Since I’ve been gone…

Posted: September 27, 2008 in Arizona, books, Calvin, Friends, Health/Fitness, Home, Journal, Music, Op:Goddess, TV, Video, weekend

Well, that was a heck of a lot of fun! I really enjoyed letting other writers take the reigns for a week. It’s always so interesting to read from another’s point of view. I’d like to thank each of the five writers who so generously shared their time and energy and talents with us.

I had so much fun with that, I might make it an annual thing!

Anyhoo. Now for what’s been going on around here:

Monday and Tuesday I kicked my own ass (I was going to on Wednesday and Thursday, too, but I got sidelined by a massive headache on Wednesday and on Thursday I decided that I’d like to be able to walk again some day). I’ve never watched The Biggest Loser but at this very moment in time I HATE JILLIAN MICHAELS. But in a good way. Mostly. Okay, maybe not. I just hope I don’t have to run for my life in the next couple of days, because if so, I’m doomed. I can’t even move fast enough to get out of my own damned way. I’m staggering around the house like my legs have extra, wobbly, joints.

Calvin even decided to join me during one of the sessions (you’d think twenty minutes would go by fast, but you’d be wrong). He kicked my ass ALL up and down the living room. He’s in damn good shape. He’s not even sore and I’m not sure I can forgive him for that. I kind of dared him to work out with me, and now that he’s done so I have to pony up on the bet.

I’m SO not sharing what the bet was. Nope. Sorry. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Must See TV Month is progressing quite nicely. The Big Bang Theory continues to delight (“I’ve got more nervous ticks than a lyme disease research facility”). Fringe is better than I expected it to be. Bones is still one of my favorites (HAH! I KNEW Zack wasn’t a killer!). I still adore Grey’s Anatomy with all my little heart. I’m on the fence about The Mentalist. How I Met Your Mother is starting to get rather boring. The Sara Connor Chronicles is somewhat predictable. Worst Week is NOT going to make it. There’s a bunch of others I’m opinionated about but I can’t think of them right now.

Along similar lines, our area FINALLY got On Demand, so I’m catching up on Season Two of The Tudors. Anne Bolyn is an example of how a pretty, pretty girl can be fantastically ugly. Although I’m sure the actress herself is a nice lady, in real life. (And wouldn’t Calvin LOVE to find THAT out. Actually, she’s pretty enough to cause me to have a bi moment or two, myself.)

I got Calvin Rock Band 2 for an early birthday present, and thus far we have formed a band, toured Montreal, Boston, and New York City, got a tour bus, and rocked the party that rocked the party. However, as this week’s tagline has demonstrated, I have been completely unable to get “Lump” by the Presidents of the United States of America out of my head since LAST Saturday night. What an earworm that song is, I tell ya.

Here. I shouldn’t suffer alone:

Yes, I know. The song makes no sense whatsoever. You’re welcome. (Also, this is our new favorite Rock Band song.)

I also purchased our SECOND copy of Phil Collins’ Finally – The First Farewell Tour on DVD, having watched the first copy so damn much that we wore the fucker out. Every time we watch it we’re absolutely thrilled. From the drum dual in the beginning to the chilling and thrilling rendition of “In the Air Tonight” at the start of the second disc to the happiness of “Take Me Home” for the finale, this two disc DVD set is the BEST concert we’ve ever seen. We were blessed enough to see it live and it stands as the absolute BEST concert we’ve ever seen. EVER. BUY THIS DVD. You won’t be sorry.

Here. Maybe this will convince you:

Or maybe this:

As you read this (I’m writing this entry mid-week but due to my Most Awesome Super Powers and a handy WordPress feature, I am able to Post Into The Future (insert dramatic echo here)), Calvin and I are right this very second driving up to Flagstaff, by way of Sedona, to check out some jazz and art and also the farmer’s market. We were going to go down to Tucson for the annual Reptile Show to spend the night, drink probably more beer than what is healthy for us, and return on Sunday WITHOUT another critter to add to our collection. But then we decided that we are altogether TOO TIRED of the heat, which Tucson would do little to alleviate, so up NORTH it is! Where we will spend the night, probably drink more beer than what is healthy for us, and return on Sunday with goodies from the farmer’s market.

Also, whenever I have to spell Tucson I always start out with the “s” before the “c” and have to edit myself. It’s like “Favre” – pronounced with the “r” before the “v”, and what the hell kind of a last name is that anyway? It’s always confused me.

Speaking of critters, Kali (the snake) hasn’t been wanting to eat lately. Calvin has had to dispatch two rats that we bought for her, that she subsequently ignored. They can’t hang out in the vivarium with her until she’s interested in eating – they’d nibble on her tail and tear up the substrate (bedding). We think the rats we’ve been getting are too large for her – she looks at them like she’s interested, and tracks them as they wander all over her cage, but she never strikes. So we’re going to get her a smaller rat next week. If she ignores that one, it’s off to the vet she goes.

Aaaand speaking of football (sorta), I find myself kind of disenfranchised this season. The Pats pissed me off at the end of last season (though with Brady out for the season I’m interested to see how Cassel does, but it doesn’t look too good so far), and the Cards have never really been worth rooting for (though they haven’t done TOO bad so far this season). It’s kind of refreshing, though, to be able to watch a football team and NOT be emotionally invested in who wins. I like the Manning boys and make a point to tune into their games, I kind of hope in an evil way that Favre has a hard time of it with his new team, but other than that I’m not following anyone specific this year.

I’ve kind of been in fall nesting mode. Marie’s departure has prompted in Calvin and me the desire to reorganize and thoroughly clean the house. We FINALLY cleaned out and organized the garage so that we can park the truck in it – which was a geeky proud grown-up moment for me, being able to pull into the garage at the end of the day. Then I spent a whole day cleaning out our bedroom closet, and moving the seldom-worn clothes and shoes upstairs into the walk-in closet in Marie’s former bedroom. Then I emptied the dresser and boxed the seldom-worn clothes and moved those upstairs as well. The clothes that remained in the dresser and closet make me wonder what kind of physics experiment I was running in the bedroom – the closet and dresser are still full, the upstairs closet is almost full, and how the HELL did I fit all that stuff into the dresser and closet in our bedroom before all the offloading? It boggles the mind.

Next projects include cleaning out under the bed (the cats wrestle under there on a daily basis, and the support blocks came loose so there’s nails sticking down and I have frequent anxiety that they’re going to poke their eyes out), going through my book collection and weeding out the no-keepers (which shall go to Jen for first choice, then to Bookmans for store credit so maybe I can get the rest of the Sookie series without spending money like the good girl I said I was going to be), cleaning out the freezer (there’s things in there I can’t recognize), and wrestling the vines in the back yard into some semblance of order.

After a summer of not using the hot tub at all, we finally got a new pump to replace the one that shit the bed. I sure could use the hot tub right now, what with the SCREAMING muscles in my body. Seriously, I’m staggering around like an arthritic grandmother. Anyway. The pump probably won’t be replaced until next weekend, seeing as we’re in Tucson this weekend. I’m scared to lift up the cover and peek in to look at the condition of the water in the hot tub – probably pond scum city. Gah. Ah, well, it’ll need a thorough cleaning and chlorinating before we can use it, anyway.

The weather is still in the low 100’s around here, and I would like to know when, exactly, Stew Weather will be here. And Chili Weather. And Baked Potato Soup Weather. Enough with the triple-digits, already. Also, I’m gearing up to do a LOT of baking this winter. This recipe will be first (have you been over to Smitten Kitchen yet? If not, what the heck are you doing HERE?!?).

Finally, I’m kind of vexed, and kind of sad. Lilly (Michael’s ex wife, mother of our three grandsons) decided to un-“friend” me on MySpace. Her MySpace page was how I kept up on their lives, saw pictures of the boys, and generally stayed in touch. I discovered at the beginning of September that I wasn’t allowed to view her page anymore. I don’t have her e-mail address, I don’t have her phone number, and I don’t have their new address. I can’t get in touch with them, and I can’t send the boys birthday and Christmas gifts. Robert (the oldest) just turned five this month. I miss them all. I sent a new “friend request” to Lilly via MySpace as soon as I realized I’d been un-friended, but she never answered or approved it. So now I’m wondering what I did to make her disconnect me like this. I’m hoping she reads this and tells me it was all a mistake and re-friends me.

Okay! I feel like I’m all caught up, and now so are you. I’ll be back on Monday with pictures from Sedona and Flagstaff. Have a great weekend, everyone!

  1. iamheatherjo says:

    I miss Bookmans! I wish we had a similar chain of stores around here. I also miss the good book deals from some of the vendors at the flea market by Mesa Airport. I don’t think I paid full price for a book the entire time I lived there! I’ve been living part-time at the library these days. Financial issues aside, I just love it there.

    Miss you, punkin. Hope Kali doesn’t have to go to the vet.

  2. angelcel says:

    Nice to catch up with you again … Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend away. 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and admit: I love both Phil Collins AND Lump. Lump IS the mid-90’s for me, and while maybe that group didn’t catch on like they’d hoped, I am a proud owner of that cd and play it often.
    I’m LOVING my Must-See TV month as well. Summer is so empty without new shows and the writer’s strike screwed us last year.
    I’m working on my Fall cleaning, but so far have only managed to move a metric ton of clothes out of my house to consignment and Goodwill. Hey, it’s a start..
    I love Favre (despite his annoying last name – I agree with you there) and the Manning boys as well, but I’m feeling pretty indifferent about football this year myself. My husband’s enthusiasm more than makes up for my ennui. But! I am happy about the fact the temps finally fell low enough to justify making chili tonight…and it’s dinner time as we speak!
    Hope you guys had a great weekend away!

  4. iamheatherjo says:

    Kim – I still play that cd too! I used to piss my ex off by singing ‘Peaches’ around the house and then he would have it stuck in his head forever. I thought it was funny…he didn’t. 😉

  5. Taoist Biker says:

    I’m still resisting RB2 – for a while longer, at least.

    Hell, we’re already trying to decide how the hell we can fit the three of us, the dog, clothes, Christmas presents, and the whole 360/RB setup into the car for the holidays, because if we go home and DON’T stay up all night playing it with my brother and his wife, none of us will ever forgive ourselves.

  6. Laura says:

    Heather – I’ll send you some books, if you have any requests… and, miss you too! Also, GREAT, now I have “Peaches” stuck in my head.

    Jayne – Nice to see you on-line again, too!

    Kim – Do you have a good chili recipe? I’m always looking for new ones.

    TB – Don’t resist, Go Buy Now. Also, I hear the legs come off of the drum set, for easier fitting into the back of the car… I’m just sayin’…

  7. Megan says:

    I think the fall nesting mode is actually ‘spring fever’. We’ve been shut in all summer and now that the nice weather is coming it is time to declutter and enjoy the air. I know my neighbors and friends (and myself) all seem to be doing it too.

    Also, nice to have you back.

  8. Laura says:

    Megan – Thanks! 😀 Still got fifty things on my “to do” list, and now I’d rather watch football…

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