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Posted: September 25, 2008 in Friends, Journal, photography, Pimp, Readers Choice

Today’s guest entry is written by Sharon, who is from Australia and is also a frequent commenter here. I LOVE “day in the life” entries, so I’m really glad she decided to do one for us. I think it’s so cool that her friends and family (and boss!) participated in the making of this entry.


Hello Snerkology Readers, my name is Sharon and I’m the guest writer for today. I spent ages thinking of what I should write about. I don’t have an online journal myself and don’t really write much in my everyday life so this is a new experience. I do however really enjoy reading peoples on-line journals. I like fashion ones and cooking ones but most of all I just like reading about everyday people and how they live their lives and just what kinds of things they do in their everyday dealings.

So in the end I decided that’s just what I’d do. This is a day of my life. Oh and pictures. I like pictures.

My alarm goes off at 5am. I hit snooze three times. I hate getting out of bed. After the third snooze I drag myself out of bed and go turn the kettle on. This is my kitchen.

It’s still a little dark outside, you can see the street lights are still on. Oh and it’s a bit out of focus. Sorry guys but I’m still half asleep.

Better go brush my teeth.

If I look like I’d still rather be in bed it’s probably because I do. Sorry that this is the first image you get to see of me. Bed head and no makeup does not make for a pretty picture. I know what will pick me up. A cup of coffee and some morning TV whilst I put my makeup on.

I always put my makeup on whilst sitting at my dining table and watching TV.

This is my whippet Rory.

He sleeps in the laundry but as soon as I let him into the house in the morning he jumps into my bed. Doesn’t he look comfortable.

It’s 7 am and time for me to leave for work. It takes me 30 mins to drive from home to work. I usually start work at 8am but today I want to start early so I can take an hour for lunch to go to the gym and still be able to leave at 4pm.

I’m never early; in fact I’m usually a bit late. This is my supervisor.

He says what he always says if I’m early. “What are you doing here at this time? Did you shit the bed or something?” I work in videotapes. I spend my day recording and dubbing off proceedings.

We work in the basement and so we like to get upstairs for some fresh air. Well look at the time; it’s 7:50 and we’ve been at work for a whole 20 mins. I better go get a cuppacinno before I get the jitters.

It’s freezing outside so we don’t stay long. Plus we have something starting at 8:30.

It’s 9 am and I’m a little peckish. Must be time for Breakfast.

Brown Sugar and Cinnamon porridge with blueberries. Yumbo. The blueberries warmed up in the hot porridge and explode in my mouth like little bubbles of yumminess.

Work is busy. I do lots of dubs then at 1pm I go to the gym. We have a gym at my work. It’s really good. I try to go most days – workload permitting. Cardio Boxing is my favourite class.

I didn’t realise how much pent up rage I had in me till I started doing this class.

I’m back at my desk at 2pm and eat lunch at my desk.

I leave work at 4pm and meet my friend and her son at a café for some afternoon tea. Coffee and cheesecake… I’m going on holidays for two weeks and am glad she had time to catch up with me before I go. Her son, well he is just cute as a button and he loves a baby chino. He is his usual chirpy self.

5:30 pm and I’m off to visit some more friends who are both about to go to Canada on holidays. They are getting their house rennovated and just bought a hammock to hang in their soon to be finished courtyard. It is so comfortable. I think every house should have one.

6:30 I arrive at my Mum and Dad’s house. This is the house I grew up in. They are getting a dining room put onto their house.

The plans were drawn up in about 1978. So basically it’s taken them 30 years to get around to actually getting it built. My parents don’t like to rush into things.

At the moment we just sit in the loungeroom and eat dinner off our laps.

Sorry I did actually mean to take a photo before I ate dinner but I was so focused on filling my hungry belly that I forgot. It was chili con carne on toast with greek salad and it was good.

Everyone is curious why I’m taking a photo of my empty plate so I tell them why. My nephew starts goofing off and my sister takes photo’s of him and the rest of the family.

About 8 pm I head off home. I’d rather sit in my comfy chair and watch NCIS but I still have a lot to do. I feed the dog, take the clothes off the line and finish cleaning my spare room and the rest of the house.

11pm – Well the day is over and I’m off to bed. Goodbye everybody. Thanks for sharing my day with me.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    I agree with Laura, the “Day in the Life” + photoblog = awesomeness, and the fact that everyone willingly participated is very cool!

    It’s so stupid, but I always forget that the seasons are reversed south of the equator. “Freezing outside” actually made me go “Huh?” for a minute.

  2. Laura says:

    TB – I did the same thing. Duh! 😀

    Sharon – I think that boxing pic of you is the epitome of adorable! Also, WHAT is that around your nephew’s neck???

  3. angelcel says:

    I too like these kind of ‘day in the life of’ entries and loved seeing your photos. I suspect my family would run a mile if I turned the camera on them!
    (BTW, ‘angelcel’ is me..Jayne). 🙂

  4. iamheatherjo says:

    I like the toothbrushing picture the very best. Too cute!

  5. Kim says:

    I give major props to anyone who takes a picture of herself before make-up. And still looks good!
    You all were spared I chose not to do that.

  6. Calvin says:

    I agree I like the pics but sometimes I would like to be able to put a voice to the words also.
    Like I can hear Heather speak the words when I read her.

  7. iamheatherjo says:

    Poor Calvin! I’m sorry you have to hear that!

    (I have a really goofy voice!)

  8. Calvin says:

    I don’t think I know anyone who likes the sound of their own voice. It sounds so different in your head.

  9. Sharon says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind Comments.

    I’ve been away on Holidays and have only just returned so today is the first time I have seen the post. It’s a bit scary seeing your life up on the internet for all to see. Well those photo’s especially!

    That’s a sling around my nephews neck. He broke his arm by falling off some play equipment whilst playing tips but in the photo you can’t see his cast just the funny sling around his neck.

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