Effed up morning.

Posted: August 1, 2008 in bitching, weekend, work

1. My curling iron broke (well, it just stopped heating… so, broke). Now, for anyone who is even remotely familiar with a woman’s toilette, it is understood that the Hair Routine is rigid and non-negotiable. For it to suddenly go south while getting ready for work makes for a BAD start to the day.

2. I’m having a bad hair day. See #1.

3. Oz somehow managed to bite a hole in the bottom of the new lap desk that I bought just last Wednesday (Calvin and I do dueling laptops on the couch, so I bought us a pair of lap desks for our comfort… see here– they’re very handy). As a result the little styrofoam beads (about the size of the head of a pin) got EVERYWHERE, plus all over the cat who proceeded to tear around the house like his tail was on fire, stopping every now and then to try to shake the staticky little things OFF. So. I’m out a lap desk AND I have little styrofoam beads everywhere to clean up when I get home.

4. I got halfway to work before I realized that I forgot my lunch at home.

5. At work, I’ve been dealing with a downed tool that is waiting on a part with a four-week lead time. I’ve had to re-communicate the same information EIGHTEEN THOUSAND TIMES to various people, plus talk the supplier a bunch of times AND the tool engineer AND my boss AND the Manufacturing Manager.

So. Jen and I are going to get a cheeseburger at lunch. I’m leaving at 2:00, getting the truck washed, getting a new damned curling iron, going home and working out, then taking a bubble bath. Then Calvin and I are going to dinner at Rula Bula, then we’re going to see this guy at the Tempe Improv.

Just a few more hours to go. Perhaps I’ll get through my day without committing some sort of felony.

  1. Heather says:

    I’m sorry you’re having a rotten day so far, honey! It’ll get better. Curling irons are evil for your hair anyway. Bouncy ponytail and/or upswept hair in a clippy is an acceptable low maintenance and uber cute substitution! When you’re as adorable as you are, it works. 😉

  2. Miss Britt says:

    Ponytail, woman. Ponytail.

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    Well, my coworker said something to me a few days ago when I got back from the pool about my hair not taking long to dry. I said “True, but I also have to get a haircut every day.”

    But overall, I’ll take it. 😉

    Dinner, drinks, and comedy sound like a good way to combat the Monday-On-Friday syndrome!

  4. Jean says:

    I have bad news for you, Laura. Those little staticky plastic bead things breed when exposed to the air. You’ll find them in the oddest places for as long as you a) live in that house and b) have that couch.

  5. Heather says:

    Cheeseburgers and Rula Bula? Doesn’t that violate an item on Laura’s Big Somewhat Unrealistic List of Stuff? Heehee… 😉

  6. Jayne says:

    The curling iron? Oh how I sympathise! By the time you read this it will be Friday night / Saturday morning and all of that will be just a dim and distant memory. …Well all except the styrofoam beads which, I have to agree, have probably now become a permanent fixture in your house!

  7. Kim says:

    I hate to tell you this, but the month of August is evil. There it was only the first day of the month and you see what I mean. I’m sure it’s not too comfortable where you live right now and our heat index is 107 today here in Hell..I mean SC. I hate this month. I applaud your willingness to stay in a good enough mood to finish out the work day and go out afterwards.
    I’m just waiting for my 5 year old (very expensive) straightening iron to burn out. On that day I’ll have to call in Ugly to work and try to find $120 to buy a new one. I’m sure it’ll happen during the month of August.

  8. Laura says:

    Heather – I need to get me some baseball caps. You look so cute in ’em!!!

    Britt – Yes, but the only area I use the curling iron on is my bangs, so the back of my head wasn’t the problem, it was the front. (Okay, can the jokes people.)

    TB – You’re just trying to make me jealous. Calvin won’t let me get a flat-top.

    Jean – Oh boy, am I discovering that. Yeesh.

    Heather – Okay, NOW you get your “shaddap”.

    Jayne – Yep. I expect I’ll be finding them in the food, next.

    Kim – I call it “reverse winter”, this time of year. We stay inside and try to avoid the outdoors every bit as much as we ever did in January in Maine. Heh, I like the term “Call in Ugly” – I’m going to use it next time.

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