on this farm – there is always *something* that will eat any scrap.

    I found long ago, there is no reason to stress about things. They always work out, one way or another. There is no point in wasting energy on things you have no control over – work on what you can control.

    And, I’ll throw in a plug for Dave Ramsey – love that guy!

  6. Kim says:

    I’m a complete expert when it comes to worrying about money, sleeplessness over worrying about money and xanax. So here’s my tip: Crunch that bastard instead of swallowing it next time and you’d be surprised how fast that fucker kicks in.

  7. Laura says:

    TB – I’m filling my stocking AND Calvin’s with little airplane bottles this year…

    Crisitunity – Yeah, it’s kind of like what my sister said. She doesn’t worry about money because she doesn’t have any! They live week to week on very VERY limited funds and have no investments. She says this is the first time in her life that she feels she’s got one up on the rest of the world.

    K – Heh. Happy to help!

    MTAE – OH. Now, THAT makes sense.

    Farmwife – We don’t grow anything, so no sense to have a compost pile. My granny had one, though, and we never had a disposal at her house. Also, never heard of Dave Ramsey before and I looked him up. I actually subscribe in my feed reader to The Simple Dollar, which always has good advice.

    Kim – Bitter! But, if it works faster, than hellz yes I’ll give it a go. Tonight, prolly. LE SIGH.

  8. Kim says:

    Oh, it’s the worst tasting thing I’ve ever put in my mouth (and that’s saying a lot). But it works like an ass-tasting charm!

  9. Kim cracks me up…
    “…you’d be surprised how fast that fucker kicks in.”
    “But it works like an ass-tasting charm!”

  10. Laura says:

    Kim – HAR! (And I tried it, and you’re right. On every count.)

    MTAE – Seems we all have the same sense of humor around here…

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