Blurby goodness.

Posted: September 4, 2008 in best things, Family, WTF

1. I just phoned in a big ol’ order with Pizza Hut, to be delivered to Doug and the gang over at Chapman Chevrolet for lunch tomorrow. I have been informed that I am “The Man”. Ooohhhkaaay…

2. I picked up the Avalanche today. WHOA what a difference from driving the little zippy Altima. I didn’t realize what a DOG that truck is – slow to get going, slow to stop. Heavy, man. Heavy.

3. I have opinions about politics in general and the Presidential election in particular. I’m letting John Stewart handle all of my commentary for me. DUUUUDE. Perfection. (Thanks, Jen, for the link.)

Update: click on the hyperlink “John Stewart…” above – You Tube took down this link.

4. I don’t have a “politics” tag and I shall not create a “politics” tag. Instead, I shall file all politically-themed entries under “WTF”. Apt, no?

5. Also, read this.

6. Marie has rented a condo a few miles away from our house (fully furnished and a great deal, AND one that she can support on her income alone), and will be moving out this weekend. I can has guest room!

  1. All three people I know who have had an Avalanche has switched it out after about six months.

  2. Kim says:

    Empty room to re-decorate? I’ll be there next weekend!

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    I’m pretty apolitical (in public), but that Daily Show bit had me laughing my ass off. I was explaining to Dys how hysterical it was, and then lo and behold, it came on! The best part IMHO was Rove talking about Palin’s experience, cut with his smackdown of Gov Kaine of Virginia. Hah!

  4. Amanda says:

    I can’t get the video – sniff!

  5. Laura says:

    Morethananelectrician – I’m not surprised. And I really wanted to LOVE it, too.

    Kim – Come on over!!!

    TB – I KNOW. He’s got some amazing editors that they can recall things that were said by commentators and analysts and politicians YEARS ago, and can tie in the contradictions of what they’ve said recently. Good, good stuff.

    Amanda – Huh! They took it down. Just click on the text link that takes you to Comedy Central.

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