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Posted: November 10, 2008 in best things, blogkeeping, Blogthings, Music, Pimp, Video

Not to steal Taoist Biker’s Monday Music gig, but have I mentioned how dead sexy I think David Draiman is? He’s the lead singer (growler, yeller?) of Disturbed. We’ve had a couple of CD’s for quite some time, and we got a DVD from Zia Records a few weeks ago – basically a tour documentary with concert footage and music videos. There is just SOMETHING about the way that man moves on stage – that prowl intermixed with dancing and moving to the beat – that just flat does it for me. Nom nom nom. He IS a little odd to watch in an interview. He kind of over-enunciates his words in a strangely precise way, and effects intellectual intensity. At least, that was my impression. Feh, who cares. He’s HAWT. And probably, like, really short.

(Warning, not-safe-for-work lyrics and images, and a somewhat disturbing (no pun intended) theme to the video. Good song, though! Heh.)

Here’s another good song. Really, I haven’t run across a Disturbed song I didn’t like. They manage to be metal, melodic, and understandable all at the same time (GASP! You can SING ALONG), with a good beat. Not typical for the genre, I think. Draiman’s voice is nicely flexible and he can sing as well as he can chant, growl, scream, and get all crazy with his bad self. This one got a lot of radio play when it first came out, and the video has a lot of concert footage which enables the appreciation of the NOM.


And now, some administrata. I have added a new feature to the left-hand sidebar, called “Pimp of the Week”. As you might guess from the title, I will be featuring something new here each week. It could be a new website, a blog, a product, a book, a movie, a TV show, or whatever else my little heart desires to pimp. I have yet to decide if I’m going to keep a permanent list of what I feature, ala the list of weekly website taglines I’ve used that are at the bottom of the About page. Probably. I like lists.

Even though I get almost all of my blog reads via my feed reader (Google Reader), I always click through and visit all the sites I read at least a couple of times a week. Just so all you bloggers out there know that I see and appreciate the website construction that doesn’t necessarily come through the feed.

That’s all for the moment, my gentle snowflakes. Happy Monday!

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    I am not a unique snowflake. I am the all-singing all-dancing crap of the world. 😉

    Bah, take my gig! There are 24 hours in every Monday; my MM posts take what, 10 minutes? Leaving the rest of teh interwebz 23 hours and 50 minutes to musicify everything up.

    I like Disturbed quite a bit, and I think Draiman is definitely a superbly talented frontman in every respect. I’ve heard from multiple sources that he’s an insufferable prick in person, but on record he’s 100% badass.

    And I love “Stupify” – I spent a ton of time playing along to the CD. The end riff that starts at about 3:26 is one of my favorites EVAR. Makes me want to break out my Les Paul and detune it again.

  2. Kim says:

    I LOVE Disturbed – they are the best Had-A-Shitty-Day-At-Work-And-Now-I’m-Going-To-Blast-Angry-Music-All-The-Way-Home band ever!
    Can’t watch the videos right now because of Angry Psycho Office Mate, but you better believe I’ll be coming back later to check ’em out!

  3. :Heather says:

    I never found David to be a prick and, yes, he’s short but still taller than Laura. ;). Danny Donegan is a sweetheart of a guy. He and Fuzz used to be in a bamd with my friend Shawn called Vandal many years ago. It’s nice to see the guys you,ve supported and loved get the recognition they deserve.

  4. crisitunity says:

    Hey, you’re pimping me! On the week I wrote about my suicide attempt! Yay!


  5. Laura says:

    TB – Okay, you’ve mentioned “de-tuning” a couple of times, don’t you want to TUNE your guitar?

    Kim – AMEN.


    Crisitunity – Um, the timing wasn’t exactly intentional, given your subject matter. I plan on writing you an e-mail about my impressions of your “memories” series. Heavy stuff, but so well written!

  6. crisitunity says:

    I was just kidding. I am who I am, and this week is as good as any other. 🙂 I look forward to your email!

  7. Taoist Biker says:

    By “detuning” I mean down-tuning. If I recall, “Stupify” is in drop-D, plus all strings tuned down a half-step.

    C# G# C# F# A# D#

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