iTunes Genius

Posted: October 23, 2008 in best things, Music, Pimp

To my fellow iPod owners/iTunes users, has anybody tried the Genius feature yet?

I. Love. It.

From my music library, I clicked on “Carpet Crawlers” (by Genesis) and then clicked on the Genius icon for it to auto-generate a playlist based on this song and the songs in my library, and this is the playlist it came up with:

It also provides an iTunes store menu bar on the right hand side of the screen, recommending songs and albums for purchase (that aren’t already in your library) based on the song you created the Genius playlist from.

You can either save the recommended playlist for future use, or just play it without saving it. I have music ADD (I think that’s an actual condition, isn’t it?) so I have been choosing to not save the playlists.

Yet another weapon in my arsenal to combat cubicle boredom. I now offer this wisdom to you, my gentle snowflakes. Go forth, carry on, enjoy.


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