Gotta get in to get out.

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Calvin, Drama, Family, Journal, kids, movies, Music, weekend

Has anyone else besides me noticed my apparent obsession with lyrics? No? Okay. It’s just that, well, as a reader and a writer, I just love a well-turned phrase. And there are a lot of songs out there containing GREAT lines.

So. Just thought I’d observe that right there. (The entry title is from Genesis “The Carpet Crawlers”, by the way).


A week ago Sunday Calvin and I went to see George Michael in concert (link is to a review of the actual concert we went to, with a list of the songs played). It was AWESOME and we were seated next to a very nice gay couple (hi Terry, if you’re out there reading!) so I got to get my squee on with some girlfriends. A woman behind us was fantasically annoying with her screeching and woo-ing before the concert started, trying to get George’s attention single-handedly in a crowd of people. I thought the older lady in front of us was going to climb over the top of us to get to her and scratch her eyes out. The guy that was with her traded masculine-martyr comments with Calvin (they were both there under protest), and then they (the guy and the girl, that is) managed to dump their beers on the floor, which streamed into a half-inch deep puddle under my sandal-clad feet.

So, yeah. THAT was fun. Every time Terry hopped up and down he splashed my legs and feet with beer. And then Calvin thought it was funny, so he puddle-stomped next to me, and before long my lower legs and feet were GROSSLY soaked.

It ceased to matter before long, though, since GM (he lets me call him that) played ALL my favorites. A person should get to see their own personal theme song played live at least once in their lifetime, I think.


Both our internet and cable were on the fritz for several days, including this past weekend (and you can IMAGINE how that went over with my low-boredom-threshold husband), so we rented a metric ton of DVD’s in a desperate bid to defend ourselves. Here are my Mini Movie Reviews in Thirty Words or Less (though not reenacted by bunnies):

27 Dresses– Oh, the insipidness of it all! So very, very formulaic. And also, GAH.

Juno – AWESOME movie, and I totally want to adopt Ellen Page. I see completely why she was nominated for an Oscar.

Charlie Bartlett– More Anton Yelchin, please! (He’s playing Chekov in the upcoming Star Trek movie.) Great movie, and this kid has some mad acting skills. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a movie containing Robert Downey Jr.

The Eye– Ih. It was okay. Calvin’s chief complaint is that Jessica Alba never shows her naughty bits.

The Spiderwick Chronicles– Cute. Freddie Highmore is getting just a teensy bit creepy, though, as he gets older.

Charlie Wilson’s War – For some unknown reason I keep needing to remind myself that a movie starring Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and Philip Seymour Hoffman has no choice but to be good. Surprisingly funny movie. Frustrating ending, but we all knew that already.

Becoming Jane– Other than the fact that I kept getting distracted by the knowledge that Jane Austen dies in her early 40’s, it was a cute movie. I’ve always liked Anne Hathaway, and the “inside jokes” that would be known to Austen fans were entertaining.

Dirty Harry: The Enforcer – Oh, the camp! Highly entertaining, though, in an MST3K kind of way.

Fool’s Gold– Three words. Matthew McConaughey shirtless.

Genesis: When in Rome – This is the concert DVD set of Genesis’ reunion tour from ’07. The concert DVD is of the free concert they gave in Rome, attended by 500,000 people. Yes, half a million. Unreal. It was an AWESOME show, and the documentary of how they put the tour together that came with the set was really interesting. HIGHLY recommended. (We bought this one, by the way.)


For some reason, our particular fledgelings cannot leave the nest in a calm and orderly manner. There was drama with Michael before he went into the Marines. And, well, afterwards as well, but lately our relationship with him has been just what we would like with our adult child. Now it’s Marie’s turn. She reacted in a very immature way at something that was her and her boyfriend’s fault, blamed it all on us when we pointed out the error of their ways, words were exchanged, she disrespected Calvin in a MAJOR way, and the upshot is that she’s been gone since then. She’s stopped by once or twice to pick up some of her belongings, but no words have been exchanged at all since last Thursday night.

This has been building, really. Thursday night was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. She’s been increasingly disrespectful of us – though primarily Calvin – for months now. We keep waiting for her to grow up, act her age (she’ll be 20 in September), and realize that the world does not revolve around her. Now she gets to see what life is like on her own, since she’s so ready to handle it all.

The house certainly has been more peaceful, what with the absence of all the eggshells. It goes without saying that we love her completely, but damn. She’s been tough to get along with. We most certainly don’t deserve to be treated the way she’s been treating us. Hopefully some time and distance will bring us all back to getting along again.


And that’s the news.

  1. Rebecca says:

    You know… my MIL has a great theory on children in their teens and 20’s: They biologically morph into shitheads to help you not collapse in misery from the loneliness of your empty nest.

    Of course, my MIL is a genteel-southern lady so she MAY have said that in a nicer way. 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    Thank you for saving me from 27 Dresses. I was on the fence about renting it; now I’ll save my $4.00. And I’m so glad you loved Juno too; I wanted to eat it. I immediately bought the soundtrack and I’ll probably end up buying the dvd too.

  3. Laura says:

    Rebecca – Two words: NO SHIT. Yeesh.

    Kim – You’re welcome! “Be Kind, Rewind” and “Definitely, Maybe” are next, I’ll let ya know whether they’re worth the money!

  4. Jayne says:

    Yes, I’ve always thought some lyrics in good songs are like poetry.

    Interesting you should mention Charlie Wilson’s War – I tried watching that on the plane out to the States (admittedly not the best environment) but gave up after about an hour or so. Terrific cast – which should have meant instant success for me – but I just couldn’t get in to it. Maybe I should try it again.

    Sorry about the troubles with Marie. Once she’s had a dose of being responsible for her own home and her own bills, I think she’ll suddenly ‘get’ you and do a big turn around in attitude. …Amazing how life has that effect. 🙂

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