Filed under: “Things That Make My Head Explode”

Posted: October 6, 2008 in work, WTF

Tag lines and phrases du-jour at work.  Last week, the head-exploding word was Kaizen. The week before that, it was “brickyard” (in reference to the sardine room they packed us into to do systems testing).

THIS week it’s Tiger Team.

DEAR (effing) GOD, I’m living in a Dilbert cartoon.

  1. Kim says:

    You know which ones I love (and by love I mean hate)?

    Bring to the table – As in, “At the next meeting we’d really like to see what you bring to the table.” No you wouldn’t. That’s why all I’m bringing is my can of Diet Coke and a notepad to write mean poems about my co-workers.


    “Let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.” You’re an anal PhD with no common sense who shouldn’t be a department manager. We will never be on the same page.

  2. Calvin says:

    “Having said that” or “With that being said”

  3. angelcel says:

    ‘Kaizen’??? …. ‘Tiger Team???’ Oh help us, this is the kind of nonsense that will be heading our way soon. :{

  4. suzy2110 says:

    I am feeling like the office junior now, having had to click on both your links to understand what you were talking about!!

    I’m with TB…definite Bullshit Bingo. 🙂

  5. iamheatherjo says:

    Don’t forget the low hanging fruit. I remember how you loooooooved that one. 😉

  6. Laura says:

    Kim – Oh, man. Good (bad) ones.

    TB – Yep, play it all the time. In my head, anyway. Jen and I counted how many times the dude said “kaisen” in our last meeting – and we got up to, what, sixteen? Seventeen? Something like that.

    Calvin – Now, having said that, how does it make you feel? 😛

    Jayne – Terribly sorry. It wasn’t me!!!

    Suzy – Believe me, you aren’t missing anything!

    Heather – GAAAAAAAHHHHH.

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