I can has feed.

Posted: August 18, 2008 in blogkeeping

I never really posted about this, figuring it would probably be intuative to most… but then I remembered that I knew nothing about this crap, like, five minutes ago. So! If you guys prefer to use a feed reader to subscribe to this website, you can. Over on the left hand side, right below the “Listed At:” header, there’s a link that says “Subscribe in a reader”, which links to feedburner. That will get you all hooked up regardless of the type of feed reader you use. It looks a little something like this:

I personally use Google Reader and I’ve subscribed to the majority of my “regular reads” (most of whom are listed under my blogroll to the right). I also installed the code plug-in that Britt recommended, to view the original site content right in the reader frame. Only works in Firefox, though – the plug-in, that is. Google Reader works just fine regardless of your browser, of course.

It’s teh awesome, to borrow an apt phrase most recently used by Taoist Biker. I have no idea what viewership via feed readers does to ones stats and hits counts, but eh. That’s not what I’m in it for.

It’s you guys that keep me coming back. You know that, right? ~smooooch~

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    Same here – I’m curious as to how it works for stat purposes. Dys and I have said that we should load the other’s blog in a feed reader and check the hit counts before and after, but we’ve yet to do so.

    Oh, and L33tsp34k FTW! 😀

  2. avitable says:

    When you open the browser using the “Preview” function, it shows up in your stats just like if someone had clicked on your blog from the feedreader and gone to the site directly. Britt and I tested this with Woopra.

  3. Laura says:

    TB – Um. What?

    Avi – Thanks!

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