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Posted: July 28, 2008 in Food, Journal, misc, Music, Pimp

I spent a good chunk of time Saturday afternoon and evening, and part of Sunday morning, burning CD’s. Four people wanted just Peace Pipe, sixteen wanted both Peace and Crack Pipe, and I had one special request from Dyskinesia. So that was… (carry the two, minus seven…) thirty-eight CD’s total. At seven minutes per CD, that’s… (carry the four, divided by twelve…) about four and a half hours of CD burning goodness. My laptop held up like a champ, and I had a built in, unshakable reason to sit my ass on the couch and read and watch TV and not move around all that much. So, no complaints here! I might have CD giveaways more often, for that very reason.

I discovered about 2/3 of the way through that I’d neglected to increase the “line in” volume of the recording settings, so these are probably going to be kind of quiet. Ah, well, just another reason to crank up the volume! I tested both CD’s – Calvin poo-poo’ed the “Peace Pipe” CD, which I expected. He also declared the “Crack Pipe” CD as not being crackish enough. Well, you can please some of the people some of the time…

Le sigh.

I will say that the Peace Pipe track list gave me no trouble at all (I actually had more songs in mind than what would fit on the CD), but it was quite a challenge to put together nineteen songs for the Crack Pipe track list. I suppose, given my, erm… condition, I gravitate more towards music that cheers me or soothes me, rather than tunes that jack me up. In the end I put together a CD I was happy with, but a couple of songs are less… driving… and are more on there just because they have a good beat. YMMV.


Poor Oz. He’s wandering around the house in a forlorn fashion, yowling and pacing and being generally unhappy. Marie’s pit bull, left inside last night while we went out on the motorcycle for a couple of pints down the pub, took her boredom out on Ozzy’s stuffed kangaroo. The one he “kills” every night and lays as an offering at the foot of our bed. The one he fixated on as a kitten and which has been his constant companion ever since. Well, until last night. We got home to find Kanga de-stuffed and shredded all over the floor, a guilty looking Porche (the pit bull) wanting Out. I’ll look for another Kanga for Ozzy today, but I have a feeling he won’t take to a new one with much enthusiasm.

It’s completely silly how badly I feel about this.


Calvin played Battlefield: Bad Company(an Xbox 360/Playstation game) for several hours last night and has declared it, “Awesome”. So if you’re into first-person POV shoot-em-up games, I must admit as an observer that this one is highly entertaining.


I have MASSIVE amounts of grocery shopping to do, which I will get to after my workout and shower. And after this entry. And after a couple of things I need to get done, work-wise. And after some more goofing off and general laziness. GAH. I hate running errands, and our grocery needs are such that I can’t get everything all in one place. I HATE that.

I’m trying out a couple of new recipes this week, which if they meet with my approval will subsequently be posted over at World Famous Nosh. If you haven’t wandered over to my recipe blog lately, you really should. And you should try out three or four or twelve of the recipes, and let me know what you think. At the very least you should make the Incredible Crock Pot Meatloaf. Your life is not complete without it, regardless of what you might think.

Anyway, I’ve got a recipe for beef brisket in ale, a recipe for chicken pie (without all the nasty veggies – just chicken and potatoes and gravy and crust… mmmmmm…), and I’m trying out Pioneer Woman’s recipe for beans, since simple is how Calvin likes ’em and I haven’t gotten it down quite yet.


Well! Crap to do and no gumption with which to do it. I’m out, folks!

  1. Heather says:

    “Crack Pipe” as interpreted by Hello Kitty!

    Don’t look at me like that! 😉

  2. Calvin says:

    So True!

  3. Laura says:


    Calvin – Shaddap.

  4. iamheatherjo says:

    I thought for sure I was going to get the “Shaddap”! Hee… 🙂

  5. Taoist Biker says:

    I’m still barely into Halo 3, and I have Bioshock on my list to buy after that, based on some rave reviews. In three sentences, what’s so cool about B:BC?

    I spend pretty much all my time on either Rock Band or MotoGP 2007. I enjoy shooters from time to time, but I admit they’d be better played if I knew some cool and fun people to play multiplayer with. Splitscreen can be fun at times (when I can convince Dys and/or my son to play), but I miss the full view. I just don’t bother with the Live subscription because I figure the public games are all full of morons.

  6. Laura says:

    Heather – 😀 Nah.

    TB – Three sentences? Um, well… 1) The graphics are awesome and the character exchanges are funny. 2) The character can do more than just shoot – he can drive any vehicles around (what cracked me up is that in one of the tank/truck/thingies, if your POV was outside of the truck, you could hear the muffled music coming from the vehicle. If your POV was inside the truck, the rock-n-roll was blaring), call in air support, and some other stuff. 3) The whole game has a sense of humor, while they’re blowing each other all to heck. Calvin could probably describe it a lot better – I have to depart from watching after about a half-hour because I get motion sickness if I just sit there and watch. And your assumption about the Live subscription is probaby very accurate.

  7. Taoist Biker says:

    Interesting enough! Maybe I’ll see if they have a downloadable demo for it. 🙂

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