Posted: November 26, 2008 in Calvin, Home, Journal, Music, Video

1iconlinusblanketThis is going to be a short entry, since I have a craptastic amount of stuff to get done today.

It’s just 8:00 in the morning, and it’s dark and rainy outside. The thermometer on the patio says about 55 degrees (f), yet I have all the doors and windows thrown open. Hey, I can put a sweater on. It’s making the house smell so fresh and clean.

Hmm. Maybe I can skip all the cleaning I have to do today? No? Phooey.

Calvin’s doctor called with his MRI results, and everything’s fine. Or, to quote the nurse to Calvin, “Everything’s normal.” To which Calvin responded with, “There’s nothing normal about my brain.” To which the nurse responded with, :: blink :: “Have a nice day, sir!”

What, is there no humor in the medical industry?


I did want to comment on the American Music Awards.

The New Kids on the Block performed.

Oh, it was so pathetic. I couldn’t watch. I muted the TV and covered my eyes. “My eyes! My eyes!”

Also, the duet that Sara McClaughlan and Pink did for “Angel”… well, it was just beautiful. Their voices harmonize very, very well. Take a look (not the best video or sound quality, but you get the idea):

Finally, Rihanna’s dress was just stupid.


I may have to give up my membership card to Feminists of America, but I just have to say this. I dislike female referees and commentators in professional (male) sports. Specifically the NFL (girl commentators down by the field) and the NBA (girl refs on the court). They just seem like they’re overcompensating for their femaleness, and coming across as abrasive and bitchy. They’re women trying to act tough and adopt male mannerisms. Like they studied up on all the rules of the game the night before so they could casually toss out terms like, “controlling the clock,” or “hurry up offense”. Or, as was the case of the female ref at the Suns game last night, get up in player’s faces when they’re, like, three feet taller, and gesticulate the call with! deliberation! and! emphasis!

I’m going to catch hell from my female readers for this, I just know it. I can’t help it, it’s just how I feel about the whole thing.


Okay! I’m going to finish my coffee and get started on this thing. Dys and TB, if you’re reading, I’m making your Derby Pie today so I may be yelling for help! Now, as far as I understand, it’s one TBSP of whisky in the pie per one shot in the belly, right?

Pray I don’t burn the house down, people.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    That was a nice harmony. I don’t think I’ve watched the AMA’s since Guns N’ Roses played “Patience.” Whoops, dated myself again. Damn.

    And don’t use that pie name! I’m tellin’ ya, the people who trademarked that name are CRAZY about suing people…for whatever godforsaken reason, I have no idea…

    As for the TBSP per shot, yes, but for a successful experience I recommend setting the shots aside and not doing them until the sucker’s in the oven. 😉

  2. LL Cool Joe says:

    Rihanna is beautiful, she could make a trash bag look good! 😀

    Gotta say that duet was a bit snoresville for me. ZZzzZZZ 😉

    Good post though. 🙂

  3. LL Cool Joe says:

    oh and give me a woman that “acts tough and adopts male mannerisms’ any day! 😀

  4. angelcel says:

    So glad Calvin’s been give the A~OK. What great timing. Now you can really enjoy your Thanksgiving.

    It’s difficult for me to comment on your female commentators. Do you think they were chosen for camera appeal? Our women sports presenters tend to be sportswomen so they do a good job. …Besides which I don’t really understand what you’re talking about …’controlling the clock’ ‘n all that!

    I *am* right in saying that it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow??
    I hope you have a wonderful day and a great Thanksgiving meal. x

  5. Calvin says:

    I like the fact that Laura is Hello Kitty. My ex was a woman that “acts tough and adopts male mannerisms’ and was always up for a round of who’s dick is bigger.
    That made going out loads of fun since she was never the one to take the beating when she ran her mouth to the large man at the end of the bar.

  6. iamheatherjo says:

    After spending my life working in typically male dominated fields in positions that are usually occupied by males, I’ve almost had “announce my presence with authority” (Bull Durham reference) to keep them from hitting on me while I’m trying to work or attempting to run me over because they think they can.

    Not all guys do it, but a LOT of them will if you let them.

  7. Heather says:

    Calvin, I thought of you and our many ‘whose dick is bigger’ conversations as I was typing my first reply. Haha!

    You know I’D never pick a fight with a guy unless I knew for sure that I could take him! 😉

  8. Sara McClaughlan is a pretty lady…she makes me feel kinda funny inside.

    That comment probably make anything I say about the female refs and commentators not worth listen to, but I watch a lot of sports have haven’t seen issues with refs or commentators in the booths, but some of the “court/field side people aren’t there due to their journalistic skill.” TV is a visual medium…that can’t be changed.

    Glad to here Calvin is within tolerances…

    And everyone knows that electricians have the biggest d*cks on ANY construction site!

  9. Kim says:

    Yay on the MRI results – happy for you both!
    I enthusiastically agree with you on the female sports commentators. I’m particularly hating that blond Angela woman and I cringe whenever I hear one of them talk to a player. If that means I have to give up my lady membership, well then take it away!
    Hope you’re having a lovely day today and a yummy dinner tomorrow.

  10. Elissa says:

    I don’t like the females on the sidelines either. Not sure why, I consider myself to be feminist enough. But I just am annoyed by them. Maybe they are trying to be heard in a noisy environment so they need to practically yell and they just sound harsh and shrill? I don’t know – but I’m with ya!!

  11. Laura says:

    TB – Well, they did make a brief come-back a few years ago, but Axl SUCKED. Also, noted on the Top Secret Pie Name. Finally, FEH. The recipe only calls for 2 tbsp, I can TOTALLY handle two shots!!!

    LL Cool Joe – Looked like she tore a curtain off of a rod and wrapped it around her with a belt. Or maybe it was a tablecloth. 😀 Also, there is a time and place for a woman to act tough – hmm, I guess commentating football might be one of those times, huh?

    Jayne – I’m not sure why these particular women I have in mind were chosen – they’re not particularly appealing, IMHO. Kind of mannish, actually.

    Calvin – I am NOT Hello Kitty! SHEEEEEESH.

    Heather – “Announce my presence with authority” is a good way to put it, actually. Nothing wrong with that. Feh, I’ll have to do a whole post about femininity, I think. Then let the argument in the comments begin!

    MTAE – Yeah, I might temporarily switch teams if she ever showed up at the door. Also, “within tolerances”… bwaaa! You tech types are ALWAYS thinking about work.

    Kim – Glad to know I’m not the only girl who thinks that way! I feel better now.

    Elissa – Three of us, now! We could start our own club. You’re probably right, though, that they’re just speaking up but coming across as shrill. I have a low tolerance for “bitchy”, and “shrill” triggers it.

  12. […] is somewhat timely as Laura had me thinking about how I might come off when I am on jobsites and when I have had to supervise […]

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