Stew Weather.

Posted: November 8, 2008 in best things, Bring the funny, Food, weekend, work

cookiesStoo Hykoo

Today I make stew.
Cold weather gives you a clue.
Shoo! Go make stew, you!

And then come back.

Today will be spent primarily in the back yard, raking and trimming and bagging and vine wrastlin’. And then, hot tubbing. I’ll finally crack open that bottle of champagne, I think. Stress relief, muscle relaxant, and celebration all in one.

This fall-type weather always puts me in the mood to cook. Like COOK-cook, not “make dinner” cook. Follow-the-recipe, destroy-the-kitchen, make-the-house-smell-divine, try-new-stuff and get-fat-while-doing-it cook. Since it’s just Calvin and me, and since Calvin isn’t so much a baked goods sort of guy (he’s a pork rinds and salsa kind of guy), I felt rather bereft that it didn’t make much sense to whip up a lot of the seasonal goodies that I’m in the mood for. But then I recalled that my work-mates are ALWAYS into home baked goodness (that’s how I got rid of most of my pumpkin bread, in fact).

(Yeah, I was butt-hurt that neither Calvin nor Marie expressed any interest whatsoever in Grandma’s Extra Special Pumpkin Bread. I got over it.)

So, to satisfy my craving to bake, and to satisfy my need to have my creations CONSUMED and APPRECIATED (ahem, Calvin, that’s how I am – I show love by COOKING and watching people EAT and I am my Grandmother’s progeny so DEAL… hmm, maybe I didn’t get over it), I’m going to cook a different goody every Monday (my telecommute day) in November and December, bring it to work on Tuesdays, and stuff my co-workers full of gastronomical goodness. The Bar might get some, too. My point is, it’s really hard to BAKE and BE ON A DIET at the same time. So I’m saving myself by giving to others. It’s a win-win!

(I said that? Yes I did. Shoot me now, please.)

(I love me some parenthesis, don’t I?)

This Monday it’s going to be Peanut Butter Crispy Bars (and if you haven’t visited Smitten Kitchen yet, let me just warn you that it’s CRACK). Go to that link. Look at that recipe. And TELL ME you don’t want to make them IMMEDIATELY. There is a God, and He invented chocolate and peanut butter. He’s a pretty smart guy. Or girl. Or gender non-specific deity. Whatever floats your theological boat.


Also? You guys have been KILLING ME with all the bad jokes left in the comments. I have the Best Readers Ever.

  1. Kim says:

    Okay, seriouly – get out of my head! I JUST NOW posted my blog today and while not EXACTLY the same as yours, it does involve cooking in cooler weather, I also used the term “win-win” AND I used “crack” (I have a cookie recipe that is so good, which I’m baking today I call the Crack Cookies).
    I swear, this is just getting eerie!

  2. Jen says:

    Landon also loved the pumpkin bread. THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. angelcel says:

    Stew is so good in crummy weather – it’s one of the few compensations of blustery, cold, wet days. By the way, I tend to diet all week then *eat* at the weekend. It seems to work for me!
    Thanks so much for the link to Smitten Kitchen. …Nice site and I can see I’ll be visiting again …
    I love looking at baking recipes on U.S. sites, particularly your cookies, but rarely get around to trying anything unfortunately. I can usually work my way around your different measurements but there are still nuances in language and references to popular products over there that tend to confuse. It’s frustrating!

  4. iamheatherjo says:

    You know, I bet baked goodness would travel well in tins and/or ziplock containers…

  5. Laura says:

    Kim – Whoooooa.

    Jen – Yay! Sorry he won’t be able to have the peanut butter crispy bars, but YOU can!

    Jayne – DUH. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier, but a lot of my readers are not in the U.S. and therefore don’t use the same measuring methods as I do! I’ll update World Famous Nosh to include metric measurements, and try to describe the more obscure products so you can see if you have an equivalent over there.

    Heather – What? I taught you how to make Magic Cookie Bars, you aren’t up to more than that? 😀

  6. iamheatherjo says:

    Nope. Not at all. I’m SO not a baker. Nana was the baker. Magic Cookie Bars are easy and the recipe is always right there on the back of the condensed cream so I don’t forget. Heehee!

  7. Laura says:

    Heather – Not even Rice Krispy Treats? 😛

  8. crisitunity says:

    If you can bring yourself to make fruitcake – Alton Brown’s molto delicioso fruitcake (recipe on the Food Network website), not the horrid kind implied by the word – you will have dandy Christmas presents for coworkers and other people who aren’t too close friends. Plus you’ll get to bake. BF did this last year and it went over unbelievably well.

  9. Taoist Biker says:

    I actually made a stew this weekend myself. I’ll have to recipe up for ya. Lemme see if I can remember it off the top of my head or if I have to go home and write it down…

  10. […] and I went on a stew-cooking bender this weekend.  Exactly as she said, it’s starting to be stew weather around here.  When it starts to get cold, I start thinking of making a big ol’ stew like my […]

  11. Laura says:

    Crisitunity – Perhaps we should name it something different? “Fruitcake” just has BAAAAAD MOJO.

    TB – Next time I make a stew, I’m going to try your recipe!

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