Heading West

Posted: August 23, 2008 in bitching, Health/Fitness, work

AcronymCo is sending me to Oregon for the week, next week. While I’ve travelled plenty in my life, I’ve never travelled on the company dime. I asked my boss what the per-diem was, and he was all, “Well, don’t buy a bottle of Cristal every night; other than that, have at it.” My corporate AmEx works, thankfully. I never activated it last year after my trip to Shanghai was cancelled.

This trip is for one of the two projects that I’ve been testing on for the last several weeks. The leads of the other project are irritated that this conference was scheduled when it was – several people are like me and are trying to support both. So there’s been some politicking and some whining and some arguing, which I’ve come to expect with these two projects. We’re all adults, and yet we can’t, apparently, play well together. Since I’m the only representative from our particular organization for BOTH projects, I’ve been a busy, busy bee.

Of the last three weeks, I’ve been to my office maybe three or four times. I’m out all next week, then on vacation for half of the week following (Labor day and two days following), and THEN probably going back to the testing “brickyard” for the remainder of that week. Hopefully by that time we’ll be out of testing (for now, anyway – “user acceptance testing” starts up again a month or six weeks after the end of “cons” testing, which is what we’re in right now).

I am Really Fucking Tired.

It’s hard to pay attention to your health when you’re this busy. I need to get back on track with South Beach (I’ve never felt better or seen better results than when I’ve stuck to the South Beach program) and will try to be disciplined while travelling, but I’m sure I’ll be tired enough and busy enough to just eat whatever’s available. I’m also, optimistically, bringing workout clothes with me to take advantage of the hotel’s gym. Again, I am skeptical about my own ability to stay motivated and work out while away.

I’m really, REALLY looking forward to the return of my regular routine.

  1. Kim says:

    I’ve only travelled for work twice, but both times I had a blast. There was something freeing about being in a hotel room by myself, even though I was a little freaked at first. I hope you’re not too busy to get to go out and explore a little (with your camera!).
    Have a fun Labor Day vacation too – Fall is right around the corner, yippeee!

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