Eating and drinking are hobbies, right?

Posted: November 9, 2008 in best things, booze, Food, Holiday, Pimp, weekend

1iconjamesonI had a “duh” moment yesterday. Jayne mentioned that while she’d love to try to make some of the recipes that she’s seen here and at World Famous Nosh and other U.S. based food blogs, everyone outside of the U.S. has a completely different measuring system for recipes. So! I plan to work through all of the recipes over at WFN (96 and counting!) and update them with metric measurements, and I’ll be sure to include metric measurements in my cookbook as well. It was dumb of me to space that detail out in the first place. I blame all the beer.

While I’m at it, I’d love some feedback. How important is it to you guys to see the nutritional information associated with a recipe? I know of a website that has a tool that will figure that stuff out, and I’ll include it in my recipes and cookbook if you guys think it would be a good idea. Thanks!


Calvin and I tried New Belgium’s new seasonal beer, “Giddy Up!”, which is an ale brewed with lemon peel and infused with espresso. We tend to gravitate toward darker beers with chocolate and caramel tones, so we gave this one a shot. It wasn’t too bad – not my favorite, but not bad. NB’s “Fat Tire” and “1554” continue to be our favorite dark beers, and Bridgeport IPA is my favorite all-around beer.

I also love what is called a “Harp Snakebite”, which is half Strongbow hard cider (or other hard cider, but I prefer Strongbow) and half Harp lager. A regular “Snakebite” is made with Guinness, which is also good. If I’m REALLY in an Irish Drinking Mood, I’ll slam some Irish Car Bombs, which is a boilermaker made of a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream dropped into a half-pint of Guinness. Or you can make it with a shot of Jameson whisky with a float of Bailey’s, dropped into the Guinness. And then you, yourself, can drop. To the floor, to the bed, to the passenger seat. You know, whatever’s handy.

I’m not sure why I figured you should know this. The season, I guess. We start thinking about what we’re going to buy for our “Christmas Booze” around this time of year. Usually it’s one each of a whisky, a vodka, and a tequila, that we haven’t tried before. One year we even got absinthe from France. THAT was an interesting Christmas.

(I’m linking to the old Blogger entries because not everything transferred over to WordPress when I did the upload. And I still haven’t gotten around to going entry by entry and seeing what did come over and what didn’t. Good thing I never took down the old website, eh?)

So! Anybody got any favorites that they’d like to recommend? Our currents are Jameson Whisky (18 year preferred), Jose Cuervo Black Medallion tequila, and Grey Goose vodka (no flavored vodkas, ew). Anybody know anything about ports or brandies? Anybody have a mixed drink in particular that curls your toes? Anybody wish to extoll upon the evil nature of the demon likker? I promise to ignore you with utmost sincerity. Heh.


Football, football, football today. Buffalo at New England, Green Bay at Minnesota, and Giants and Philly have captured my interest. The Cards are on Monday Night Football this week (against San Francisco), and are first in the NFC West for, like, the First Time Evar. Woo!


Finally, I got this link from Robin over at Bitchypoo and spent a dumb amount of time trying to impress myself with my own spatial abilities. Go waste your time. You’re welcome.

  1. iamheatherjo says:

    Don’t ew the flavored vodka! Vanilla (with Diet Coke) and Pear (with Sierra Mist) are my friend. I HAVE seen Calvin shooting the raspberry stuff (I don’t like raspberry so I know it wasn’t mine in your fridge). 😉

    I don’t like Cuervo tequila of any kind or Cabo Wabo. Ick. Especially for shooting. You can mix it in a margarita and I’m okay, but for shots I love Patron and Don Julio and the stuff Calvin bought that one Christmas/New Year’s. Don Eduardo, was it? That was good stuff! My friend Jack has started the Patron Social Club around here. It meets every Wednesday when he plays at the place that has the chilled tequila dispenser that I’m so very fond of. I’ll take you to a ‘meeting’ when you visit. 😀

  2. angelcel says:

    You’re going to convert all 96 recipes? I’m impressed because having tried it with just one or two I know how fiddly it all becomes. Those of us this side of the pond appreciate your dedication. 🙂
    Just to give you my ha’peth worth, I personally am quite happy without the nutritional information on recipes but I imagine it would prove useful to others who are more diligent about diet.
    And brandy? …Remy Martin, or have you thought of trying an Armagnac?

  3. Kim says:

    Personally I’d rather NOT see the nutritional value of the recipes! I know whenever I make a recipe (and I’ve made a version of your beef stew last winter; don’t know if I told you or not but it was the YUM) it’s not going to be with good dietary intentions. However, I feel selfish saying that for other people who may want them, so nevermind.
    We stick to redneck beer around these parts, so no comment on the beer. Embarrassing.
    As far as seasonal drinks, my parents used to make homemade Kahluha and though I only liked it when mixed in White or Black Russians, the smell of the house during the cooking time (several hours, as I remember it) was so delish. I keep meaning to get the recipe from my mom, but now that we live in the buckle of the bible belt, wouldn’t have much use to give it away as gifts and it would be too much for us to drink alone.

  4. Lorraine says:

    You could try making limoncello for yourself and for gifts (see below). Mine will be done infusing this week, and I’ll let you know how it is!

  5. Lana says:

    Sorry unfortuanately I am no help at giving new drink recipes since my favorite is a girly drink called “Candy necklace” I am betting it would be too sticky sweet for your taste…

    Oh and if you do try that class please let me know how you like it …

  6. Calvin says:

    I think it was ew to the flavored as a straight shot for sipping. The raspberry stuff was a purchasing mistake and well I could not bring myself to just pour it out.
    That pear drink sounds good and now I must try, but I’ll stick with a nice dark beer and good quality whisky, vodka or tequila to sip.
    It was Don Eduardo and I have taken to putting the vodka or tequila in the freezer which makes it very mild, Patron silver from the freezer yum!
    The whisky is nice to change up by going on the rocks or at room temp like the dark beers the flavors and aromas change as the temp changes.

  7. Heather says:

    Agreed, Calvin! The freezer is a must!!! That Don Eduardo was good, good stuff! We’ll have to get some of that when we all get to hang out again. Like our little tradition or something! 😉

  8. Laura says:

    Heather – That must’ve been when we tried it and decided on the ew. Although I will say that Peach Absolut is actually pretty darned good, especially with OJ. And yes, I think it was Don Eduardo.

    Jayne – Yes, all 96! I’m just not going to give y’all a due date. 😉 I’ll take you up on the brandy recommendations – BevMo (Beverages! And More!) has little sampler bottles of a lot of stuff, which helps us find what we like without committing to a whole bottle.

    Kim – I hear ya! I don’t want the guilt that goes along with eating most of my recipes (home cooked food does NOT equal low fat/low calorie). My grandmother has a recipe for home-made Kahlua that I’m going to try, it’s here if you’re interested. I LOVE WHITE RUSSIANS. And Kahlua and Cream. And also a brownie recipe with Kahlua in it that for some reason I haven’t posted yet! I must get to that soon.

    Lorraine – That sounds really good! And easy. What kind of vodka did you use?

    Lana – Hey, I like a good Lemondrop or Appletini as much as the next pinkie-up beverage drinking girl!

    Calvin – Darnit, another kind of likker to love, huh? 😀

    Heather – So when are you coming out? 😉

  9. iamheatherjo says:

    No…it’s YOUR turn to come HERE! I’ve been back there 3 times since I moved. 😉

  10. crisitunity says:

    When I first started using Recipezaar, I was delighted that they included nutritional information on all their recipes. It had never occurred to me that any recipe book would do that. I don’t expect cookbooks to start doing it, but it would be really, really terrific if a good cookbook just happened to have the nutritional info in it.

    So I guess I’m saying that if you don’t include that info, you won’t exactly be letting the world down, since almost nobody bothers, but if you did it might give your cookbook an advantage for cooks like me who like knowing everything about what they make.

  11. Taoist Biker says:

    [Schultz]I know nozzing…NOZZING![/Schultz] about anything…except bourbon.

    My favorite is Maker’s Mark, especially to cook with (we still have to get you that pie recipe, don’t we?) but other good and not-super-common bourbons…

    Evan Williams Single Barrel (my second fave)
    Woodford Reserve
    Buffalo Trace (somewhat hard to find)
    Knob Creek
    Four Roses Small Batch (I haven’t tried their Single Barrel yet)
    Elijah Craig (12 Year Old – haven’t had the 18yr yet)

    Finally, there’s Booker’s, a small batch named after the late master distiller at Jim Beam. Bottled right out of the barrel, so it’s at a natural barrel proof in the 120’s. It’s expensive…around $55-60 for a 750ml…so I’ve never actually bought a bottle, although I’ve considered it. But I’ve had it at bars, and I think it’s excellent…but you’d best have a little bit of water with it. I drink it on the rocks and give it a second for some of the ice to melt.

  12. crisitunity says:

    TB, a person living in the state you’re living in should know better than to COOK with Maker’s Mark. BLASPHEMY.

  13. Jean says:

    The new 100 proof Captain Morgan is tasty and sly….a real ‘creeper’ liquor. And less mixer to bother with…

  14. Taoist Biker says:

    They oughta know better than to cook WITHOUT Maker’s.

  15. fishdreamer says:

    My favorite bourbon is 1792, Woodford Reserve would come second. I’ve had the Booker’s and it’s pretty good, but at that price point I’ll stick to Blanton’s instead. My standard drink is a manhattan.

    For tequila, I like Milagro, I think the Reposado but I’m not sure. It’s the one that’s got the brownish decoration on the bottle instead of blue. I’ve been known to mix that with the juice of half a lime, a little Chambord, and ginger ale when I wanted something cool and not as sour as a margarita. And it’s tasty on the rocks, if you like your tequila that way.

    If you want to check out some serious liquor (and FOOD!) reviews, go to Chuck Taggart’s site Looka! (aka Gumbopages).

  16. Laura says:

    Heather – Okay, okay! Yeesh. 😛

    Crisitunity – So, people’s opinions so far seem to be split down the middle on that. Which means I’m still undecided!

    TB – I’m going to ask a question that’s going to get me PWND. Shouldn’t you cook with cheap booze, and sip the good stuff? Does it really make a difference in the recipe, since the alcohol gets evaporated off anyway?

    Crisitunity – Yes, that was my impression! See my comment to TB.

    Jean – The Private Stock? I KNOW. I got messed up a few weekends ago on that stuff. NOM.

    Fishdreamer – We’ve had the 1792 and Woodford and like them both, but not as much as Jameson. I forgot to mention Casa Noble as a good tequila, but it’s kinda spendy. Also, thanks for the link, I shall check it out forthwith!

  17. crisitunity says:

    I agree with your PWND comment. That’s why I said what I said to TB. 🙂

  18. Taoist Biker says:

    Cooking with Maker’s is different, since it’s made with winter wheat replacing the rye component in the mash mix. It makes it somewhat sweeter rather than sour or bitter.

    So NYAH. 😉

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