Posted: October 17, 2008 in goals, Headspace, Maine, vacation

When (hah!) we win the lottery, the very first thing we’re going to do (you know, after fainting dead away, giving my two week notice (yes, I’d give notice instead of just quitting), having a very VERY nice meal, and getting completely sauced) is fly back home to Maine (first class, natch), rent a nice hotel room in downtown Portland for, say, a month, and DO NOTHING. We’d eat a lot. Contemplate the fact that we never have to get up and go to work ever again. Sit and stare at the ocean. Catch each other’s eyes at frequent intervals and just giggle our asses off.

We (I say “we”, though Calvin might want to go right out and buy an Audi R8) would make no plans. We would change nothing (except for the aforementioned job-quitting). We would make no huge purchases, or do anything significantly life-altering.

We’d just go home (It’s not “home” yet for Calvin – but it will be some day. Oh yes, it will be). Get a good grounding, remind ourselves of our foundation and priorities. And then we’d buy a house there. And then we’d pay off all of our bills. And pay off the bills of the family members that are nice to us (heh). And then we’d give really nice gifts to all of our friends.


We’d travel. And travel some more. Go to Europe for, like, three months (two words: PUB CRAWL. Two more words: THE LOUVRE). And then Hawaii again. And then get an RV and travel all over the U.S. Yellowstone. Colonial Williamsburg. The Florida Keys. See the Smithsonian and other historical sites of D.C. And then we’d hit the Canadian Rockies and all the lodges and National Parks that we’ve seen on the Travel Channel. And then we’d come home for a month (home in Maine? home in Arizona? EITHER! BOTH!), and do NOTHING. And then we’d plan our next series of trips.

We have a nice life. We really do, even without winning the lottery. But the one BIG thing that would change about our lives if when we DO win the lottery is the ability to travel everywhere we’ve ever wanted to go. We have to be very careful and choosy of the vacations we plan right now, because money is limited. If it wasn’t, we’d go EVERYWHERE.

What would YOU do if you won the lottery?

  1. Buy land on a mountaintop, build a house (with multiple towers), make my own ammunition and liquor and sit on the front porch in my underwear with a shotgun defending it until I die…

    Or just stick where I am at and do some nice things for people…Not too sure which way I’ll go!

  2. iamheatherjo says:

    And not one mention of ‘visit Heather’.


  3. Laura says:

    Morethananelectrician – Heh. Your first way to go was Calvin’s first choice before I convinced him otherwise.

    Heather – That was the part about “giving really nice gifts to our friends”. You’d get The Gift Of Us. 😀

  4. Jen says:

    I would buy the two lots next to us and fence them in. Then We’d expand the house.

    And I’d make Laura’s dining room and kitchen bigger. It needs to be bigger.

    I’d buy my little brother a small house somewhere in Tempe or something. buy it outright and give it to him, along with a check for $10,000. Then I’d tell him to NEVER talk to me about money AGAIN.

    I might get mom the same deal, depending on how much we won.
    I’d hire a nanny and have more babies!!!!! (okay, at least one more)

  5. K says:

    Pay off my house and the houses of all my family and friends, quit my job, and hire a professional decorator to decorate the crap out of my house.

  6. Calvin says:

    Of all the great things I can imagine that could be by coming into a pile of money I think there would be some amount of bad also.
    Like Jen said, here’s your checks and that’s it!
    I want first watch in the towers with the Barrett.

  7. Kim says:

    Your plan sounds good to me, the helping family and traveling. But I’d also use some money to adopt a child and start a dog rescue. Children and dogs – I like them better than most everyone else.

  8. Megan says:

    Run for President.
    Just kidding.

    First off, fly to my in-laws so they can meet the children. Stay for a year. Build an orphanage. Fly out any of my family members who want to come.
    Buy my sister a house. Pay off our families’ houses.
    Find the best schools for the children and move there. When they are old enough, let them go for the ‘Semester at Sea’ program. But get jobs on the ship so we could keep half an eye on them.
    Send all our nieces and nephews to college.
    Have homes in Arizona, Ohio and Alaska.
    Get a Kitchen Aide mixer. Buy my husband all the tech/TV/sound system stuff he’s always looking at.

    Calvin. You are so right. I think it is the Br’er Rabbit problem. You can suddenly have money and be in a different place financially, but you still bring yourself along. All your problems remain the same. (Or get magnified. Yikes. I’d probably gain fifty pounds if I could afford to eat/cook wherever/whatever I wanted.)

  9. Jeanette says:

    First and foremost I would share some of it with family and close friends. Then we would purchase a winter house in Nevada or Arizona and keep our house here in Michigan because we have the most beautiful spring, summer and fall! Then I would buy a RV and travel all over the US, from one end to the other! I would donate a ton of money to charities, especially ones that benefit children and animals! Then I would just sit back and enjoy the ride!

  10. Taoist Biker says:

    Buy a decent house and land near both our parents, pay off every debt for our families, build one big-ass garage and fill it with a shitpot full of motorcycles ( 😀 ), maybe build a racetrack.

    Then I’d endow a professorship and a scholarship or five, including one for my old grad school mentor. He deserves it.

  11. Laura says:

    Jen – My kitchen needs to be bigger? ~grin~

    K – But the fun of it is doing it yourself when you have the moolah!

    Calvin – So, my plan is THE plan, then?

    Kim – Sounds like you’d need acres of land laid back in the woods, too!

    Megan – Sounds like YOU’D need to have a bigger kitchen! 😀

    Jeanette – Sounds like just the thing!

    TB – Aw, man, I forgot about getting the pile of motorcycles for Calvin.

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