Posted: May 24, 2008 in bitching

My laptop STB (defecated upon the furnishment of sleep, that is) yesterday afternoon.  AFTER I’d spend the morning taking pictures, then uploaded them onto the laptop, then removed them from the camera (note to self, don’t do THAT again until the pics are safely on Flickr).  I was working on them in Photoshop when the laptop blue screened.  I rebooted.   It blue screened again.  It never recovered.

So!  I took it to the IT guys at AcronymCo and I expect to get a new laptop on Tuesday afternoon.  I hope the IT guys can recover some of the stuff off the hard drive (those pics, other pics, my iTunes library…) but I guess it’s not the COMPLETE end of the world if they can’t.  I’m currently writing on Calvin’s laptop, which I must say I like a great deal better.  For one, it doesn’t take a half an hour to boot up and connect to the internet.  AcronymCo’s laptop builds are so damn bogged down with scripts and layers of protection that they’re cumbersome indeed to boot up.

Anyway!  That’s neither here nor there.  What this means to my photo entry plans is that I am somewhat thwarted.  I still plan on completing what I set out to do, but the timeline is a bit askew.  I shall discuss the weekend plans with Calvin and hopefully finish what I started this weekend.

GAH.  I HATE technology sometimes.

  1. Heather says:

    We can’t put any of that stuff on our work craptops. The I.T. Nazi’s will spank us for it…and not in that fun, cute way.

  2. Jayne says:

    Ah, I can hear my husband’s words right now. ‘Did you make a back up copy?’ Believe me,I can understand your frustration.
    Putting your stuff on Flickr is great but I wouldn’t trust precious family photo just to them either. Have you also considered an external hard drive? (See, the stuff my husband says does sometimes sink in)!

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