Pictures of Kali

Posted: December 1, 2008 in pets, photography

As requested, here’s some pics of Kali taken during her soak in the tub tonight. Moments after this peaceful interlude, she got thhhhicked in the neck and retreated under her log after she was placed back in the vivarium.

Poor snake.

She was balled up when I put her in the tub… hence the name “Ball Python”:


She’s nearly five feet long – this tub can comfortably contain myself and Calvin at the same time, to give you some perspective (and a fun mental image):


Pretty girl! You can really see the wrinkles in her eyecaps (common to her breed):


I really love her markings:


She looks menacing, but she’s really very sweet:


  1. Jen says:

    I love that last picture!

  2. Calvin says:

    Huge thanks to Bobby as he saved me from pulling the dishwasher out to check the pump.
    While I removed the two plastic plugs on the new disposal per the instructions I had no idea that the drain on the new unit had to be drilled out to open the drain to the connection from the dishwasher.
    I don’t know how I missed that since I will put my fingers in any nook or cranny if not slapped first.

  3. iamheatherjo says:

    Hi Kali!! Awww, poor sick sneaky snake.

  4. farmwife says:

    Wow, she is really gorgeous!

  5. K says:

    It’s a snake! ISH!

  6. Kim says:

    I held a snake once. For like ten minutes. I was pretty damn proud of myself too. But it was only to impress my boyfriend who is now my husband, so that was the end of that. I do enjoy watching them though.

  7. Taoist Biker says:

    With the exception of that feeding them live animals thing, snakes are teh awesum.

    Beats the hell out of having your house coated with a thick insulating and protective layer of dog or cat hair.

  8. Sarah says:

    Kali is so pretty!

    And Taoist Biker – you can also feed snakes frozen/thawed mice, if it’s the thought of feeding animals that are actually alive while you’re feeding the snake that bugs you.

    That’s all my ball pythons have ever eaten.

  9. Taoist Biker says:

    Nah, I don’t have issues with the “live” part of it, it just sounds like a bit of a PITA.

  10. Laura says:

    Jen – Isn’t she a purty girl???

    Calvin – Yes, thanks to Bobby! Also, BWAAAHAHAHAHA. You one funny guy.

    Heather – She TWISTS when we give her the shot. GAAAAAH.

    Farmwife – She’s even prettier in person!

    K – Ish? ??? ????

    Kim – She usually doesn’t spend a whole lot of time out of her tank, and we do love to just sit there and watch her climb around.

    TB – Yeah, her sheds are pretty easy to clean up. But we’re CONSTANTLY picking cat hair off of ourselves. Also, PITA, or PETA? 😀

    Sarah – Thanks for stopping by! We tried introducing frozen/thawed pinkies to Kali when she was little, and she was the opposite of interested. So we feed her live, and she’s a VERY efficient and effective killer. Most of the time, the rat doesn’t even have a chance to SQEEEEEE! Sometimes, well, they do. GAAAAAAH.

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