Forty sippin’, set trippin’

Posted: October 24, 2008 in Arizona, best things, bitching, Family, Friends, Holiday, Home, Memory Lane, Pimp, weekend, WTF

Regarding my friends:

Heather took this picture and sent it to me, and it’s one of the reasons why I LOVE HER TO LITTLE BITS AND PIECES WITH SPRINKLES AND SPARKLES AND A GOOEY NOUGAT CENTER.

The weather is lovely enough for Jen and I to take our daily walks around AcronymCo’s campus outside. I have nothing else to say about that other than Jen is my friend and I love her, and I like 80 degree weather.

Regarding my sister:

Okay, she must be mad at me again, and again I have no fucking clue why. I can’t even remember the last time I talked to her – months ago. She didn’t call me on my birthday. I’ve left her multiple voicemail messages, and left multiple comments on her daughter’s MySpace page. No calls back, no replies. I mean, seriously. Just a quick call, leave a message, shoot me an e-mail, tell me, “Hey, I’m pissed at you and this is why, so quit calling me.” That’s all I ask for. Except I can’t even imagine what I did wrong this time. SIGH.

Passive-aggressive people suck.

Regarding the weekend:

I have a sneaking suspicion that this work day is going to drrrrraaaaaaggggg by. I just want to get home, and (gasp!) CLEAN. I’m feeling nesty. Plus, Calvin fixed the hot tub last weekend (WOOT) so I need to clean it and fill it and HEAT it and SIT IN IT. We have a birthday thing for a friend to go to after work, but I gotta say I don’t really feel like it. I just want to be home with Calvin listening to music and being silly and playing Rock Band. Knock back some beers, maybe watch a movie. Plus the aforementioned hot tub, and fun things that tend to happen in it.


Tomorrow night we’re going to a benefit gig, so if you live in the Greater Phoenix area, the show starts at 6:00 (we probably won’t show up until closer to 8:00, because my friend’s band doesn’t go on until around 9:00), at Famous Sam’s on Ray and Alma School. There’s no cover, there will be raffles, and all proceeds go to support Juvenile Diabetes research. The bands are: Super Rockstar Heroes, Sunset Strip, Nector, Too Fast For Love, 68 Guns, and VooDoo. All-ages until 10:00 p.m.

Then Sunday is, of course, Football Day. Last weekend we watched the games at Darkhorse. I think this weekend I’d like to just stay at home – we can dictate which game we watch (the folks at DH have been having technical difficulties with their cable boxes and Channel Management on their, like, eighteen TV’s), the food will probably be better (because I Am An Amazing Cook), and we can implement the No Pants Rule. I think the folks at Darkhorse would have something to say if we tried that at their establishment.

Regarding the economy:

I don’t give a flying FUCK about the stock market. There, I said it. However! Two points of light shining in the ever-growing darkness: gas is rather cheaper, now. Don’t know how long OPEC will allow that to continue, but for now it doesn’t take me a c-note to fill my tank.

AND! The price of lobster is going down!!! So get ye forth and buy the leggy little buggers (I’ve used these folks and these folks with good results).

Just in time for our Christmas lobster dinner tradition! See this entry for 2000, or this entry for 2001, or this entry for 2002, or this entry for 2003, or this entry for 2006, or these pictures for 2007. I didn’t have a blog in 1998 (the very beginning of the tradition) or 1999 or else there would have been entries – I do have pictures I could scan if I were less lazy, though. Also, in 2004 a storm waylaid our shipment, and in 2005 we were in Whistler.

My goodness, this entry got all linky, didn’t it?

(For the curious, the title is a lyric from Friday by Ice Cube.)

  1. Lobster prices and gas prices DOWN?!?!?!?!?

    If only beer would join in the dropping price party, I might have to quit work.

    Well, I guess low beer prices, mixed with low gas prics is a bad combinatioon and might increase the number of DWIs. I stick with the low gas prices and maybe beef instead of beer.

  2. iamheatherjo says:

    Ummm…Do I have to be pantsless during the Hour With Heather on Sunday? 🙂

  3. Calvin says:

    In my best Joey from friends! Well Yeah! How you doin!
    Side note Heather every time I look at your picture you make me smile love the energy.

  4. Taoist Biker says:

    I would say I don’t give a fuck about the economy if I wasn’t contemplating a job change. And if my brother wasn’t expecting to get laid off any day now.

    I WILL say the gas price plunge has been pleasant. And you’d damn well better believe I’m going to fill every tank and gas can I have before Election Day!

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